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  1. Evolution 9

    Sell me on LMT

    Still showing 67 in stock. Not live inventory?
  2. Evolution 9

    Sell me on LMT

    Gunner, some of LMTs guns are gassed properly (my 10.5 non-monolithic upper is perfect), but that was a military contract/purchase item at one point. The government HAS recognized the importance of proper gassing, which led to the “Crane spec” .070 gas port on 10.5” guns where .08-.09 had...
  3. Evolution 9

    Sell me on LMT

    Gunner, I agree that for many people that’s the issue. I’ve been preaching that for years. LMTs monolithic platforms however, are notoriously overgassed to begin with. No suppressor is going to REDUCE the gas and it’s already high. I only run Surefire SOCOM cans for exactly the reason you...
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    Sell me on LMT

    “a platform with the most resilience and reliability. Thats also why I want a piston gun.” I have no intention of derailing your thread with a DI vs Piston debate, and I won’t. I’ll just encourage you, that if your above statement is really your goal, you might do some research into the...
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    Sell me on LMT

    I agree with most of what TxWelder said, but LMT’s monolithic ARs are among the most grossly overgassed guns out there, making them poor suppressor hosts and certainly not “designed to run suppressed”. It’s been done, no doubt, but LMT wet the bed with their port sizes and many suppressor users...
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    Night Vision 2021 Long Range Night Shoot OH | Nov 6

    Hey! I’ll be living a little closer this time and won’t have to fly all the way from Idaho again 😃
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    Night Vision Pvs24 l3

    Damn good deal. Someone grab this thing.
  8. Evolution 9

    Night Vision PVS 30 for sale

    OBO or will not take less? 🤣 great units at a great value!
  9. Evolution 9

    Night Vision WTT/WTS: TigIR 6Z+ Thermal Clip on…

    He does, or at least did. I believe he got his before stateside commercial channels existed.
  10. Evolution 9

    SOLD Atlas V8 bipod

    225 shipped!
  11. Evolution 9

    WTB Wilcox flip mount

    Looking for a Wilcox flip to side mount similar to the one pictured below. Locking Oasys version preferably but open to all options. if you have one floating around your parts bin please PM me 🙂
  12. Evolution 9

    SOLD FP PEQ 15

  13. Evolution 9

    SOLD Atlas V8 bipod

  14. Evolution 9

    Knights UNS-SR clip on NV weapon sight from JRH Enterprises

    If they’re building them now as the description indicates why green/can they do white?
  15. Evolution 9

    SOLD FP PEQ 15

    Full power, brand new with full kit. Purchased through a LE agency. That means this is NOT a stolen military device. As a civilian you still won’t get service from L3. Manufactured 2021. 2300 shipped.
  16. Evolution 9

    SOLD Atlas V8 bipod

    Used in great shape with the spiked feet and ADM mount. 225 shipped!
  17. Evolution 9

    SOLD Sig Cross 308

    New in box. 1399 shipped to your FFL This is current production (made after any recall issues).
  18. Evolution 9

    Night Vision In your opinion...

    I used to own a REAP but when they refused to warranty cracked battery compartments (a known recoil related issue) I sold and went N-Vision. Totally unacceptable to not warranty against defects. N-Vision, meanwhile, was listening to Hide feedback regarding offering reticles with mil holds… and...
  19. Evolution 9

    Night Vision Oasys UTM

    No. Most (all?) are 640 resolution.