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  1. D46Infinity

    Accessories Bo Galloway Fundraiser - AI Hats, AXMC Barrels, SAIN Defense cleaning kits

    Sent you a PM yesterday , I will take a Sain kit in MC.
  2. D46Infinity

    Firearms Knights mfg lower help...

    Just an FYI, you should be asking this in the semi auto forum not the Exchange. But just to add. That is a very old KAC lower from an early rifle. They didn’t sell stripped lowers back then. Those are more of a collectors item. I personally would try to find a newer lower.
  3. D46Infinity

    WTB NEVADA Buy...Sell...Trade

    Dave300, Mine are Federal 215. Dan-Schenk, Let me know when your free to meet up. Shoot me a pm. I need small rifle primers.
  4. D46Infinity

    WTB NEVADA Buy...Sell...Trade

    LV metro area. Have large rifle Federal magnum primers. Looking for small rifle primers.
  5. D46Infinity

    CheyTac M200 Intervention or M300 Praetorian Experience?

    I owned the EDM-408 (M200) for a very long time before it left my hands. EDM made the first M200’s except for the hand guard and bipod systems that were on then M200. It was an interesting rifle and I originally bought it because of the lore around the cartridge and rifle. Mine was special...
  6. D46Infinity

    Primer tool- need new one

    The RCBS bench primer has worked for me. It’s a good combination of speed and accuracy for seating. The bald eagle is slow and accurate. But it’s also discontinued. The CPS is ridiculously expensive but is fast and accurate. I just can not see 600 for primer seating.
  7. D46Infinity

    Reccomendation on press for .50 bmg and smaller

    I have a talon Advanced reloading press. I bought it for Cheytac but it will do a .50 and just about anything caliber.
  8. D46Infinity

    Group Buys Tac Ops Drag Bag Group CLOSED 9/5!

    I received my large multicam a day ago and I will say its the best built bag I have ever owned. Shout out to mike as I also received a courtesy call from mike asking if I got my bag and how I liked it! Can’t beat that customer service! Mike also said that the rest of the bags will be shipping...
  9. D46Infinity

    L3 NGAL

    Very interested. I was going to get a raid-x but I was just told the raid is going through a redesign. I’m not sure if this is actually true or not.
  10. D46Infinity

    fox 42 coming anytime soon?

    Yeah I saw the one for sale on it bugs the heck out of me when a company does beta testing and one of the beta testers sells the items. Especially at a very high profit margin, when they agreed no to do so. It makes a lot of companies not want to send out test samples.
  11. D46Infinity

    Suppressors Dead Air nomad

    I’ve talked to dead air directly multiple times on this. From their customer service and in person at Shot Show the nomad will handle 300 Norma but is limited by the mount you use. If your using the key-mo or omega mount it is limited to 300 WM. Direct thread is 300 Norma. I personally use...
  12. D46Infinity

    Any argument to be made for picking up a rifle in 7.62x39?

    I’m very surprised but no one has mentioned the KAC SR47. Well actually I’m not surprised as it’s never been released to the public. I was able to shoot one at a kac demo event and it was awesome! It was a post sample and just a kick in the ass to shoot. I asked if they were ever going to...
  13. D46Infinity

    KAC SR-25 Magazine refinish. *Update* Need help troubleshooting feeding issues!

    I’ve used norrels moly resin in the grey parkerizing color on steel mags and they come out very nice! It should be a close match to the original finish.
  14. D46Infinity

    Mighty Armory Full length sizing die

    Has anyone used their full length sizing die? I'm needin a new sizing die for my 6.5 creedmoor gasser. These are somewhat new and I'm curious if anyone has used their dies, including their universal decapper for lapua small primer pocket brass Thanks
  15. D46Infinity

    Help me ID this upper/hand guard assembly

    Anyone able to help my identify this upper/hand guard assembly on this rifle. It does look like a large frame ar10. Thanks in advance.
  16. D46Infinity

    Gunsmithing Question about fixing a chip in an AR upper

    Yes, call Brownells. I have had very good results from Brownells. I would not accept that being patched.