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  1. c1steve

    Experience renting to people on H-U-D or Section 8 ?

    I used to live almost next door to a Section 8 renter. Her nephew or other relative stole my commute bike, it was outside for 10 minutes. Never had a problem until this guy showed up and was hanging around her house. 99% sure it was him, as after that every time he passed by he would look...
  2. c1steve

    Droppin a deuce

    Looks beautiful. Lucky you to have such a smart wife.
  3. c1steve

    False accusations.

    A woman falsely accused me of sexual harassment, caused me over $20,000, a month off of work, and on probation for 5 years. I found out later she was in the habit flirting with medical doctors, and when they became interested (she had huge boobs), she made written complaints against the...
  4. c1steve

    What the bloody hell is this contraption

    Probably a cell phone tower, slightly disguised. I have seen 100' tall fake trees that were cell phone towers.
  5. c1steve

    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Looked staged to me as well. The kid just happens to wander off to a street median, in full view of the camera.
  6. c1steve

    P320 X5

    Totally different kind of trigger on a P320, compared to a 1911. For a draw and press out, probably easier to control a P320. I put a DPP on my P320 fullsize, it is the bomb. Almost too easy, really. Now I have to put dots on my other pistols. I have the equivalent trigger, a full Gray Guns...
  7. c1steve

    Jail house suicide or street justice coming soon????

    This is the third report I have seen of persons stealing recall ballots. The police should be back tracking the ballots, find out who is paying for the theft. Eventually I would be Newsom, but they should be working hard on this. The Dems will stop at nothing to stay in power, we are just...
  8. c1steve

    MOH recipient LCpl Kyle Carpenter, USMC (Ret.) on Afghanistan

    Great listening to him, a voice of wisdom and understanding.
  9. c1steve


    You tube disabled the number of like and dislikes on this video. Propaganda at work.
  10. c1steve


    This and coming major problems may propel the vote auditing organizations to work quickly and get Trump back in office. A China attack on Taiwan and other catastrophes may be looming. China may be thinking now is a great time, due to no leadership in the USA. Our population, including many...
  11. c1steve

    Choppers lifting off the embassy in Stan

    Matt Zeller has a totally different opinion based on his time in AG. You sound like a douche, he does not.
  12. c1steve


    This must be part of the Infrastructure Bill, hidden in there apartments and new towns for several MILLION illegal, Democrat voting, immigrants.
  13. c1steve

    Police: Man used internet registry to track down and beat up pedophiles and sex offenders

    One of the guys he beat on molested him as a child. Lots of pent up anger there, I can understand his position.
  14. c1steve


    “If a soldier wants the vaccination, fine. If not, he’s not rolling up his sleeve. If you try to forcibly vaccinate even one of my Marines, you better come armed,” Gen. Berger said, and hung up the phone.
  15. c1steve


    I know someone who used to work with ballots. In her home state of Oregon, she and her friends would add extra marks so that ballots for the candidate she disliked would be thrown out.
  16. c1steve

    I never win anything and I won a Glock 20!

    I have one, it is an excellent woods gun, particularly for Alaska. Very common up there. The recoil is not bad.
  17. c1steve

    Mexico sues several weapons manufacturers in U.S. court - Reuters

    They probably saw the 33 million that Remington is giving up, and thought here is a source of free money.
  18. c1steve

    And now Texans are 'surrendering' their guns to make communities safer

    All I saw was old hunting rifles. Zero AR's and no pistols either.
  19. c1steve

    What happened to the scouts?

    I was in scouts for years, but would never let my kids do it now due to the organization being so screwed up. Homosexuality/child molesters being the main problem. Allowing openly gay leaders to be around kids just makes it easier for them. I can fully teach my kids about the outdoors.
  20. c1steve


    I put all these great videos on Facebook, where the stupid Dems I know can watch them.