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  1. Charlie112

    m40a1, Unertl question.

    I purchased my 10x scope from CMP and my mount from tma. Rifle build by Raven on a return stock. I mounted my scope and with the scope mounted all the way to the rear, I have to crawl up the stock to get the sight picture I need. I am a average built man and in looking at photos of the rifle at...
  2. Charlie112

    Firearms Please Delete!!

    Just like the title says, complete rifle, factory barrel ,the action screws measure 6 1/2 inches, I will text more pics. PM me your number ,asking $625.00, Missouri. Shipping and insurance on you, I would prefer to ship from ffl to ffl. Certified Check, USPS MO. We can work it out, Charlie...
  3. Charlie112

    Accessories McMillian Stock, Bottom Metal

    I have a HTG/P ET, molded in camo etc, and bottom metal, action bolts, escutcheon w/ screw for sale. The stock has the following, 1.S/N FILL. 2.RH, S700, M40A1f/p 3.M40a1 b/c, inlet blank, 4. 1/2" Brown Dec. PAD, 13.5 LOP 5. 2 Drill/tap @install steel insert [for WICHITA SWIVELS] Package deal...
  4. Charlie112

    Gunsmithing Convert 6mm Remington 6 digit action to 6 creed??

    I am hoping this is the correct place to ask and receive an answer to this question. I have a 6mm Remington ADL rifle, with a 6 digit action, all factory, and was wondering if I can use this action for a 6 creed or Winchester 243 build. I am thinking possible a 6 creed build, but not sure about...
  5. Charlie112

    Gunsmithing Redfield Ring Screw Size?

    I have a set of Redfield spilt rings, 1 inch, model #522605. I am not sure what the screw size is and where to pick up some. I have did some research, but not sure, .Are they a 8-40?? Thanks
  6. Charlie112

    Gunsmithing 6 Digit Action / Follower ??

    I am wondering if there is any advantage to changing out the stamped follower to a milled follower?? It looks like the milled follower is different on the top side,,,,? Thanks..
  7. Charlie112

    Gunsmithing Remington 6 digit ADL?

    I have a 6 digit [1965] ADL Remington and was wondering if the magazine spring is the same as a BDL, am planning on a build , I have the bottom metal, but need the spring . Thanks I have another way to go.. please delete
  8. Charlie112

    Gunsmithing 6GT Feed question...

    I couldn't decide where to post this, so I will try here, if wrong, please delete. Will the 6GT round feed from a push feed system instead of a mag?? Thanks
  9. Charlie112

    Dial Calibers, Good Brand??

    Which is a good brand to purchase, there seems to be a number of Chinese brands, ?? When I was doing machine work back in the 70's, Starrett was my choice, and where are you all purchasing these??? Thanks
  10. Charlie112

    Custom Action, Remington Foot Prints?

    Is there a custom action with a Remington 700 foot print?? I have a stock already cut for a Remington action, thinking about going with a custom action.... Thanks
  11. Charlie112

    Maggie’s Assistant Living Nursing Home Fire.

    Last night in my home town, there was a fire in this nursing home complex, one resident was burned and had to be flown to the burn unit. Several are out of there apartments for now, moved to other places to live. My father lived there for a while and I think the world of all of the residents...
  12. Charlie112

    Weaver T 10 ?

    Is the Weaver T 10 scope nitrogen purged?? Thanks...
  13. Charlie112

    Gunsmithing M40A1 build question..

    If I build a rifle to fit the title, with the correct parts, can I use the period correct bottom metal if I change the caliber to .223? Possible 20 inch barrel with break, instead of correct 308 barrel length. Thanks, Charlie112
  14. Charlie112

    Rifle Scopes Weaver T-10 service

    Where is the best place to have a Weaver T 10 over hauled, Iron Site looked like a maybe if they are still in business?? Thanks
  15. Charlie112

    Atlas Bipod mounting question?

    I want to install an Atlas Bipod on my rifle, however, my factory stock at this time has only a front stud, how do I make this happen, if at all? Do they make an adapter of some sort?? Thanks, Charlie 112
  16. Charlie112

    Unertl Scope Questions??

    I have my parts gathered up for my M40A1 build, all but the optics. The Unertl scope is still needed. I am wondering when I do purchase the scope, 1. Who would preform repair work on unit if needed? 2. I am 65 years old, still going strong, but like my rifle scopes to preform with good vision...
  17. Charlie112


    What is the best oil to use on maintaining this sling for my M40 build, it is very dry.... Thanks , Charlie
  18. Charlie112

    M40 A1 Question??

    When looking at pictures of the M40a1 rifle, I see on the left side of the reciever there are two screws close to the area where a bolt release would be,I know they didn’t have left side bolt releases, just wondering what there purpose is?? I was on the GAP WEB SITE and you can see them very...
  19. Charlie112


    I am wondering if these are a decent case trimmer??? Thanks, Charlie 112
  20. Charlie112

    New to reloading question...22-250, Tikka Compact

    Loading for my Tikka 3x 22-250, 20 inch barrel, 1-14 twist 1. Powder, H380, 37.g 2.Once fired brass, prepped and ready to go 3. Bullet, 52 g, Sierra, set at 2.352 oal. It looks like this is a good place to start according to Nosler manuel.... I am not sure I understand the o a l and tightening...