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  1. NFAJohn

    Night Vision SPF Halo LR and Grendel upper

    Moving to the the XRF so going to let this one rip, we've got another little one on the way and I'm not about to explain to a pregnant woman why I have two thermals again. Purchased May of 20 and has had zero issues. Lenses are free of scratches and were always covered when moving around. Comes...
  2. NFAJohn

    Left Hand Sale WTB LH LA 700 BDL Stock

    Looking for a left hand, long action 700bdl stock Exhibit A Bonus points if you have the bottom metal with 300wm follower and it isn't beat to shit.
  3. NFAJohn

    Accessories Crusty surefire with arms mount

    Doing some cleaning and ran across this guy in the giant bin oh stuff in the shop. I popped two batteries in it and it works just fine. Has an older arms mount that might make someone’s clone correct autistic dreams come true. Battery compartment was free of corrosion and overall it seems to be...
  4. NFAJohn


    TA31 with red reticle. Overall in good shape, a few small scratches on the glass, but I honestly never noticed them until I took pictures. Has had the Bible verse sanitized at some point. The tritium still glows. Would like to trade for an eotech xps3 or exps3 in tan with a green reticle, but...
  5. NFAJohn

    Left Hand Sale SPF

    Purchased this from Altus a while back and it has been a great stock, but I wondered into Mile High today and snatched up a AXSR that they are going to open up to lefty. I’m on the road, but will add more pictures tomorrow when I get home. Altus modified something to make it a accommodate my...
  6. NFAJohn

    Reloading Equipment Lapua 300blk brass

    490 pieces of 300blk lapua brass, was converted from virgin lapua match 223. I purchased this from another member, but just haven't had the time to mess with loading 300blk since taking a new job. 400 pieces are new, 90 are fired. The brass looks great and all chamfers are very smooth...
  7. NFAJohn

    Feedback DJ480 vs the post office

    @DJ 480 is absolutely positively good to go. DEAL WITH ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE! On 2-23 I sent funds for a 10" Noveske upper, package ships via usps 2-24 and that's when the wheels come off, tracking is non existant, package winds up at a distribution center on 3-5, Atlanta on 3-9 and then zero...
  8. NFAJohn

    SOLD 30cal AAC 51T Mounts

    Finally got the can jail broke to eat other mounts so these can go. All three shipped conus for $85 because I haven't been nice to them. The 2 port brake was on a machine gun a fair bit and shows erosion, but always locked up well. The other two port brake appears new, mounted maybe, not...
  9. NFAJohn

    Accessories Sold

    New never used, 100 pp ff or trade for a similar Glock 43 holster.
  10. NFAJohn

    Left Hand Sale Keeping.

    Awhile back I put together a TL3 with carbon fiber everything and since then I've been in carbon fiber all the things mode. Considering selling outright or breaking up my Stiller based 300WM to build another light weight 300. The net weight on this field cannon is around 19 pounds with can...
  11. NFAJohn

    Rifle Scopes 34mm QD rings

    I’ve been scouring the interwebs for a set of 34mm QD rings in the .9-.85 height range. My goal here is to run my halo lr and my day scope on a TL3. My rifle is sitting in a manners EH1 so I’d like to keep the QD as low as possible when using the day optic. I had thought about using fix it...
  12. NFAJohn

    Firearms Price drop HK P7

    You ever buy something because A: it's out of production, B: You think it's going to be pretty awesome and then you take it home, shoot it and go well that's meh? Ya that's me and the P7. Been looking at them forever, finally found one, shot it and it's cool, but not the unicorn I thought it...
  13. NFAJohn

    Firearms SOLD

  14. NFAJohn

    Night Vision SNB Filter review

    Like all of my reviews I'll preface this with: I'm a regular dude. Nobody pays me for my thoughts, opinions or bullshit. Everything I review I've bought with my own money. My review is going to include a sample size of my stuff, unless noted. All pictures taken with an Iphone. Some of the topics...
  15. NFAJohn

    Accessories WTB 1911 X300 holster, mags

    Looking for a holster to fit a 5" 1911 with a surefire X300, open to kydex and leather...bonus points for a safariland 6280 Also looking for 5-6 8 round 45 mags with bumper pads, would prefer Wilson or NH, but open to others as well.
  16. NFAJohn

    Member Link Up Houston- The Ranch TX

    Anyone shoot at The Ranch TX in Eagle Lake? @Slowshot18 and I will be out Sunday July 19th from 11-2.
  17. NFAJohn

    Optics Vortex Precision Matched Rings 30MM

    Like new, were on my 6.5 for 23 rounds and I decided to go with a qd set so I could mount and remove my thermal as needed. Screws were all torqued properly and no lock tight was applied. Vortex 30mm matched rings low height 110 PPFF shipped conus First I'll take it gets them
  18. NFAJohn

    Optics SOLD

    Was mounted on my wife's 7STW, but we are moving her to newer glass. Has tracked perfectly and been drama free since new. Scope does have some ring rash, it was in an old school set of leupold rings, see pics. Can't locate the box, but it does have quite a few of the brass zero stop shims in the...
  19. NFAJohn

    Optics Sold

    Like new, but no box included. Picked this up on an optic I purchased and I have no use it. Finish is good, no real signs of wear, screws look unmolested. 160 PPFF shipped conus First I'll take it gets it.
  20. NFAJohn

    Regular guy assembles TL3, doesn't kill self

    Decided to go down the prefit barrel worm hole and I gotta admit I wish I had done it years ago. Being a lefty is always kind of a pain in the ass because while everything is usually available, it's either more expensive, the wait times are longer or both. I recently got the itch for a new rifle...