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    Kim's getting ready for the Bang of the CDX-50 Tremor

    And just in time for the weekend, we have Kim (IG @kimberleys_adventures) getting ready to send some 50BMG from our Tremor! We know she will love it! I think we need a video? With Byron Hennecy (IG @osceola_outback) supplying the goods this is just about as American freedom that you can get with...
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    6 years old and already a Cadex fan!

    Out on the range and in the great outdoors with his dad and the CDX-30 Lite in 6.5 CM practicing. This little man Chase, now at 6 years old, getting ready for the hunt this weekend! In the pictures, you can see it last year with the buck of his dad. Now, he wants his. And with his dad Joe’s...
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    Now here is something completely different

    This is a B&T APC308 sniper rifle converted to use the Cadex Defence Skeleton stock, by using a tailor made adapter designed by one of our dealers. This Law Enforcement agency will now enjoy the full adjustability and ergonomics of our Skeleton stock!
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    Which one will you choose?

    Stepping out this weekend and have some tough decisions... Battle worn Blue for 375 EnABELR or Battle worn White for 338 Lapua Magnum?
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    CDX-33 Patriot Lite 338 Lapua Magnum full tan

    CDX-33 Patriot Lite 338 Lapua Magnum full tan Picture from @julienniccolai
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    When having a passion for firearms makes you discover a hidden talent in photography!

    When having a passion for firearms makes you discover a hidden talent in photography! Tikka T3X in 308 Win installed in a Cadex Lite Strike
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    Here is Lauren at the Texas Hunters Extravaganza Expo last Sunday

    Here is Lauren at the Texas Hunters Extravaganza Expo last Sunday Keep an eye out for her at the 2021 NRA ANNUAL MEETINGS & EXHIBITS in Houston at our Cadex Booth with Robert Pettorsson!
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    Lauren in action!

    Our Pro-Staff Lauren Stroud in action at the =AZW9QQ0V9_IDfaxcPlaPQ3L-k84v_4SJuPSs87jjlWo473qZ4umcBn03D7vxfKj4fkxOeBnI0eRJJtn7APv99LRhxlk8GKhbZ1IDGc4ZFRYANBqqvdPdAQLju9uw-MPrU7-Cy4Y9QZubrBHxD-w6gBtZitosrSO9Lz58rXfP7LvF8MDHI1kuzKQ6OQvn5dP_hWE&__tn__=kK-R']Greystone Castle Sporting Club last week
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    Welcome to the 1000 yards club!

    Welcome to the 1000 yards club! This customer shot past 1000 yards for the first time with a CDX-30 Lite chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Well done Sir...
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    New Cadex T-Shirt available!! 😎

    New Cadex T-Shirt available!! 😎 These t-shirts are 100% Polyester and have a competition look with a mention that says "Cadex Proud Supporter" Order yours today by following this link:
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    AMAZING video from EuroOptic! This one is definitely unique 👌

    Dear Cadex customer base, Please let us share with you this amazing video from EuroOptic, our official US distributor. This one is definitely unique and worth your time to watch as the content and scenic are impressive. Motorcycle scenic route, steel plate ringing and explosive rounds for quite...
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    Awesome review of our CDX-50 Tremor! Check it out!

    Take a look to this awesome review of our CDX-50 Tremor by The Firearm Blog! “Three months and 300 rounds later, the Cadex CDX-50 Tremor review is now live on TFB @thefirearmblog @firearmblog” - Austin Rex Rifle: @cadexdefence CDX-50 Tremor Optic: @nightforce_optics 5-25x56 SFP Mount: @Spuhr...
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    Take a look of this footage!

    Pro-staff shooter Alan out ringing some tiny plates at 500 meters with his Cadex CDX-R7 LCP in 6.5 Creedmoor! Are you planning to shoot your Cadex this weekend? If so, we would love to see your pictures and videos!! This nice footage is produced by @vitamindeeez (IG)
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    Release the Kraken!

  15. Cadex Defence

    Shooting Therapy

    Shooting at long range in this kind of view is the best therapy! Every precision rifle enthusiast will understand that **CADEX CDX-R7 LITE COMP rifle**
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    Hit 3 miles? Ok, not a problem!

    =AZUJsfPLJfOpn9RrHKjHLBVX8rqxkPDpwbA1ouF8EBARPqO7p4GOqc88_XOub_uCnQHl_rp778HRsOv3opLtFcHSZ-qlQADES_pBgSwLQJTDKcoXjy4Xz-zm2fCOGpzbTeElMFyPy9RV_n1U2CyGlrS_oFFmC3-BoruYdGG9Xnh1QbWBG_jl1D5vMq-71Z6my6o&__tn__=kK-R']Chamber Brake...
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    Our Pro-Staff Lauren Davis and her massive rifle!

    Our Pro-Staff Lauren Davis having fun in the beautiful Texas Bluebonnets after a great day of practicing for her upcoming Clark’s Knob ELR match in Kansas...
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    Here’s a look at a Cadex LITE COMPETITION chassis loaded with optional items: - Lite Competition chassis in Tan color (skeleton folding stock model) - Arca Elite System (AES) fore-end rail with Picatinny Bipod Rail Adaptor - Arca Tripod Adaptor - M-LOK Quick-Detach Flush Cup Adaptor - M-LOK...
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    Muzzle Loader

    The ingenuity of some of our dealers always amazes us and this is a great example. Bullseye North in Ontario, Canada has transformed a bunch of our Cadex Strike Nuke and Tundra Strike micro-chassis into muzzle loaders by converting Rem 700’s actions. They basically use a primer/breech plug...
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    From one of our loyal customers!

    "Here’s my first ever custom build. The classic Remington 700 action chambered in .308 Winchester bedded in the incomparable Cadex Dual Strike chassis." -Alan 📷 IG @9mm_guy