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  1. Maxwell

    Remington sold their ammo division wonder if product quality will I crease? Maxwell
  2. Maxwell

    How New Jersey liberals view the local police I said to the Mrs., I wonder if I respond to the editor with a few statements like 1 if it was up to me ever LEO should have a 1911 side arm. (the grip really fits...
  3. Maxwell

    Hero War Dog Skydives with Soldier This You Tube video makes me smile. There is no way I'd jump out of an airplane. I give these men and dogs a LOT of credit. Maxwell
  4. Maxwell

    California K9 Takes One To The Face but saves all of the LEO's.

    Mighty dog: California police K-9 survives bullet to face * - NY Daily News As a very large fan of GSD's I just hope that this one comes back. With the web I know there are LEO's located in California on this board & I hope someone knows this department. Now I know I should not wish anyone...
  5. Maxwell

    Armed Forces show off their best 2013 Pictures

    From deployment reunions to dancing with the Vice President: A year in pictures offers glimpse into the lives of soldiers in the Army | Mail Online Maxwell
  6. Maxwell

    German Shepherd awarded animal version of Victoria Cross

    So loyal, so brave, the dog who flew against the Luftwaffe and was even awarded the animal version of the Victoria Cross | Mail Online Mrs. Maxwell thinks I am a little strange because the first thread I check is Pictures of Dogs here at Sniper's Hide. I still miss our 16 year old GSD we had...
  7. Maxwell

    Delta Honor Guard

    My sister sent to me a You Tube link of what Delta does for our .MIL men. If you do a search on You Tube of Delta Honor Guard the first video in the list is worth the few moments. I know, you will say, Maxwell, you are a programmer but you cannot imbed a simple video...
  8. Maxwell

    Forward Driving Band, What is it?

    Could someone explain what the forward driving band is on a round of ammo please? I ask because someone on another board stated that the rim thickness of a round of 22lr ammo does not allow a bolt to close easily on a Cooper 57M has nothing to do with the rim thickness of CCI SV vs SK...
  9. Maxwell

    Mass. K-9 Put down

    An emotional farewell: Police officers salute K-9 as he goes on his 'final journey' | Mail Online Maxwell
  10. Maxwell

    Handler & Dog reunited

    HAPPY REUNION: Marine Reunited With His K-9 | Ok, I'm a real sucker for our country's war dogs. I have read Sargent Rex & Mike Ritland's book too. Yes, I miss our GSD who lived to 16. Maxwell
  11. Maxwell

    Shootout in Middlefield, Ohio

    James Gilkerson: Moment gunman opened fire with AK47 and was shot by police during routine traffic stop | Mail Online I think this is why at 64 I am not a LEO Maxwell
  12. Maxwell

    Maggie’s Work Excuses, yes, there are real & true!

    Yes, there are real excuses that my old boss used to get out of work. Of course he was promoted. Notice how these excuses evolve over the years from a day here and there to weeks at a time. 1. My knee hurts. 2. My Mom's knee hurts. 3. I have to take Mom to the doctors. 4. I have to pick up...
  13. Maxwell

    Maggie’s I did NOT make the local paper this week

    Town Topics the local Princeton weekly paper always has the question of the week. If you get picked to answer, your picture is taken and your response published. This is done like the man on the street. Lori and I were at the shopping center and as fate would have I am FINALLY picked after 60...
  14. Maxwell

    A tribute to those that serve on July 4th On July 4th, this is a must see tribute to those that serve. My father served in WW! in Mounted Artillery and there was no one to say thanks, our grand daughter was not so lucky. Sorry, I don't know how to embed the youtube. Maxwell
  15. Maxwell

    Maggie’s Miami this holiday weekend, Fla. Highway Patrol

    Lori and I were in Miami this past weekend for some rest and celebrate eleven years of marriage. We were there to also to see my sister who is a cancer survivor. Susan (sister) still has the stent in her 'just in case'. All of our fingers are crossed. Anyhow, since Lori is VERY fluent in Spanish...
  16. Maxwell

    Any CNC Machinists that use Soildworks here?

    In about forty or so months I will be retiring after twenty five years of grunting code as a programmer. I'm not the kind who can sit still so it will be back to school to learn a new trade. There is so much I would like to learn. However, after watching a demo of Solidworks, I thought I have...
  17. Maxwell

    This is the store where I want to shop!!!!

    Fleggaard Holding is based in Krusaa, Denmark. Just across Germany's Northern-most border with Denmark you’ll find an incredible superstore called Fleggaard. There, you can buy everything you need – tubs of gummi bears, cases of wine, industrial strength dishwashing soap – at prices 30%...