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  1. PDXGS

    A well deserved shout-out to the crew at XLR Industries- Fantastic Customer Support!

    A week ago I stupidly rested my rifle, vertically, against the tailgate of my SUV. So, of course, it fell over-resulting in a broken release button on my XLR Element chassis. On Monday morning I called XLR and spoke with Matt in customer support and sales. Today I received a brand new, updated...
  2. PDXGS

    Rifle Scopes Leupy Mk 5, 7-35 Announced

    Not sure if there's a dupe thread....I hadn't seen one at posting time:
  3. PDXGS

    Crye Precision Apparel Blowout Sale

    They still have some Gen2 pants in some less common sizes
  4. PDXGS

    We lost Jim Findlay

    I just got word that Jim Findlay has passed. Godspeed Jim
  5. PDXGS

    Going from .308 to 6.5 Creedmoor- Do I need a HP bolt too?

    Hi all, I'm an experienced long-range bolt gun shooter in the process of converting a .308 AR10 to a 6.5 Creedmoor. Assuming that the bolt is a good match/fit, is it necessary to also swap it for a JP high pressure bolt? I await the wisdom of the forum....
  6. PDXGS

    Great customer service from Armageddon Gear

    I won an Armageddon Gear suppressor cover at the Steel Safari several years back . After a season of shooting the snot out of my suppressed rifle, I noticed that the cover was beginning to fray at the muzzle end. So, I called Armageddon Gear last week to inquire as to how I might repair it...
  7. PDXGS

    Leica 2000-B Geovid binos- dropping like flies...

    I shot the Steel Safari this weekend in New Mexico. It's a match that challenges shooters and their equipment like no other. Coincidentally, I had just ordered a pair of 2000-B Geovid binos from Cabelas..... They're blowing them out for $2200. Over the course of the three day match I saw three...
  8. PDXGS

    Request for advice on Leica Geovid RF Binos- Hd-B vs Hd- R....2000 VS 2200?

    Trying to decide on a pair of Leica rangefinding binoculars. I've heard that the HD-B ballistics versions have preprogrammed charts but that they only go out to 1000yds. When one loads a custom chart on the micro SD card, does it go past 1000yds or is it limited to 1k too? Is there a big...
  9. PDXGS

    Rocksolid Stocks- any recent experiences?

    Has anyone been in contact with Todd recently? Anyone know if he's still in business?
  10. PDXGS

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mk8 3.5-25 Anyone know if they're delivering yet?

    They seem to be dragging the launch of this scope out.....I'm interested in them after fondling one at SHOT and Ive got one on order- but my patience is wearing thin. Anybody got the gouge?