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    Finally. Something this semi-human houseplant did right. Hopefully, it will put the FBI in the light that nobody can deny. The covered up evidence and lied. Biden only signed this EO b/c of the amount of pressure he's been getting from the families that have sued SA.

    Video: My message to the Potato in DC

    Posted this in a couple threads. Share the shit out if it. After posting it, of course, there were a couple points I forgot to add but it was a single take then posted.

    Accessories FS: Gun room stuff liquidation

    Doing some liquidating. Accutac B4 G2 bipod with spiked feet included- $250 shipped Weibad Heavy fill WC mini fortune cookie sticky bag- SOLD XLR pivoting acra barricade stop- sold

    The horrors of North Korea

    One of Joe Rogan's latest podcasts with Yeonmi Park, a NK defector, is probably the most disturbing stories I've ever heard. We have all heard the tragedy that is North Korea, but I've never heard the 1st hand accounts of someone that lived there in such detail. It really is heartbreaking and...

    Burt bit the dust?

    LoL, who banned BurtGummer? I was wondering how long he would make it here. He seemed to whore up/derail every thread he commented in. Very annoying feller.

    Trumps Social Media Platform- "GETTR"

    Gettr is up and live. Just started a page for the podcast. The format looks like it will be very similar to Twatter. Go check it out and start up an account and ditch the IG and Fuckbook world.

    Best shit on the webz. Tranny in women's spa

    This woman had me dead as shit!!! I'm so glad she is black because a white woman would've gotten arrested in 3 minutes. She is my new spirit animal. Edit: Watch until the end. Its comedy gold.

    Bout F*ckin Time. CDC can eat shit So who's going to pay me the $175k we've lost due to this unconstitutional debacle since April 2020??? Who's going to pay the person who had properties they couldn't afford to keep due to lack of ability to...

    Maggie’s Anybody have bearded dragons?

    Just picked one up for my son yesterday. They seem pretty cool when they're bigger. Anybody else have one?
  10. BLKWLFK9

    Firearms 📍Ultimatum Deadline Barreled Action + Accessories📍*SOLD*

    Gen 1 Deadline with Gen 2 firing pin assembly. 26" MTU Rock Creek chambered in 6 Dasher by PVA with 1600 documented rounds down the barrel. This was one of the most fun guns to shoot. Runs smooth as butter in all conditions. Comes with a spare Gen 1 firing pin assembly, extra bolt head...
  11. BLKWLFK9

    Calling THEIS. Need your expertise.

    Track who these two Vietnam vets were that were pimping the only 67 fastback around South Vietnam. If you do it, ill send you a cookie and a coozie. Kick ass story
  12. BLKWLFK9

    Accessories 2 PVA nuke barrels. .223 and 6BR

    I have these 2 barrels and nucleus .223 and magnum bolt heads for sale 26" M24 .223 rem Rock Creek with sub 100 rounds down the tube. Loves the federal 77gr smk and federal 73gr berger ammo. -$450 26" med palma rock creek 6BR marked for a JHR with 762 documented rounds. Barrel loves 29.9g...
  13. BLKWLFK9

    Firearms Sold

    Need some car parts for the mustang! 🔥RIFLE IS SOLD Never thought I would ever sell this rifle but my loss is your gain. This is the most accurate rifle I've ever owned or shot, and im not joking. Patriot Valley John Hancock Rifle: -JHR action (ARC Nucleus) serial #00002 (Ted from ARC has...
  14. BLKWLFK9

    Accessories sold

    $100 shipped or trade for: 105 berger hybrids 109 berger hybrids
  15. BLKWLFK9

    Maggie’s Lost the best one I've ever had.

    Our old man Bosco has finally left us. At 11 years old, he started having seizures back in October while I was in TN at Frank and Marc's course. Tonight, he had one for over an hour. Longest one by far he has ever had. His meds had obviously stopped working. I didnt see an end in sight so I...
  16. BLKWLFK9

    Reloading Equipment WTS: 1 box of .300wm Applied Ballistics Ammo 230gr Hybrid

    I have 1 box of this stuff that i dont plan on using. It was before berger rebranded the ammo but as i understand it, it is the same ammo. $75 shipped. LMK
  17. BLKWLFK9

    Reloading Equipment Case of 224V 75gr American Eagle ammo

    200 rounds of the 75gr stuff. Did a price check for this ammo online and most places are selling it for $250ish. Ill sell it for $210 shipped. LMK.
  18. BLKWLFK9

    Question for older 6mm 95gr SMKs shooters

    So i bought some second hand 6mm 95gr SMKs and noticed they are the older ones that weren't pointed like the newer ones. Does anyone remember what BC worked for them for the non pointed bullets?? Im running a .253 G7 on the pointed ones now that lines up to 1100. Just wondering if its worth...
  19. BLKWLFK9

    Anybody want to make a little money??

    Ive got about 300 pieces of 25BR brass, 1xf. I want them necked back down to 6mm but honestly dont feel like doing it. I did 1 piece from .25 fired and necked it down with the 6mm bushing and it created the donut of death. Im guessing it will need to be done in steps and may need to be...
  20. BLKWLFK9

    Reloading Equipment WTB: Sierra 95gr 6mm SMKs

    Let me know if you have any that u want to part with.