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  1. ballisticdaddy

    SOLD FS: 6.5CM Brass (Large Primer) 208 PCS

    This brass is once fired from bolt gun (DTA SRS) and has been tumbled (Rotary w/pins) and annealed (AMP MKII). Peterson 117 PCS (21 are sized and primed with 205M) Desert Tech 77 PCS Hornady 14 PCS Finally got some Lapua LRP so I am asking $80.00 shipped with payment via...
  2. ballisticdaddy

    SK Rifle & LR Match Velocities

    This is the first time I have done any muzzle velocity testing for rimfire, was testing my CF loads so figured WTF and wanted to share. This was all done today using a LabRadar for velocities through a Vudoo with Ace / Kukri contour 16.5" barrel with just a thread protector. Was surprised at...
  3. ballisticdaddy

    Rimfire FOUND: Vudoo 15 Round Mag: FOUND

    Looking for an aluminum 15 round Vudoo magazine, please let me know if have one you could spare.
  4. ballisticdaddy

    Reloading Equipment WTS: Berger 7mm 190 hybrids

    I have 180 pieces of Berger 7mm 190 grain hybrids asking $120.00 shipped with payment via PP/FF
  5. ballisticdaddy

    WTB FOUND: RRS Anvil-30: FOUND

    Looking to buy a new or used RRS Anvil-30 ball head with no adaptor needed, please PM if you have one.
  6. ballisticdaddy

    Reloading Equipment WTT: CCI SRP for LRP

    I have one brick of CCI BR-4 SRP that I want to trade for either BR-2 or 210M LRP, FTF in Colorado Springs area.
  7. ballisticdaddy

    Accessories SOLD: Barnaul .410/70 Factory Ammo :SOLD

    I have 19 boxes (190 rounds) of Barnaul .410/70 / steel cased / 97 grain slug factory ammo asking $305.00 delivered via PPFF
  8. ballisticdaddy

    Accessories WTS: Wolf .410 Shotgun Ammo

    I have 9 boxes (225 rounds) of Wolf .410 Gauge / 3" Long / 11/16 ounce / 7-1/2 shot factory ammo asking $245.00 delivered via PPFF
  9. ballisticdaddy

    SOLD FOUND: 130 OTM / 140 Hybrids / SMK's: FOUND

    Looking to buy .264 diameter in 130 OTM, 140 Hybrid, 130 SMK or 140/142 SMK, please PM with any offers
  10. ballisticdaddy

    Reloading Equipment WTS: Berger 185 Juggernauts

    I have a total of 303 Berger 185 Juggernauts (part #30718) (lot #5370) asking $170.00 shipped with payment via PayPal F/F
  11. ballisticdaddy

    WTB FOUND: Vudoo 30 MOA Rail

    Looking to buy a Vudoo 30 MOA rail, please PM if you got one laying around
  12. ballisticdaddy

    SOLD SOLD: Redding Small Base .308 FLS Die: SOLD

    I have what looks to be a new Redding full length sizing die, with small base, for .308 Win, asking $45.00 shipped with payment via PayPal F/F
  13. ballisticdaddy

    Accessories TRADED: Desert Tech SRS A-1 Conversion Kit .338 LM: TRADED

    I have the factory 26" fully fluted barrel, magazine and complete bolt for .338 Lapua Magnum with less than 150 rounds down the barrel. Really looking to trade for same in either 6.5 Creed, .300 Blackout or .308 Win and if I had to sell it would be $1,500 shipped...please PM with any offers.
  14. ballisticdaddy

    SOLD SOLD: Sig P226 Mags: SOLD

    I have 4 very lightly used 10 round 9MM magazines for Sig Sauer P226, 2 that are OEM stamped Made in USA and 2 Mec-Gar stamped Made in Italy asking $80.00 for the bunch shipped with payment via PayPal F/F
  15. ballisticdaddy

    Accessories FS: Nightforce Ultralight 30mm 1.265

    I have a like new pair of Nightforce Ultralight 30mm rings in 1.265 height, asking $125 shipped via PayPal FF
  16. ballisticdaddy

    SOLD SOLD: XLR Carbon Chassis Folder (Gen 1) R700: SOLD

    I have a XLR Carbon (Gen 1) folding chassis with 15" hand guard, Larue grip, Wiebad cheek cover, 5" pic rail and 6" arca (G-10) rail that fits RH R700 SA. Asking $560.00 shipped via PayPal FF.
  17. ballisticdaddy

    SOLD SOLD: Eley Ammo (750 rounds): SOLD

    I have a few boxes of various Eley 22lr ammo that I am selling as a lot (750 rounds) asking $175.00 shipped and payment via PayPal FF Eley Target. 350 rounds Eley Club. 250 rounds Eley Tenex. 100 rounds Eley Edge. 50 rounds
  18. ballisticdaddy

    SOLD SOLD: Kestrel 5500 W/Link + Vane Mount: SOLD

    For sale is a like new Kestrel 5500 w/link (bluetooth), vane mount, carry strap and case asking $250 shipped payment via PayPal FF Product details in stock at Mile High for $399.00
  19. ballisticdaddy

    WTB Vudoo Poly Mags

    Looking for maybe 3 more Vudoo polymer magazines, if you have any extra laying around please shoot me a PM.
  20. ballisticdaddy

    Reloading Equipment FOUND: Berger 105 Hybrids for SK / Lapua: FOUND

    I have a sealed box of 500 Berger 6MM 105 Hybrid Target in trade for SK Standard Plus (3 bricks) or Lapua Center X (2 bricks) ammo, please PM with what you got.