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    SOLD FS: once fired brass .45 and LC 5.56

    I have a lot of brass to move. All of it is once fired, and from the same lot of ammo. None of it is processed, prepped, or cleaned. Spent primers will still be in the case itself. I do not reload these calibers. 1. .45 Winchester once fired large primer brass. I have over four 5 gallon...
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    Accessories WTB: 20" AR barrel 5.56 with A2 front sight

    All: If anyone has a 20" AR barrel that is 5.56, treaded, with a non "F" marked front sight base that is pinned, let me know. Doing a A2 build, and is the last major component I need. If it has the barrel nut, slip ring, and retainer assembly, all the better. Twist is not a issue either. Let...
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    SOLD FS: Vortex strike eagle mil/mil 5x25

    All: I have a Vortex Strike Eagle for sale, mil/mil, 5x25 power. Mounted once, not dinged up or scratched at all. Will come with original box and everything else like it was shipped new. Nothing wrong with it, just upgrading on my end. Take $525 shipped, PayPal as friend, no trades. PM...
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    SOLD SOLD: Larue 7.62 18" Barrel

    Calling all Larue large frame rifle owners here. If you are looking for a 7.62 barrel to complete your rifle set up, I have this to move. I sold my Larue years back, and still had this barrel in my collection of stuff. This barrel will date back to 2013, during that time period when the wait...
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    SOLD Sold: UTG Over the Bore bipods

    All: I have 2 of these for sale. UTG over the bore bipods. I don't think these are made anymore, but I may be wrong. You can Google it and articles will come up about it. Mounts to a picatinny rail. Legs lock in 5 different positions, and extend. Legs lock up tight with no movement. They...
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    Reloading Equipment FS: MK316 Mod0 brass, once fired

    All, I have MK316 Mod 0 brass that is once fired through semi's with suppressors. Produced by Federal, headstamped FC 12. Would like to sell in 500 piece lot, but can do less if you are looking for a smaller amount. I have around 1500 to 2000 pieces to move. 500 count shipped $100. PM for...
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    SOLD SOLD: Law Tactical gen 3 folder

    Have this up for sale. Pic's shows it all. PayPal as friend, $185 shipped. No trades, fund purchase only. PM for any additional information.
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    SOLD FS: Cadex Defense Tikka Chassis in FDE

    All, have this Cadex Chassis in FDE for Tikka T3 up for sale. Accepts AICS mags. Condition is like new, no scratches or any wear marks in the finish. This is truly an awesome chassis, very nice workmanship and heavy duty. Will come in the original box, with all included paperwork as I got...
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    SOLD Sold: KRG Bravo chassis Tikka AICS

    All, have this up for sale. Tikka T3 Bravo chassis in FDE for AICS mag. Like new condition, no scratches, only slight surface rub marks on the finish where action was mounted. Had to the range maybe twice. Comes with everything as if bought new, box, and all additional spacers, rail mount...
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    Optics WTB: Leupold MK4 M1 moa elevation knob

    Before I try and get one from Leupold themselves, if anyone has a MK4 moa elevation knob that you can part with, let me know. Even if you need to sell with both elevation and windage as a pair.
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    Accessories WTB: (found) Tikka Tac A1 chassis

    Looking for a decent used Tikka Tac a1 chassis, plus everything needed to drop in a barrelled action. PM me on what you have. I also have a like new KRG Bravo stock inletted for AICS, with the hook and straight cover at the bottom of the stock, in FDE I can offer as trade if you are looking...
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    Reloading Equipment FS: 308 once fired brass FC12

    I have quite a bit of once fired 308 brass I need to move. All fired through OBR systems. Great condition, some fired suppressed, but most fired unsuppressed. Head stamped FC 12, which was brown box stuff. PM with questions. Asking $80 for box of 500 shipped USPS to you. If your looking...
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    SOLD FS: Leica 1200 CRF Rangemaster

    I have a Leica 1200 CRF range finder that has served me well for sale. It has given me perfect range calculations. Condition is extremely good with no damage or dings at all to the unit. Works perfect with no issues with it at all. Glass is clear and not scratched. Asking $200 shipped to...
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    SOLD: Bushnell XRS II Tremor 3/NIB

    I have this Bushnell up for sale. You all pretty much know the details of it. Mine is still sealed NIB. Decided to go another direction with a optic, just need to move this one. Only asking what I paid for it, $1710 shipped. Price firm, no trades. Will post pictures up soon. PM for questions.
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    SOLD: Kestrel 5700 AB Elite Link

    Have this up. Has served me well and has never failed me. Great condition, nothing cracked or scratched at all. Comes with all original packaging. Nothing wrong with it, been updated to the latest version 1.25. Works so well that I almost don't want to let it go, but I won another Kestrel...
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    FS: Weaver tactical 6x30x56 imdr reticle

    I have this to put up for sale since I do not use it much. Only reason to sell is I am not much of a dialer, more of a holdover person. 6x30x56 imdr illuminated reticle, 34mm tube, mil/mil. Condition is excellent, been to the range once, never had a issue with it. Glass is clean with no...
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    SPF: Athlon Cronus APLR FFP 4.5x29x56

    Have this Athlon Cronus up for sale. 34mm tube, mil/mil with APLR reticle. It has been to the range once since I have had it, I just do not use it enough anymore. Glass is perfect, no scratches on scope at all. Everything work perfect with it. Will come with the original box and all...
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    SOLD: MK 248 Mod 0 300 Win Mag brass

    I have around 200+ pieces of MK248 Mod 0 once fired brass to move. Case head stamped FC 15. Take $80 shipped to you. PayPal preferred as friend. PM with questions.
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    SOLD: Tikka T3X RH SA Brownells/MDT LSS-XL Gen2 chassis

    I have up for sale, 2 of MDT LSS-XL Gen 2 Tikka T3X with Brownells logo. The rear attachment area's milled for carbine. Finished in FDE cerakote. Accept AICS style magazines. Absolutely nothing wrong with them, just on a quest to find the right chassis that fits my style of shooting. Will...
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    SOLD: Bell & Carlson Tikka T3X CTR competition stock

    Up for sale is a Bell and Carlson Competition stock inletted for Tikka T3X CTR. I have had it to the range maybe twice since I have owned it. Only reason I want to sell is it does not fit my shooting style and body type. Other than that, it is almost brand new, with no scratches or wear...