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    WTB Beretta M9A3

    Looking to buy an M9A3, the doo doo multi-colored failed selection piece. Let me know what you've got, thanks!
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    Accessories KAC SR15 14.5" Mod 2 MLOK upper

    Less than 100 rounds through this upper. Factory bolt carrier, charging handle and buffer are all new/unused. The upper is like new with no blemishes and comes as pictured with micro sights, MLOK pic rail and Magpul MLOK panels. This is a NON-pinned factory 14.5" upper so know your...
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    SOLD Aimpoint T1 2moa w/Scalarworks LEAP01 mount

    Up for sale is a like new Aimpoint T1 2moa RDS mounted in a Scalarworks LEAP01 1.57" QD mount (SW0110). The T1 has a TangoDown capped cover, Forward Controls Design ATA turret caps, and a KAC Aimpoint T1/2 dual battery cap. I have the original battery cap, turret caps and Aimpoint adjustment...
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    Optics Aimpoint 3X-C w/Scalarworks Flip-To-Side mount

    Up for sale is a like new Aimpoint 3X-C (3x) Magnifier mounted in a Scalarworks LEAP06 1.57" flip to side mount (SW0610). I will not separate the mount and magnifier, it comes as a combo. $OLD shipped via discreet PayPal FF/Gift or add 4% for fees.
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    SOLD KAC SR-15 Chrome Sand Cutter Carrier

    KAC SR-15 Chrome Sand Cutter bolt carrier with less than 100 rounds on it. $OLD shipped via discreet PayPal FF/Gift or add 4% for fees.
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    SOLD Glock Gen 5 17 MOS w/accessories

    Up for sell is a NIB/never fired, Glock Gen 5 17 MOS. The gun has a Surefire X300U-A, Ameriglo blackout tall/suppressor height sights, Forward Control Designs OPF-G (RMR mount), and a Trijicon Type 2 RMR RM06 (3.25moa). All of these items are new, never used and are currently installed on the...
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    WTB LMT BCG/Bolt

    Looking for a LMT Full Auto BCG or bolt, enhanced or standard. I can trade a new Geissele SSA-E trigger towards the deal in partial or full depending.
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    Looking to buy a LMT MLC aka MRP-L MLOK upper receiver, the small frame 556 variant. Let me know what you have.
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    Up for sale is a "like new" KAC SR-15 Mod 2 14.5" MLOK upper. This upper has one mag through it (30 rounds suppressed) which were used to sight in the Ampoint and magnifier and it has been in the safe ever since. This is a NFA upper, it has NOT been pinned and welded. Optic is an Aimpoint T1...
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    SOLD Geissele Super Precision 34mm Optic Mount

    Geissele Super Precision AR-15/M4 34mm 0 MOA Optic Mount, P/N 05-405. New, never used, black in color, 1.54" tall, extended 1.16" forward. $250 shipped, no trades.
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    SOLD Kestrel 5700 Elite w/Link

    Up for sale is a like new Kestrel 5700 Elite w/Link in Flat Dark Earth. This is the Bluetooth Elite Ballistics model. It will come with the factory packaging and literature as well as the Multicam Armageddon Gear Kestrel Pocket. Used a handful of times, not a blemish on it, like new. $600...
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    SOLD AI AW/AT 10 round magazines

    Three (3) 10-round AI AW/AT magazines, part number (0726), can be used in your short action AX as well. Two are brand new, never loaded or used and the other saw one range outing, like new. $220 shipped for all three, not going to split them up, no trades.
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    SOLD Hornady 6mm Creedmoor

    I have one case (200 rounds/10 boxes of 20) of 108 grain Hornady ELD Match in 6mm Creedmoor. $OLD shipped, no trades.
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    SOLD Accuracy International AT LE

    Up for sale is a very lightly used '19 Accuracy International AT LE in Green with a factory 20" 308 barrel. This is an actual Law Enforcement model AT with the AX right side fold adjustable stock, it is not a conversion. The rifle has less than 300 rounds through it and is in excellent...
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    SOLD Sig P238 magazines

    Sig P238 .380 ACP factory magazines, (1) one 7-round magazine with base extension and (1) one standard 6-round magazine. I haven't owned this gun in ages and just found these, like new. $OLD shipped for the pair via FF/Gift or add 4% for fees. I am not willing to separate and no trades.
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    SOLD Kestrel NV4500

    Up for sale is a used Kestrel NV4500, this model does not have ballistics software or bluetooth, it simply gives you your environmentals. I used this in conjunction with the Ballistic AE app for years to come up with my shooting solutions with good success. Only selling because I finally picked...
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    SOLD AI AT/AX 16.5" .308 barrel

    Up for sale is a new, unfired AI Bartlein 16.5" .308 barrel, M27 short action tenon, 5/8x24 muzzle with a 1:12 twist. This was removed from a new AT LE and currently has a TBAC CB .30cal brake mounted. Will sell the barrel without the brake for $500 shipped or with the TBAC CB brake for $585...
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    Soft Rifle Case

    I know the Armageddon Gear M2010 is considered the best for a soft case that also fits well inside of a Pelican hard case and I am leaning heavily towards getting one, but what else should one consider? I don't want to drag the Pelican case every time I go to the range so I'd like a soft bag...
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    Hornady 6mm Creedmoor

    Is $33/box for Hornady 108 ELD-M fair in these current times, what says the Hide?
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    WTB Trijicon RMR RM06 Type 2

    Looking for a Type 2 RM06 3.25moa adjustable RMR.