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  1. Alphatreedog

    Question about closing my pool .

    Should I fish out the dead hookers or just treat and cover ?
  2. Alphatreedog

    Anybody running mini split ac units ?

    We are adding an inlaw suite along with some overdue remodeling and repairs . Since we have oil domestic hot water and baseboard heat we really have no need for central air . We also have a wood stove so heat is redundant . Since we are putting in a dual zone mini split unit for MIL we decided...
  3. Alphatreedog

    What Visible Laser / Light combo

    I am looking to add a combo laser and light on a couple ARs and some of the brands offerings have bad reviews . I am looking for a 500 lumen light and a visible green laser . I'm getting the feeling that I should be checking out Holosun .
  4. Alphatreedog

    Tawny Kitaen has passed Damm . Didn't know her but still hits home . I ran in circles that crossed Ci...
  5. Alphatreedog

    Is this legit ?

    So I did a search for JC Higgins Model20 for sale and found this site . Live Auctioneer .com . Anyone have any experience with them ? Saw a lot of old pump guns on the site for reasonable if not cheap prices . I have recently developed and old pump gun fetish .
  6. Alphatreedog

    White light moment

    So I will qualify that as often pointed out , my English Composition sucks racid Donkey Schwartz . Learned it 38 plus years ago and never used it . So I apologize to our written English aficionados ahead of time . Or Ughh , Me type . So I compete a little . Steel Challenge , 3Gun , Action Pistol...
  7. Alphatreedog

    Are You Fuckin Kidding Me , Da Fug

    Houston shelter in place for shitbag shooting people . Twice is a coincidence every fuckin Day is Leftist shitbags either not following thru on complaints or reaping what they have sowed . This is not a gun problem this is and Anti America problem . The fires of hell are to good for these...
  8. Alphatreedog

    What's your coolest gun ?

    I mean subjectively . To you . What gun do you own that makes you hear Barry White and once you set your gaze on it you just can't look away . Maybe it's a Nylon 66 or a pump action 22 . Gran Pap's 30-30 . Hell maybe you secretively fawn over a Lady Smith . What lights your fire ? I finally...
  9. Alphatreedog


    I am grateful . Something popped in my calf today in work . instant stabbing pain . Took a second to assess , no more pain . So I take a step and stab right in the top of my calf . Wait again , slow walk it and stab . Long story short light duty etc . Haven t seen company Doc due to Covid ( BS...
  10. Alphatreedog

    Morale Patches

    I don't wear any and try to avoid the rhetoric when at comps or in public . That being said I was looking for one thinking it's kinda tongue n cheek and a comment on perceived status of the Washington Circus . Well what I thought would be is not . Evidently there is no Guy Swingin a Cactus...
  11. Alphatreedog

    This ammo situation sucks

    If you asked me how much I shot last year I'd tell you next to nothin . Yeah I went to the indoor range for pistol , another indoor for AR and my Club for outdoor 100yds . I have several guns that I don't keep a range log on so if you asked how many rounds last year I might say 600 . Man was I...
  12. Alphatreedog

    First World problems require First World solutions or I'm queer for Joeboboutfitters

    So I will qualify that I have never and I mean never had any problem with Optics Planet . I've seen threads with tales of woe and thought " nope naught may " ( in my best Forrest Gump ) . But alas . I placed an order with expedited shipping and got to day si.x of waiting for a shipping notice...
  13. Alphatreedog

    I'm Treedog and I have a problem .

    So the week after Christmas wifey says hey you should buy another gun . Me. Wha huh Dafug ? Her. You worked hard all year , new shed ( barn ) and you deserve it . It's not like you're gonna buy a two k gun . Welp I got $2,500 into a Wilson Combat Protetor Carbine . Added a Vortex 1-8 OP...
  14. Alphatreedog

    Sharing at work

    So anyone with half a testicle knows you don't share personal information that can be used to emasculate you at work . You don't share inadequacy , or ineptitude . Right ? It is blood in the water . I am lower management at my place of employment which affords me the ability to be me . And some...
  15. Alphatreedog

    Who's your favorite YOUTUBEr ?

    Everyone here shoots , maybe reloads , some compete , some High Speed Low Drag guys . YOUTUBE has all of those from informational like Elfster to entertaining look at me like instructor Zero . So who do you check out ? My go to are ; Travis Haley for square range drills . To many to mention for...
  16. Alphatreedog

    Did you ever notice ?

    If you drink right up to the point of blackout , stupidity , inability to type comprehendable.text . You ; Get smarticle . Have near 20 20 vision . Dead serious . You talk like a Briitish Elder Statesman . You still don't give a fuck . @Bender fucks pigeons . Purchase absurdly over priced ammo ...
  17. Alphatreedog

    Wilson Combat AR15 Carbine Protector ?

    So a very good friend came late to the party and decided he needs an AR . I've been pounding both phone and internet looking fo a suitable firearm that I'd bet my family's life on and pickins be slim . So after considerable searching I arrived at this . Any thoughts , opinions , insults and...
  18. Alphatreedog

    Judy is a Dude

    So I do my nightly search for ammo , target sports USA , Midway etc. . I wi d up on Cabelas knowing that hopeless disappointment is all that awaits me . So as I peruse their in store ammo Voila , the motherload . Federal Fusion 308 150grain amfuck8nbrosia . It is my AR 10 zero currently and my...
  19. Alphatreedog


    So I got this months American Rifleman Mag from the NRA . Negotiating Rights Away . I only join as one of my range memberships requires an NRA membership . So as I peruse the pages and article I come across what struck me as the most beinous thing Ive seen since Chris Cox's video espousing Red...
  20. Alphatreedog

    Does this poke a hole 8n the bullshit ?

    So a commercial pops up on Youtube with these two Itialian girls . The comercial's about rooftop tennis yadda yadda . Then man it hits me . Italians are a brown skin ed people , no . Ok well what about Romanians ? I've met Easter Europeans that would pass for Middle Eastern . Didn't they build...