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  1. Lucky Se7en

    Getting Comfortable after Fractured Collarbone

    Has anyone broken their collarbone and ended up with a lump of calcification around the break? If so, do you have any tips for comfortably securing the rifle in the shoulder pocket with the nuisance?
  2. Lucky Se7en

    SOLD WTS: Hornady 4DOF Kestrel ($400)

    I have an extra BNIB 4DOF Kestrel sitting around, looking for $400 for it. PM me for any questions or discuss payment options.
  3. Lucky Se7en

    Pierced Primers, Lapua and AI AE

    A few years ago I had bought some Lapua ammo to shoot out of my AI AE MkIII and experienced my first pierced primer. I ended up putting those rounds off to the side and started shooting mainly FGMM and hand loads without any problems or other pierced primers since. Recently i came across a deal...
  4. Lucky Se7en

    Pressure Signs in a Bolt vs Semi

    I posted a thread a few weeks ago trying to see if anyone could help identify the culprit of a sticky bolt lift in one of my loads for my 308 bolt gun. It seems like the general perception was just that PPU brass was no good for multiple reloads. I plan on shooting an identical load out of...
  5. Lucky Se7en

    New Pressure Signs

    I have a load that has been giving me a sticky bolt lift which wasn't really there before. I'm a little surprised that my milder practice load is giving this sticky bolt lift but the much hotter factory ammo seems to be fine. Based on the values I'm seeing from the books and what people are...
  6. Lucky Se7en

    DRD Tactical Paratus

    I was recently browsing around for a semi-auto that would be smaller/lighter and convenient to carry around. At first I was thinking of going with a bullpup or something that I could possibly fold up to fit in a relatively smaller pelican case with another gun, then I stumbled across these DRD...
  7. Lucky Se7en

    Hearing Protection

    What do you guys use for hearing protection? I prefer the electronic ear muffs to the inner ear protection however the kick on my rifle can knock my muffs back & after a day of shooting my ear will be ringing. I have the Howard Leight brand, after borrowing my friend's Champion brand I noticed...
  8. Lucky Se7en

    Rifle Scopes Steiner Zero Stop

    I was finally able to get out to the range to sight in my new Steiner Military 4-16x50 scope on Saturday, I had the rifle shooting very tight groups at 100 yards fairly quickly & was very pleased with the scope. That night I went home & tried setting the scope to zero & making use of the zero...
  9. Lucky Se7en

    Steyr AUG

    I'm looking forward to my next purchase which I'd like to get a 5.56/.223 for medium to short range shooting & naturally the first thing I started thinking about is some of the lighter AR-15 configurations. The more I look around the more I like the AUG A3 so I was surprised to not find many...
  10. Lucky Se7en

    Rifle Scopes Scope & Mount Suggestions

    I just took my first step into distance shooting & went out & bought an Accuracy International AE MK III. It just arrived at the store yesterday, unfortunately I have to wait a week before I can walk out with it. Now my next step is to get everything I need to put this gun to work. I've been...
  11. Lucky Se7en

    New Guy From RI

    Hey guys, just stopping in to introduce myself. I'm just getting into shooting for the most part, I have a couple pistols & a Ruger 10/22 that are fun to mess around with but I'm looking to do a little more shooting from a distance so I went out & bought an Accuracy International AE MK III...