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    Night Vision TNVC & Night Goggles Inc. vSHOTT 2021 Day 5 - FINAL NIGHT Tonight 5pm Pacific Time - Enter to win a PVS-14!

    Keep signing up but not getting confirmation emails.... trying to get back in the NODs game!
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    Accessories WTB 5/8x24 AAC 90T Mk13

    Like the title says... whatcha got? New or used doesn’t matter. Thanks, Reed
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    U.S. Army/Navy/USMC M14-based sniper and DMR/SDM rifles circa late-1960s to late 201Xs

    We had the Leupold 10x Mk4... loved the simplicity but man they were hit an miss. Even had a few Bushnell marked 10x when we first got them.
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    Powder valley has powder!

    Here’s a burn rate chart so in the madness you can reference this thread and grab something even if it’s close to what you need.
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    Suppressors Solventtrapsdirect form1

    SS single clipped 30 cal can from said material provider.
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    Powder valley has powder!

  7. BGE541

    Lightweight hunting build

    Here’s a TC I tried the action cut the barrel to 16.085” and shoots well! Scope and all in this gun less then $500... minus can.
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    SOLD AR-15 Pistol/SBR Uppers

    I’ll take the 300BO upper please DM with PP address.
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    Filling in a gap, 300wm or 7rm or other?

    I’d go 300WM just for the selection of factory ammo... when you can get into handloading, very easy to develop a good load with the powder and bullet of your choice. I’d look at Seekins or Bergeras if you want a budget ish rifle with better-then-most can shoot accuracy.
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    SOLD Accuracy International PSR Kit *LOTS OF PICS ADDED 1/3*

    Bump for a good seller, bought my first AI from him years ago, deal with confidence!
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    Firearms WTB: Sig Cross
  12. BGE541

    Accessories WTS: RARE Genuine Imported HDPE Walmart Plastic Bag!

    I’ve spend a good portion of my young adult hood all over Africa... I can say it is truly a humbling experience, highlighting the grace and mercy in our lives. It’s sad to see Gods children in those conditions and am thankful you have found an impactful way to support them. It’s a gamble with...
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    Accessories WTB AI 338 mags

    Looking for a few... new or used in good working condition. TIA.
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    5,593 fucking pages of WTF...

    Oh wait look at all the $ going to transportation...