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  1. tnichols

    Effort and Time

    Placed a very small order with a company I had never done business with before. Transaction was smooth and at a very reasonable price, and shipping fast. Unpackaged the order today and found a nice hand written note. It took just a bit of effort and time to write that note. With the reloading...
  2. tnichols

    Ballistic AE BC Trueing

    I’ve been using Ballistic AE for several years with good results. However, I’m struggling to find a way to tweak the BC after trueing MV at the 600-700 yard distances. Example is my 260 with a 142 SMK trues out at 2886 on the 655 and 775 yard targets. At 910 and 1030, it will trend high, so...
  3. tnichols

    Reloading Equipment 308 FGMM Brass

    FGMM brass once fired in a AI bolt gun. Straight from the chamber to the bag. No inspection, tumbling, etc... 200 count all from Lot #621E018. PayPal, money order, personal check ok. Funds clear, I ship. $85 shipped to the lower 48.
  4. tnichols

    Reloading Equipment 260 Rem FGMM Brass

    Selling once fired 260 Rem brass in FGMM from a AI bolt gun. From the chamber to the bag. Not inspected or tumbled. 190 count from Lot #P1K126. PayPal gift, money order, or personal check ok. Funds clear, I ship. $110 shipped to lower 48.
  5. tnichols

    Free Bore - How Much is Too Much

    How much free bore/jump have you seen or had in a barrel that still shot well? New, used, or tired, just curious what others have experienced. And by well, let’s quantify that by saying sub 3/4 MOA.
  6. tnichols

    Advanced Marksmanship Vertical Dispersion in High Wind

    Could one of you really smart fella's explain in layman's terms why we see more vertical during high and gusty winds? I am fortunate to be able to shoot 150 plus days a year here in Hooterville IA. Range is 650 to 1K plus with SA calibers. Today for example, winds were at 10:30 at 18 gusts to...
  7. tnichols

    Range Report Just Drifting in the Breeze

    Nice spring morning here, so I grabbed my GAP10 for something different as I’ve been running my bolt rigs all winter. Made a pretty good call, so just for fun, I didn’t change my wind hold even though you could see and feel the wind pick up, then lull, etc... As you can see, I was using ALL of a...
  8. tnichols

    SOLD -308 Brass WTS

    Once fired Federal 308 GMM brass. Two lots of 200 count each. Fired in an AIAE bolt gun and straight into the bag. $45 per bag (200 count) shipped to the lower 48 via USPS. Will accept PayPal gift, money order, or personal check. Funds received or clear, I ship.
  9. tnichols

    Range Report Rough Looking Lot of FGGM

    My 20” AI in 308 lives on a steady diet of FGGM 175 SMK. I consider it my “trainer” and typically run it from 650 to 800 yards if the wind isn’t howling. So, I just started a new lot, and opening the first box, the brass looks like hell. Now, this is where I start the rant that FGGM sucks, QC is...
  10. tnichols

    Maggie’s Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving fellas.
  11. tnichols

    Maggie’s Small Companies- Made in USA

    Our home decor (or whatever) is what I would as describe as classy, western bunkhouse. In other words, no carpet, all wood/leather furniture, etc... So, we treat the leather twice a year. We use Chamberlain's Leather Milk as a conditioner on said leather. We used it today, and for some reason...
  12. tnichols

    Maggie’s Ah Dennis, What Where You Thinkin' ?

    Some stuff you just can't make up...
  13. tnichols

    Range Report Wear Eye Pro?

    Going through my pistol bag tonight and came across this. My pistol range is 100% steel. Typical range is 10 to 25 yards. My guess is a Hornady 185 XTP out of my G21. My range bag is usually quite close to me as I shoot. It's quite tarnished, so it's been riding around in there for awhile. Keep...
  14. tnichols

    FBI Director

    I see on the news that our FBI director has been relieved of his duties
  15. tnichols

    Posting Pics

    Since the move, I've been posting pics from my iPad. Easier than the old Photobucket cut and paste routine. As of last night, the "new" way has stopped working. Anyone else having problems?
  16. tnichols

    AIAE MK III .260 Jumping the Grand Canyon

    My AE now has 175 rounds through it shooting Copper Creek "factory" ammo. It's crazy accurate, no complaints. I'm getting ready to reload for this rifle now and measured the chamber with a Hornady/Stoney Point gauge today. Long story short, with ammo loaded at OAL of 2.800, those bullets are...
  17. tnichols

    Rifle Scopes USO SN-3 Turret Zero Question

    I recently purchased a pre-owned SN-3 5-25x58. Previous owner sent all documents/paperwork that came new with the scope. The only thing I'm not seeing is how to zero the windage turret. I'm guessing you loosen the machine screw in the middle of the turret, set to zero, then re-tighten, but don't...
  18. tnichols

    AI AE Mk III Question

    So I pulled my AI rail off my AE today to put on a 20 moa Murphy rail. Under the factory rail were extra drilled and threaded holes that were not being used. Not sure for what, but there is another hole that is not threaded and with a recessed plug between the 2nd and 3rd threaded holes (from...
  19. tnichols

    Advanced Marksmanship Service Rifle Group Size

    For you guys handy with/at Service Rifle, what kind of a group can a better than average shooter do in the standing at 200? Or just dinking around at 100 yards, again standing unsupported? Just curious, as a buddy and I were talking about it yesterday and neither of us have a clue what you guys...
  20. tnichols

    .308 Headspace Question

    I've just started reloading for my GAP10. I have only reloaded rifle ammo for my bolt guns in the past (neck sizing only). So, for the gasser we have to full length size. So, I'm using once fired Winchester brass from SWA that has been run through the GAP10. I have been measuring headspace with...