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    WTB Eric28 is a scammer

    He replied to my WTB add. Usual shit. Just joined, BS posts, sent me pictures from an add on 1911 forums, wanted Zelle. I asked for a picture of the item with his left hand holding up 3 fingers and he ghosts on me POS.
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    SOLD WTB: NF NX8 1-8 Mil

    Don't care if it's perfect, painted, or a little beat up. As long as the glass is clear and it tracks true. Email me
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    SOLD Wilcox T1 NF Ring Cap $280 Shipped

    For 30mm NF rings. Was painted. I stripped it. You would never know. Was on rifle for a few range trips. These are no longer available.
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    SOLD AI 223 Mag $100 Shipped OBO

    Brand new never used. Mounted in stock then decided on a chassis. Comes with pillars and screws. Will split up for DBM $110 Shipped Mag $100 Shipped
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    SOLD Warne Steel 0 MOA R700SA Scope Base $50 Shipped

    Basically new. Mounted and had an optic on it but never took it to the range. Email only. PayPal or Venmo Only
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    SOLD Mossberg 930 JM Pro 22" $600 Shipped

    Krylon'd because every damn person at my 3 gun matches had the same gun and it was confusing haha. Probably 2k through it max. Runs flawless. I cleaned all the factory gunk off when I first got it and it's never jammed or given me any issues with Bird, Buck, or Slugs. Missing a screw to the...
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    SOLD Bergara B14R Steel BA $575 Shipped

    Maybe 100 rounds through it. Shot great! Just freeing up some funds. Will come with 1 mag and Leupold base. Only shipping to FFL's that accept from individuals. Will post photos tonight. Here it is in my AX chassis, just so You know it's not a scam. LOL EMAIL IS BEST
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    SOLD Leopold Backcountry 20 MOA R700SA Base $25 Shipped

    Ran this on my Bergara for a hundred rounds or so. Only selling as it's in an AICS chassis now so it's got an AI base on it. Email is best Shipping to CONUS only.
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    SOLD NF A101 30mm 1" Height Rings

    $145 shipped Just got these from Mile High and no longer need them. Email is best PayPal or Venmo Only.
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    SOLD McMillan A3-5 $350! Project Stock

    R700SA inlet Surgeon DBM inlet 2 cups left side One sling stud So this was originally inletted R700SA, rem varmint barrel channel, surgeon DBM that I opened up to accept an M40. The recoil lug area was for a factory 700. I very crudely opened it up to accept a .350 lug. I never touched the...
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    SOLD Bergara B14 HMR Stock w/ DBM $290 Shipped

    Short Action. Practically brand new. Taken to the range once. Great condition! Paypal or Venmo only Shipping to CONUS only EMAIL IS BEST
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    SOLD Hawkins SA M5 DBM $150 shipped

    Brand new. Comes with pillars and action screws. Email is best PayPal or Venmo only
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    SOLD Nightforce C154 ARMY SPEC F1 NXS w/ Mil Spec Knob

    All, Purchased this scope second hand. It was listed as "painted" was going to strip it and run it but once received it's been Cerakoted and this camo job isn't going to be stripped easily, and is not my style. Small spot where coating is flaking a little on the power ring If your looking for...
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    SOLD Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50 MRAD W/ Vortex Pro Rings $375 Shipped OBO

    Basically brand new. Took to the range once and fired 40 rounds through it. One small scratch from safe. Comes with Pro .9" height rings. $375 Shipped to 48 PayPal or Venmo only. Email only.
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    SOLD WTB Surgeon or KMW SA DBM

    Looking for either. Condition doesn't matter. Email me
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    SOLD BNIB Bergara B14R CF BA $630 Shipped

    Brand new never fired. Test fit it in my old AICS chassis to confirm compatibility and put back in the safe. Comes with everything as new. $630 Shipped to CONUS PayPal or Venmo only EMAIL IS BEST
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    SOLD BNIB Bergara B14R CF BA $630 Shipped

    Brand new never fired. Test fit it in my old AICS chassis to confirm compatibility and put back in the safe. Comes with everything as new. $630 Shipped to CONUS PayPal or Venmo only Your FFL must accept from an individual. EMAIL IS BEST
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    SOLD Lee Factory Crimp Die's

    Both brand new in boxes. Bought them about 8 years ago and never used them. One 308 $40 shipped OBO SOLD! One 223 $40 shipped OBO SOLD! One 9mm $25 shipped OBO Email is fastest.
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    WTB MCM A3 or A3-5

    R700SA Footprint M24 barrel channel Adjustable check. The more beat up the better! Email me
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    SOLD Accuracy International R700SA Scope Base 20060

    $75 shipped or will trade towards a non cantilever action rail. Comes with 6-48 screws. Brand new only mounted to check clearance. Bought it from mile high in December. Email is best shipping only to CONUS