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    Tikka T3 Thread

    I haven't been in this thread in a while but on my latest podcast episode, the guys from The Vision Products and GCP rifles announced a new forend for KRG bravo chassis' and their stand alone chassis for Tikkas. Here's the link to the episode. Its in probably the last 30 min or so...

    Osprey Barrel Works

    Reamer dimensions are one of the most important keys to accuracy and when you live in a world where there are tons of gunsmiths all competing for business, YOUR level of accuracy as a gunsmith may be what gets you someone's business over the next gunsmith. When a smith has their own proprietary...

    The truth about Covid and the Pfizer vaccines

    The one thing that i know he is right about is the fact that the vaccine doesn't and won't be effective. Reason why: All corona viruses have an "Animal Reservoir" and any virus that has an animal reservoir will never be able to be vaccinated, just like the common cold, influenza (hence why...

    Feral Dog Packs

    Bruh, that's some mafioso type cold blooded shit. I like your style. Reminds me of the scene in Casino when they beat Nicky's brother to death with a baseball bat and made Nicky watch.. then they beat Nicky to death too.

    Feral Dog Packs

    Seen it first hand and I emptied a .270 in the pack of 8 or more. I cut that pack in half. They almost ran a buck to the point of death. Fuck em.

    S21 Ultra Video Test

    I just got an S21 last week. I didnt/don't know the differences of all the new phones except for the size. I didnt know the ultra had some bad ass camera that the s21 didnt.

    What did you do in the reloading room today?

    Stop measuring run out. Run a mandrel and load the bullet. I do probably far less than most hand loaders on this site and shoot tiny groups like the rest of them, and I ain't that good of a group shooter. Hell, let me give u the story on this particular batch of ammo. Last year, the week...

    Maggie’s THE JUST F'N SEND IT PODCAST Oh snap! This is a good one. @samb300 will be posting a link to a killer giveaway thats announced in the episode, so if you have an AI, Tikka, or R700 footprint action, there is something...


    He needs an honorary position here on SH. My dood is Johnny On The Spot with this shit.
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    maybe i should use this to get my bum ass tenants out of my apartments.
  11. BLKWLFK9


    Oh I wish this was one of my tenants. The fun I would have would be of epic proportions.
  12. BLKWLFK9

    Media trying to turn this around........

    I approve of your choice of avatar, Sir. When I was a lowly Sr Airman, I wouldn't have ever thought a Lt Col would be cool enough to be on something like SH and have a kick ass avatar like yours. Every Lt. Col I ever dealt with other than F15E pilots were cock biting bastards. Way to go above...
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    Hoplite Arms

    Yall want to talk about skinny legs, I look like im riding a god damn turkey.
  14. BLKWLFK9

    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Ask Grand Master Jay. Im sure he has one on his AR M16 Sniper Killa rifle.
  15. BLKWLFK9

    Media trying to turn this around........

    What?? U support Milley?? Dude. If Milley did this shit to retarded dementia Joe, I would still say this POS needs the noose. Thats crazy af. As much as I loathe Biden, I hate China worse. You got to be joking.
  16. BLKWLFK9

    Media trying to turn this around........

    ^Basically this..
  17. BLKWLFK9

    New M-BRACE Scope Mount from American Rifle Company

    Damn. I didnt think I'd find something to take me away from my m10 rings. I've got like 4 sets of them.
  18. BLKWLFK9

    Media trying to turn this around........

    What in the actual fat frog's fuck? This is BLATANT treason. Actual China collusion from our top brass. No firing squad. He needs to be taken to the gallows and hung from his neck until he is dead. Edit: How is this not out right espionage??