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  1. Bob L Swagger

    Gradous AR10 6.5 Creedmoor

    The legendary bolt rifle man, Robert Gradous, has ventured in the gasser world... I’m awaiting dies but in the mean time I tried Hornady 140 eld factory match ammo. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’ll do once broken in & a load development has been completed. More reports to come...
  2. Bob L Swagger

    Lipstick on a PIG! ****Updated 9/19****

    Roughly 20 or so years ago, when my sickness of rifle shooting began, I purchased a slightly used Winchester model 70 heavy varmint rifle chambered in .22-250 Remington for approximately $450 from a local gun shop. The rifle was fantastic! It came with a Bell & Carlson black synthetic stock...
  3. Bob L Swagger

    The Dark Knight RISES!! (Hey, its a BAT man!) **Range pics up 9/2**

    Just a few teaser pics fellas.... Details & specs to follow.... Stay tuned, same BAT time, same BAT channel! :) (Sponsored in part by ROBERT GRADOUS)
  4. Bob L Swagger

    Gunsmithing Robert Gradous chambering on his HAAS TL-1
  5. Bob L Swagger

    Gradous rifle collection

    Just finished cleaning the collection so I figured it would be a great time for a group photo!
  6. Bob L Swagger

    Gunsmithing AI replacement barrels question..

    Does anybody know the thread pitch of the barrel tenon on Accuracy International rifles? Thank you in advance! Bob
  7. Bob L Swagger

    Dead on case trimmer - FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!

    Recently, I decided I wanted to try out the Little Crow Gun Works Worlds finest case trimmer 2 due to the positive reviews that I read on various forums. I purchased the trimmer & 3 common trim chambers from Brownells. Unfortunately I had to place an order directly with LCGW LLC. for a 7 SAUM...
  8. Bob L Swagger

    Little Crow Gunworks (Worlds finest trimmer 2) Atrocious customer service!!

    Roughly 2 weeks ago I called Little Crow Gunworks and ordered a 7 SAUM trim chamber for my Worlds Finest Trimmer 2. A package from them arrived via USPS the day before yesterday containing the 7 SAUM trim chamber along with a Worlds Finest Trimmer 2 housing cutter, which I did not order and was...
  9. Bob L Swagger

    Loads for 6.5 SAUM 4S

    Since the GAP 6.5 SAUM 4S has taken off, the thread in the bolt action rifles section has become cluttered with many posts making it extremely time consuming to locate data within...
  10. Bob L Swagger

    Heavy Palma in an MTU barrel channel..

    Does anyone have a picture of a heavy palma barrel in a stock with an MTU barrel channel?? Please post if it if you do.. Thanks, Bob
  11. Bob L Swagger

    The last of the Surgeon RSR actions going out soon...

    I stumbled upon these at my favorite gunsmiths shop today.. There will be a few happy guys within the next 10 days or so! Always hoping Surgeon will make more of these actions in the future!
  12. Bob L Swagger

    H4350 in stock as of 3:35pm 11/13/3013 - Powdervalleyinc

    Don't know if you guys need any, but they have 8 lbers in stock. HODH4350-08 * HODGDON H4350 - 8 LBS. Yes $152.00
  13. Bob L Swagger

    The Latest GRADOUS Kill Stick has ARRIVED!! 16.5" 6.5x47L

    I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Robert Gradous for building me such a fine rifle... AGAIN! I have been planning this build for quite some time now and it finally arrived, just in time for hunting season! I wanted a "light" weight hunting rifle that would be handy, fast pointing and...
  14. Bob L Swagger

    Building a spec rifle, what caliber would you want?

    I am thinking of building a spec rifle and have all parts on hand. It will be based off a new, un-fired and fully trued Remington 700 short action. I would like to get an idea what caliber you would want if you were to buy a custom rifle now.. Thanks for the input!
  15. Bob L Swagger

    Anyone out there with a 16" to 18" 6.5x47L?

    If so, please post the specs and pics of it.. I'm in the process of putting together a shorty, ultralight, mid-range, fast pointing PA groundhog buster.. Spec's: McMillan carbon fiber Edge A3 sporter, trued Remington action, Bartlein #3 1:8 finished at 16.5", Jewell trigger, PTG stealth DBM...
  16. Bob L Swagger

    Thank you Robert Gradous ...... AGAIN!

    Yep, that's right.. I did it again! This time it is a mid-weight whitetail hunting rifle chambered in 6.5x47 Lapua. Unfortunately I was unable to be present for the build, but I will be for the next one. The big brown truck showed up earlier this afternoon with a package from Mr. Gradous and...
  17. Bob L Swagger

    Rifle Scopes AX AICS Chassis Surgeon Scalpel / NF ATACR/ SPUHR mount help

    Im in the process of purchasing a SPUHR mount for a Surgeon Scalpel in an AX AICS chassis. Going to be running a NF ATACR 5-25x56mm optic and would like to know which height mount to get. I would like to keep the scope as close as possible to the forend without touching. Thanks, Bob