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  1. HumbleEinstein

    Where Credit is Due...

    Some months ago, I reached to Mr. Robert Gradous about getting a custom rifle built. Mr. Gradous was extremely generous with his time and knowledge. In addition, he was quite frank. He initially told me that it could take four to six months for him to build my rifle. As I expected the...
  2. HumbleEinstein

    Rifle Scopes Scope Clearance: Barely Enough Room for a $1 Bill?

    I mounted my Vortex Razor GenII 4.5-27x with Seekins 1" rings over an M24 6.5 CM barrel. With the aadmount caps, which I have already sanded down as much as possible, I barely have enough room to slide a dollar bill between the scope and barrel. The scope cap is not contacting the barrel, but...
  3. HumbleEinstein

    6.5 Creedmoor -- Berger 140 grain VLD Target + IMR 4350 -- What has worked for you?

    I have a new custom rifle coming and I'm new to loading 6.5 Creedmoor. I couldn't find 140 A-max or H4350. I ended up with Berger 140 VLD Target bullets and IMR 4350. I would appreciate it if you would share loads, OAL, and distance of jump that has worked for you with these components. On...
  4. HumbleEinstein

    Rifle Scopes Vortex Razor II 4.5-27x56 Ring Height

    Does anyone have the Vortex Razor II 4.5-27x56 on a Defiance Deviant action with a Bartlein M24 6.5 CM barrel? I would appreciate the benefit of your experience on ring height for this setup. I plan on using Seekins rings and I'm trying to figure which ones will get me closest to the barrel...
  5. HumbleEinstein

    Cleaning Supplies for 6.5 Creedmoor Help

    This is embarrassing. Please steer me in the right direction on cleaning supplies I need for a 6.5 Creedmoor. It's a little confusing because at .264 the 6.5 Creedmoor seems to be between sizes in many cases. I am looking for a rod, Dewey Parker style jag, bore guide, and brushes. I already...
  6. HumbleEinstein

    Fresh Reloads v. Stored Reloads

    All things being equal, is there any evidence to suggest that fresh reloads shoot better than reloads that have been stored for months? I know bench rest guys reload on the firing line and I'm wondering why? The only thing I can think of that might change over time is neck tension. Does it?
  7. HumbleEinstein

    Rifle Scopes Anyone ever noticed re-torquing rings changing zero?

    I re-torqued my rings since my last time out and I have competition this Saturday. Should I be concerned about a shift in my zero? The screws seemed like they were already torqued down pretty well, but chances are they moved slightly.
  8. HumbleEinstein

    Range Report Collecting DOPE to True Ballistic Calculators w/ Angled Shots? Will data be flawed?

    I have a long range competition coming up this weekend. My primary goal is to collect dope on my new handloads for the purpose of truing my Kestrel w/ AB and some other iPhone ballistic calculators I use. However, it occurred to me that while there will be quite a few targets at varying ranges...
  9. HumbleEinstein

    What would you do based on this OCW test? I only have one more range trip before a comp.

    I did an Optimal Charge Weight type test with my first round of reloads. I used Varget, fire-formed and prepped Norma brass, CCI 200 primers, and 175 SMKs. The rifle is a Remington 700 AAC-SD 20" .308 Win in an XLR Chassis with a PWS PRC muzzle brake. I did three shots at each charge and...
  10. HumbleEinstein

    Sorting Components: How low do you go?

    When sorting components how low do you splice your piles. Do you divide all components by tenths of a grain? Do you go with different degrees of accuracy for different components? I'm just starting reloading and I'm going purely for accuracy. Please fill me in on your method. I don't...
  11. HumbleEinstein

    Please explain the difference between these two RCBS flash hole products...

    Product 1) Product 2)...
  12. HumbleEinstein

    RCBS Precision Mic for .308 Does anyone have one of these they would consider selling me? I have looked everywhere and the 308 version is completely sold out. Please reach out if you can help. Thank you.
  13. HumbleEinstein

    Random question: Please give me the exact dimensions of an 8 pound jug of Varget?

    I know it's random. I need to find an airtight container for the jug and some other stuff, so I need the exact dimensions. Thanks.
  14. HumbleEinstein

    Rem 700 Firing Pin Causing Slight Wiggle in Reticle

    When dry firing, I'm noticing a very slight wiggle in the reticle when the firing pin slams forward on my Rem 700 (XLR chassis, SWFA-5-20). It is noticeable with a snap cap. It is much more dramatic on an empty chamber. I would say it is about .25-.5 MOA of movement. I think it would be dumb to...
  15. HumbleEinstein

    Trouble Shooting Question -- Need Help With the Math

    Can anyone tell me what .1" of horizontal muzzle alignment will translate to in MILS 100 yards down range? Thank you.
  16. HumbleEinstein

    How many rounds out of new barrel before it reaches potential?

    I have a new .308 Rem 700 SPS AAC-SD in an XLR chassis. I'm going to take it out for the first time shortly. For better or worse, I have decided not to do any break-in on it. I'm just going to start shooting. My question is: Should I expect there to be some number of rounds fired before the...
  17. HumbleEinstein

    Gunsmithing DIY Muzzle Device Installation on Precision Bolt Action?

    I have a Remington 700 SPS AAC-SD in an XLR chassis. I want to put a PWS PRC muzzle device on it. I understand that it comes with a shim set to get it timed properly. Is this something I can do myself without the use of a vise or clamp clamping device? Does the rifle have to be removed...
  18. HumbleEinstein

    Ammo Recommendations for Precision Rifle (.308, 1 in 10 twist)

    I'm picking up my first precision rifle soon. The barrel and action is a Rem 700 SPS AAC-SD .308 1 in 10 twist. 1) What currently available types of match ammo should I get for accuracy testing? I'm hoping to settle on one for long time, so I don't want to break the bank. 2) Also...
  19. HumbleEinstein

    New Timney Calvin Elite Remington Model 700 Trigger?

    Does anyone know anything about the new Timney Calvin Elite Remington 700 triggers? There is almost no info about it online. Not even one review. The info on their website is the only thing available about it on the internet and it's been copied and pasted a few times. I wonder what kind of...
  20. HumbleEinstein

    Need Advice on Bolt Action + Scope Short Cut - Is it worth it?

    I'm a little torn. I have a number of handguns and ARs, but I'm now in the process of saving up for my first precision bolt action. My goal is to get a Rem 700 setup in an XLR chassis with a few extras on it. Eventually, I'll get it trued and re-barreled, but that's way down the line. I also...