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    22rf specialist gunsmith in AZ???

    I've seen in posts that working on a rimfire has some pitfalls that quite a few gunsmiths can fall into that don't understand rimfires so I'm looking for someone I don't have to go through hassles with. I might buy an old 40x (if I can get it cheap enough) that either has a headspace issue...
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    Athlon FFP Helos BTR G2 2-12x42 in hand!

    What a COOL little scope!!! Just some photos for tonight which unfortunately include my DIRTY fingerprints (photos of the rifle) 🤷‍♂️, lol, sorry about that. Obviously not a pro photographer, right! But at least you have some scale to see and how the scope looks on my Vulcan 2 30 caliber PCP...
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    SURELY - my new PCP air rifle

    My new Thomas HPX 22 caliber rifle showed up recently after a 4.5 month wait. It has a custom match grade 26" barrel of proprietary rifling dimensions spec'd out by the builder of the rifle - Mike Niksch of Thomas Air. It gets approximately 70 shots per fill from 4000 psi to 2300 psi where it...
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    New Athlon Optics product announcements

    The easy way to find out about them is go to facebook and click on the links. Check out the """entire""" line of Helos Gen2 scopes with new reticles. Of special interest to me is the 2-12x42 compact DMR/hunting scope! It's FFP with a thicker reticle/AHMR2 and a semi circle of death!!! Even has...
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    Firearms High Quality Turnkey rifle/scope combo, 6mmBR cartridge.

    I'm selling my go-to rifle since I don't shoot PRS anymore. It's an original early model ARC Mausingfield action, barrel is a Shilen Select Match in 6mmBR, and the barrel nut is a Bighorn, with Trigger Tech trigger set to 12oz, a 10 rnd AICS magazine with PR 6mmBR kit in it, ina GRS Bolthorn...
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    Optics SOLD FFP S&B PM2 5-25x56 with DT turrets and H59 mil reticle

    I've had it since new when I bought it about 6 years ago. It never needed to be sent back because it's been a perfect scope all these years. It has very few tiny scratches and is in great shape. I've won long range centerfire Field Course matches, 22rf tactical matches, and Field Target air...
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    Rifle Scopes March FX 5-42x56, any regrets?

    Just about ready to order one! BUT, is there anything that you didn't anticipate that you wouldn't like, or basically were turned off by, once you used it for a while? FYI, half my reason for buying it is it has 10Y close focus and I understand that the DOF won't be as deep as most other...
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    Gunsmithing Recommended hydrodip Co in Arizona???

    Anybody you'd go to or have gone to with a trouble free experience? And/or who to avoid. Thanks
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    Anybody know of a good sale on 6.8SPC2

    barrels, like 16 or 18 inch, as well as headspaced bolt to go with. Just need decent quality, not looking for expensive.
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    Accessories McMillan A3 hunting stock for M700/clones

    What you see is what you get - minus the vacuum stuff, vice grips, and the target, lol.. Short action, that had a Stiller action it. DBM inlet had PTG in it. 13.5 LOP. It's like a light tan color in real life, the photo's appear more like a off white but didn't reveal the true color well. Was...
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    Rifle Scopes Brown Athlon Ares ETR UHD 4.5-30x56 review

    I've been wanting to try one of these ever since they came out, I was looking for 30x and another aspect, which concerns illumination which I cover below. The ETR got to my house in 5 days, ordered afternoon of the 19th of Feb and received on the 24th, that's in a timely time frame I'd say. As...
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    NRL22 + sling + shooting coat???

    My question is, in open division is the use of a heavy Olympic style shooting coat, with sling attached/latched just below the shoulder, within the rules? Thanks
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    Rifle Scopes I cheaped out and look what happened

    I was at Big 5 killing some time while getting the oil in my car changed about a month ago. Spied a red dot in a mount on sale for $44 bucks and thought, eh that'll work for my 350 legend upper till I can get something better. Last week I finally mounted it up and guess what?? the windage...
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    New world distance record with a PCP air rifle!

    Watch the whole video, especially at the end when it shows what looks like very small vertical. """Specs state .44 fps ES for 25 shots!!!"""
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    In a AR, in what order of priority do I troubleshoot problems?

    Got a new BCA 350 Legend upper, and guess what, it won't even fire two rounds in a row with factory 145gr Win?! The Armalite lower I have used for 25 years with no problems in 223 and 6mmAR, etc. Standard length buffer, spring, and tube. ETA - "turned out I did have a SSS/Tubb flatwire spring...
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    Let's discuss 350 Legend

    Over at my friends shooting range, and he's thumping steel with his 30 carbine, my other friend is wacking steel hard with 7.62x39, and my pesky 5.7x28 seemed anemic. It got me thinking I'd like me some kind of thumper. Hmm what to get??? I know what you're thinking, why not just shoot my 223...
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    Optics SOLD /S&B 3-20x50/H59/ SOLD

    At Euro Optic this same scope brand new is $3900 and change... H59 has an upcharge. No tight eyebox like on the Ultra Shorts and for whatever reason the glass in this scope has always been better than my other S&B's??!!!! Mine has hardly been used over the last 3 years and is in near new...
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    Range Report Crazy small vertical with my 6mmBR!

    Hey guys I just had to share this crazy small vertical I shot this morning at ""1000Y"" with my 6mmBR - as witnessed by two of my shooting buddy's, Steve and Mark. I know it's almost unbelievable but that is a mag full consisting of 10 shots. The big group has 4 or 5 shots in it, I'll get back...
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    Accessories ARC Nucleus/ new Manners PRS 1 stock

    The build I had planned never happened so this can be yours!! Exactly fits ARC Nucleus short action including ejection port cutout but will fit any M700 or clone. Build specs; STOCK # 43217 - MCS-PRS-1T Right Handed Shell - Elite Hunter Action - Arc Nucleus Sa Trigger Guard - Ptg Dbm Stealth...
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    Athlon Midas TAC 4-16x44

    LNIB, APRS2 mil reticle, with the box and everything that came in it, includes a sunshade which is a $30 upgrade you get for free :D $500 shipped.