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  1. midwestoffroad

    Optics Sold

    Bought it here scope in March. . Wasn't able to get the rings til Late April. Was on the Rifle for 60 fireforming rounds and I had to send the stock in for sone work. So virtually New scope 1950$ shipped insured
  2. midwestoffroad

    Reloading Equipment Sold DILLON 550b SOLD

    I'm guessing this is close to the BL550 which doesn't include a powder throw. Bought it off a coworker whoses dad passed. And he knew I reload but I really don't need it and run Hornady presses I bought about 100 bucks worth of new parts (primer pan, primer rod, primer tubes) that...
  3. midwestoffroad

    Optics Sold

    Used this on my CZ455 it is mounted in 1" tall Nightforce ultra light rings has throw lever and bubble level. I also have a set of kelblys 1.125 height rings I can swap out . 1000 bucks shipped and insured offers
  4. midwestoffroad

    Firearms Curtis Vector * SOLD*

    Curtis Vector with 24" M24 7T 1000$ with used LRI Dasher Barrel (2000+rounds &cerakoted black ) There is some wear on the nitride on the action port opening
  5. midwestoffroad

    Firearms Sold "Curtis Axiom" Sold

    I have a Curtis Axioms with DLC bolt (some pitting present)and have A Valor coming so would like to downsize SERIAL AXS0003xx currently has a 6GT from MPA 1240 rounds. bolt was freshened up from Curtis 750 for the Action shipped ill include the barrel for 250 no trigger or brake included
  6. midwestoffroad

    Accessories Sold ****McMillan MC3 Tactical Deluxe s700 stock

    NIB. Tactical with DBM and Mag says fits sendaro profile and unfortunately I have all MTU barrels and not sure i want to take the time to clearance it . 350 shipped
  7. midwestoffroad

    Accessories **sold**Curtis Axiom 6XC barrel benchmark 25.5" M24

    I picked this up off the Hide from another member back in Jan . Plans changed so I never used it. $300 shipped offers Benchmark M24 25.5" 1:8T in length 6XCII chamber. 8T Chambered by Aaron Roberts at RP Rifles in TX 370 rounds down the tube . Using alpha brass 38.9g RL16 .020 105...
  8. midwestoffroad

    Rimfire Delete

  9. midwestoffroad

    Rimfire **SPF*** CZ455 Rifle 20.5 TB in McCrees chassis w ammo

    Selling my CZ455 with 20.5 bull barrel varmint rifle with 1/2-28 threaded barrel. I bought it last year from my local Cabelas with the synthetic stock. Placed it in a McCREES folder G10 stock with a modified MPA enhanced grip and MPA 30 MOA scope rail and just recently put the Timney...
  10. midwestoffroad

    Reloading Equipment ADG 6 creed brass

    50 plus pieces new 40$ shipped
  11. midwestoffroad

    Reloading Equipment Sold

    300 (320)count 100$ shipped
  12. midwestoffroad

    Reloading Equipment Alpha 6.5 Creed SRP brass SOLD

    100$ shipped NIB
  13. midwestoffroad

    Reloading Equipment Hornady .45 185 XTP projectiles

    600 (685) projectiles 150 shipped
  14. midwestoffroad

    Accessories Impact Barrels*** Sold***

    *SOLD* Proof Research 6 CM 1:7.5T .140 FB Competition Contour (heavier than MTU) 5/8-24 muzzle Straight Jacket Armory $450 38 rounds in it (just enough to zero the scope and check a few velocities using my old barrels load) ****SOLD* Only Cash Trades for Curtis or Terminus prefits only at...
  15. midwestoffroad

    Accessories Sold

    Proof Research 26" 6BR Impact from Straight Jacket Armory . 26" M24 1/7 twist with .110 free bore. 6BR. 5/8-24 muzzle. 545 rounds down the tube. I do have 150 twice fired cases and 55 I still have loaded for this barrel with 1 firing . 400 shipped I was told this was a good price...
  16. midwestoffroad

    Rimfire Sold: DIP CZ 455 25 MOA

    Nice DIP 11mm Extended 25 MOA scope rail for the CZ455 25$ shipped... sold