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  1. 5RWill

    Accessories Bunch of stuff

    Might be going off on a limb here Deer, but you don't have any Badger M5 DBM or NF ultra light 30mm rings do you?
  2. 5RWill

    We got any drivers here? How do you keep from falling asleep?

    Different stokes for different folks but i always found it nearly impossible to sleep with a dip in or Red Bull. But calling someone always helped me too if i could talk to someone while driving it’s like it would light a spark and i wouldn’t feel tired. I drove back home a couple of hundred...
  3. 5RWill

    WTB WTB Badger M5 SA DBM

  4. 5RWill

    Best 2-10ish scope

    I’ve thought of going the 2.5-10x42 for my mk12 mod H. But with the advent of the Gen III razor that will be on my 14.5” and the reticle that currently exist. I’m probably gonna put a 4-16x atacr on it just to give it a little more advantage and purpose as a DMR.
  5. 5RWill

    SOLD WTS Leupold mark 4 30mm med rings

    I do
  6. 5RWill

    Best 2-10ish scope

    Hearing decent things about the Trijicon Credo. The NXS 2.5-10x42 would be a great choice as well.
  7. 5RWill

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce NX8 vs ATACR

    I think 300wm is a strange do it all personally but if that is the only option roll with it. It will certainly do it, just much more expensive than alternatives. I'd throw the LHT 4.5-22x50 and the AMG in the mix though. The latter I would would take over every scope mentioned thus far for the...
  8. 5RWill

    Optics WTS LNIB Bushnell XRSII Tremor 3 reticle

    Purchased new and was mounted but never fielded or fired. Has a slight ring mark behind the turret, otherwise like new. Asking 1600TYD OBO I take paypal or Venmo
  9. 5RWill

    .308 Winchester

    From Hodgdon
  10. 5RWill

    WTB WTB Badger M5 SA DBM

    Looking for a decent deal on an M5 for my XM3 build. I couldn’t stomach the M4.
  11. 5RWill

    SOLD WTS Leupold mark 4 30mm med rings

    Asking $85 shipped or partial trade for some 30mm low NF ultra lite.
  12. 5RWill

    Accessories Sold

    Is this still available?
  13. 5RWill

    .308 Winchester I realize that but it is nearly a 1 to 1 for load data compared to varget. I used it as such for the first 1000rds through my 6.5x47. It was more or less interchangeable load data. What I’m saying...
  14. 5RWill

    .308 Winchester

    4166 is almost identical to varget. In fact i think it’s referred to as generic varget. I used it in my 6.5x47 early on
  15. 5RWill

    Why the hatred for savage?

    To the OP. The same reason people don't like ugly woman.
  16. 5RWill

    Can someone smarter than me with vaccines come on in and debunk my random theory

    It's not even the mortality of it that is the issue to me, it goes without saying that it is an issue but my point is this; here in MS we're leading the US in COVID cases per capita at the moment. I'm a dental student here at the med in Jackson. We have two field hospitals in garage A & B and no...
  17. 5RWill

    Precision em!!

    Updated the ole mans rig with an NXS, I think it’s much more suitable than the v6 honestly.