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  1. BGE541

    Accessories WTB 5/8x24 AAC 90T Mk13

    Like the title says... whatcha got? New or used doesn’t matter. Thanks, Reed
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    Accessories WTB AI 338 mags

    Looking for a few... new or used in good working condition. TIA.
  3. BGE541

    Accessories WTB Berger 30430's-30 Cal, 230gr Match Hybrid Target

    Looking for 50-1k of the above bullets. PP ready, or trade for other reloading supplies. TIA.
  4. BGE541

    Accessories WTB 22 Creedmoor reamer

    I’d like a new or good usable 22 CM reamer and possibly dies if ya got em. PP or can trade for other reloading goods. Thanks
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 22-250 brass/6/6.5CM brass

    Willing to trade 5.56 brass once fired LC not cleaned, sized etc for 220 Swift or 22-250 brass. Lemme know what you got, can ship but would like to meet up FTF due to shipping weight/cost. Thanks.
  6. BGE541

    Accessories WTB TBAC 30CB brake in 5/8x24

    Lemme know what you got hanging around. Thanks.
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    In need of your "Vintage Rifle" knowledge

    All, Thanks for the help. I need a feeler of value for a 91/30 Mosin that came as the "Sniper" version with original mount/optic/sling and even the paperwork in engrish/russian that certifies the optic for the rifle. What is this worth? It looks as if this has never been fired or very...
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    In need of support for my Nephew Westley, Please read and Pray for him.

    All, First off let me say "Thank You" for taking the time to read this. I am not sure this is where this belongs and if it needs to be moved that is fine but I (our family) is in need of help. I have never asked for support like this so I am not sure I am going about it the right way but I am...
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    Gunsmithing Looking for Smith with 223AI reamer

    Looking to make a switch barrel out of a 6.5x47 on a trued Remington I already have. Just looking to see what an approximate price would be for Chambering, Threading and Barrel Treading for Can would be appreciated. Thanks
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    JP Ent Chassis in Kryptek Mandrake

    As mentioned...
  11. BGE541

    STS 338 Lapua in ATACs

    As described. 25" w/SAS break, 2.0 chassis. Amazing shooter with 300gr Bergers.
  12. BGE541

    STS 308 with Kryptek Viper Skins

    As stated. Posted elsewhere but I cant find it so here it is again... 1.5 AICS with Victor Viper Skins in Krytek Hyland. P.S. The workbench is a LITTLE better this time lol
  13. BGE541

    Photos STS 308 with Kryptek Hylander Viper Skins

    Just thought Id post a picture up for those interested!
  14. BGE541

    6.5x47 in JP AMCS

    Dont see too many of these here so thought Id put this up as a referance for those looking for alt. chassis. Here is a photo of at Rock Creek 6.5x47 Barreled Action I Duracoated Flat Tan then stuck in a JP Ent AMCS. 24.5" Barrel for referance. Im not much of an "AR" platform guy but it felt...
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    Question on QuickLoad 3.6

    HAve a question on Quickload 3.6. For the 30 Cal bullets it doesnt offer the 230 berger hybrid. If I measure and imput the Data from the 230 hybrib into the 210 VLD's profile will it get me close enough to accurately find usable pressure windows? Thanks
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    Gunsmithing Need some 'Smith advice

    So I got a good deal on a Shilen Match barrel, like from MidWay in 6.5x47 for my old Remmy Action. Says it needs the finishing cut done. Take it I need the "Finishing Reamer" from PT&G? Having a buddy cut on it for me, just want to be sure I get the right stuff. Thanks.