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  1. skyrep

    CZ 457

    Before installing it, I had tested the trigger weight when I first got it. From the Factory the pull weight was 2 lbs 3 oz. It felt a little heavy but not too bad. Installing the spring took less than ten minutes (pull weight now 1 lbs. 3oz just by installing it). It feels 100% better, smoother...
  2. skyrep

    Norma 22 match -- any good?

    I was surprised how well it shot out of my CZ 457 MTR. Velocity was higher at Avg. 1134 with ES/SD: 22/7.0. At 50 yards was just over .50 and at 100 yards at .906.
  3. skyrep

    CZ 457

    I should have mine in by this weekend. Will let you know how it compares to the OEM with Yodave spring change. Right now it's at 1lb 3oz. smooth with no creep.
  4. skyrep

    CZ 457

    Just ordered mine. and already received EMAIL indicating that it shipped.
  5. skyrep

    Some 22 LR Trajectory Charts

    I questioned my data so i did a second test with a LabRadar. the difference was less than 5fps difference. The only conclusion I could come to is that the Action was a Match grade action and barrel.
  6. skyrep

    Some 22 LR Trajectory Charts

    10 rounds each
  7. skyrep

    Reloading Equipment WTB 308 dies and SRP brass

    I have the Whidden Gunworks Full Length Sizer die and the Micrometer Seater die. for Brass, the only SRP Brass i have are the Starline Brass (165 are 1x fired and 35 pcs new: 200 total pcs). let me know if your interested.
  8. skyrep

    Ruger precision rimfire

    Here is my setup with the Arken scope on the CZ457 MTR
  9. skyrep

    Cz457 10 Round Magazine 22lr / When???

    thanks for the tip - picked up three of them and they are due in by Friday.
  10. skyrep

    Ruger precision rimfire

    Seab69, I am shooting NRL 22LR with a CZ 457 MTR with the Vortex Venom. However, I switched over to the Arken SH4 6-24X50 GEN2 FFP MIL VPR Illuminated Reticle. The only reason I went with it was due to the available extra dial up with the Arken (30 mils vice 18.2 mils with the Venom. 2nd reason...
  11. skyrep

    Cz 457 Trigger job

    Installed the YoDave’s trigger Spring. Before installing it, I had tested the trigger weight when I first got it. From the Factory the pull weight was 2 lbs. 3 oz. It felt a little heavy but not to bad without hardly any creep. Installing the spring took less than ten minutes (pull weight now...
  12. skyrep

    Harrell Tuner on a Vudoo MTU tapered barrel

    try this for the Harrell's weight:
  13. skyrep

    CZ 457

    I acquired my CZ 457 Varmint MTR almost a month ago (7/8/2021) and have fired over 1600 rounds through it. Only one cleaning after firing a few CCI Mini Mag ammo (round count 50). This morning I got up a decided to clean the CZ (1606 round count) and install the YoDave’s trigger Spring. Before...
  14. skyrep

    Some 22 LR Trajectory Charts

    Shot with CZ457 Varmint MTR - 20.5" Barrel and Magneto Speed V3 Chrono. Brand Type Ammo Velocity Avg Velocity High Low ES/SD NOTES SK 40gr LRN - Long Range Match 1106 fps 1134 1150 119 31/9.6 CCI - Target 40gr LRN - Standard Velocity 1070 fps 1114 1123 1100 23/6.4 Federial...
  15. skyrep

    SOLD ARC M10 34mm Rings High & Low, MDT 308-6.5 Mags, Flatline Ops Halo-X 34mm Bubble

    I'll take the Flatline Ops Halo-X 34mm Bubble Level $80.00 pm sent
  16. skyrep

    Where to get ammo now post

    KEEP CALLING - 1 hour and 15 minutes later was able to get my order in.
  17. skyrep

    Practicing for Appleseed.....humbled

    It reminded me when I went through my two-week training on Marksmanship training in boot camp at Parris Island. Three Position: Off Hand, kneeling or sitting and Prone. All positions are timed both for slow and rapid fire. And it's all done without bipod and bags. Sling is required. Scopes are...
  18. skyrep

    Practicing for Appleseed.....humbled

    I went to my first Appleseed a few years back - It was one of the best experience i've had since i left boot camp (Paris Island) in 68. After the first day of shooting (6-8 hours worth), i got home and told my wife that i will never qualify as a Riflemen. It kicked my butt. However, on the...
  19. skyrep

    Labradar settings for 22LR

    Shooting my 22LR rifle using the Lab Radar, I do the following and never miss a shot. 1. Set the Lab Radar 3-5 inches in front of the Muzzle and no further than 6" to the side. 2. Don't Aim the Lab Radar Parallel to the rifle. Aim the Lab Radar in an angel that will intersect the Rifle Muzzle...
  20. skyrep

    Rifle Scopes Athlon Cronus BTR is being sent back

    Iron Worker, I had a problem with one of my Athlon scopes (ARGOS BTR) which I have had for 4 years. Submitted the paperwork and had a reply within 24 hours. They instructed me to send them the scope for evaluation. once they received the scope, I received another email indicating that they...