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  1. netranger6

    Uhh.. account changes?

    So, last few weeks, every few days or so, when I come to the hide Cloud Fare says it is checking my browser for Ddos.. And it just sits there. Today I got in and now I can not post in the Post Exchange. After 13 years, it is telling me I need to have a commercial account and/or complete...
  2. netranger6

    Optics **SOLD** ZCO 5X27 MPCT2

    This is a pristine scope. Has been a safe queen other than 3 trips to a range. Zero blems. Price includes Spur mount. Which too is zero blems. Sunshade, caps, and bikini are included. Have boxes for both. ZCO is a bad ass company with even better product and support. 3850 shipped lower 48...
  3. netranger6

    Firearms *spf*: FNH Tactical .45

    Pistol is flawless. Shot 20 rounds. Been in safe for a year. Case. All accessories. 2x 15 rd mags.talon grips. Never shot suppressed as I hoped. Need to free up space for a new pewpew. TRIJICON not included. 1100 obo, to your ffl, CONUS only.
  4. netranger6

    Firearms fs/ft: DT A1 FDE w/ SAC BARTLEIN

    Have had this few years. Barely driven. Started with Lothar Walter stock barrel. Maybe 100 rounds on it. Had Mark at SAC spin up a .308 bartlein threaded and capped. and sold the stocker. All of it is FDE except bolts and mags. 100 rounds on the .308. Chassis is mint. No dings. Have extra...
  5. netranger6

    Accessories **sold**Axil Noise Cancel

    Used like once. Has blue tooth and noise canceling. 85 bucks.
  6. netranger6

    Accessories sold: Apple Air Pods

    Switching my son to all Galaxy products. This is the final move. They are used but in terrific shape. 60 bucks.
  7. netranger6

    Accessories Iwatch 3

    Space Grey. It's my sons and he's a spoiled shit. Barely wore it. Will reset of course. Help me purge his life. 115 bucks.
  8. netranger6

    Accessories **trade pend**Maratac Auto Divers Watch

    2021 - Titanium ( X1 ) SR-35 Diver Automatic Watch + Titanium Mil Band by Maratac Bnib. Super limited runs. 425 shipped no PP. CONUS
  9. netranger6

    Accessories **SOLD**Microtech Scabbard 2 ..updated Price..

    Brand new. Deployed dozen times and oiled. Never carried. Born 1/21. 560 500 obo, shipped CONUS. Payment is anything but PP.
  10. netranger6

    Accessories Oakley B-1B grips and SE

    Brand new take offs from a SE fat quad. Oakley B1B grips and SE donuts. Pretty sure nobody here has an old school PK build. But. In case you do. Here's a missing piece. $250 shipped. Also have a RAD plate for honkin bars.
  11. netranger6

    Knives *** Sold ***Microtech troodon apocolyptic

    Brand new. Fired a few times and oiled. Never cut anything. Ultra sharp and locks up hard. 370 shipped.
  12. netranger6

    Accessories *Sold* Sunto Core Essential Slate

    FS /FT 2nd owner. First purchased and never wore it. I got it in trade and. Never wear it. Immaculate. This is complete with the roll bag, pencil l, note pad, and cloth. Made in Finland. NOT China. Sapphire crystal face. I have worn it. Like twice. 400 obo...
  13. netranger6

    Accessories *SOLD* 80inlb trq wrench

    As is. Works fine but circle clip is coming off and it pisses me off. 75 bucks. 50 bucks No pp. Venmo and cash app is fine.
  14. netranger6

    Accessories **SOLD**Borka kit

    What you see is what you get. 75 bucks. NO pp. 50 Bucks Venmo or cash app is fine.
  15. netranger6

    Knives **Sold** Bench Made Infidel

    Cut nothing. Brand new. Oiled a little and shot a few times. Know your own laws. 355 shipped CONUS only. 340 NO pp.
  16. netranger6

    Accessories **SOLD** Atlas V8 FDE

    **** SOLD **** very lightly used. No blemishes. Atlas V8 cerakoted in Fde at bison tactical. Comes with spikes and rubber. 300. No PP because, we'll I can't. Lol. First I'll take it here and a PM. Had spikes for sale. Closed it due to this as a package.
  17. netranger6

    Feedback joelpresmyk

    Joel is a super great guy. Easy to deal with. Enjoy bro!!
  18. netranger6

    Feedback Drew890 gtg

    Deal with confidence. Drew890 is gtg
  19. netranger6

    Colonoscopy prep..

    Having 1 done, preventive as I've hit that age. Tomorrow. Is it me or does this shit they give you taste good. Albeit like liquid polyethylene, but good. So far. 2 fire hose turds. Each one a lighter shade of green. Normal?? I'm fucking starving.
  20. netranger6

    Feedback srtsam is gtg

    Trade a bark river blade for his Suunto Essential. Flawless transaction and a true hide stud. Thanks bro.