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  1. Mr.Kirk

    Accessories Iwata LPH-80 0.8 tip size

    Used paint gun for cerakote. Comes w 150 ml cup and swivel tip as shown. $175 shipped
  2. Mr.Kirk

    Firearms WTB Beretta 1301 Comp Pro

    Looking for a 1301 Comp Pro w/21 or 24” bbl. Talking about the new one w/ blue receiver.
  3. Mr.Kirk

    Accessories Leather 1911 stuff

    Leather, worn twice, custom by some dude called little bear. 3” 1911 with mag carrier. $75 shipped Ernie Hill mag carrier. Old competition stuff from the 80s. $55 shipped
  4. Mr.Kirk

    Accessories Like new holsters. Shield and 1911

    Both like new. Prices are shipped. I can do gaypal f&f or Postal money order. Flexible about checks, cash or handjobs if you’ve been here as long as me. Incog g-code, suede exterior for 9mm gen 1 s&w shield. Sold Mystery (I have no recollection of this holster)IWB For govt (5”) 1911. Carbon...
  5. Mr.Kirk

    Firearms Model seven blackout

    AAC Rem model 7 in 300 BO. MDT LSS gen 1 chassis w/ ARFXE stock, MDT adjustable cheekpiece, Timney 521 trigger, 16” barrel. 6x strikeagle can stay or go. Probably 120 rounds on it. Hunted maybe a dozen times w/ a few small rubs and just sits as I’ve been hunting w a different rifle. $1350 as it...
  6. Mr.Kirk

    Accessories MPA rat rail

    Used once. mpa rat rail. $70 shipped
  7. Mr.Kirk

    Accessories Ulfhednar ammo case from Norway

    I thought that I was going to use this, but I have a way I like to transport shit and am not changing. Very well made. $60.00 Shipped More pictures here:
  8. Mr.Kirk

    Sidearms & Scatterguns 380 for wife to carry.

    Wife says her m&p shield is too big to carry. I’m shopping for a 380 and looking at picking up a Kahr cw380 next week. Any experienced based advice about a better option or warnings about Kahr? Thanks
  9. Mr.Kirk

    North Face Tsumoru boots

    Laced up walked around house took off and kids ate the box. Size 10. $65 shipped
  10. Mr.Kirk

    WTB H4895 8Lbs

    I need an 8# jug of hodgdon H4895. Near Galveston or in the mail.
  11. Mr.Kirk

    Hornady .224 75 A-max

    I have 700 sealed 75 grn A-max pills that my new bbl doesn’t like. $150 shipped
  12. Mr.Kirk

    Supply and demand

    Had to listen to my wife go on and on about this. I’m a racist for saying it’s hard to believe, but am I the racist that America craves? Must we manufacture counterfeit racism to satisfy the intense demand...
  13. Mr.Kirk

    WTB mpa ultra bag rider

    Looking for an mpa ultra bag rider for pachmyer butt pad. Don’t care if you played artist with it, gonna do same.
  14. Mr.Kirk

    Buy stock in dog medicine

  15. Mr.Kirk

    Graff’s has new lake city back in stock

    Graff’s has new unprimed LC brass in stock again. Have had very good results w/ the 5.56 brass at $125 pr 1k pcs. I don’t work for or with them.
  16. Mr.Kirk

    Mewillis is GTG

    I said he’s good to go
  17. Mr.Kirk

    Police black Boyt quilted rifle case

    Lightly used 48”x12” Boyt rifle case. Has two little pistol pockets, hanging hook, some velcro shit, heavy duty zippers, handles on one end and normal carry location. You can’t get these from Boyt, but I can get up to 20 of them. Have two now. $120 shipped each.
  18. Mr.Kirk

    WTB RRS Sc-LR clamp

    Looking to pick up an RRS SC-LR clamp used
  19. Mr.Kirk

    Sh*t that you need!

    TIS quick cuff sling. Green hardly used as I am too incredibly strong to require a sling. Has swivels. $Sold TOPS outfitters axe. Has drywall and hair in crevices. Used,some scratches, minimal bio. $80 shipped I’m getting laid almost daily just having this shit out in the shop.
  20. Mr.Kirk

    WTB Nightforce ultralight 30mm 1.125” high rings

    I need a set of nightforce 30mm, high/1.125” ultralight rings. Not lapped. The ones w/ your shitty spraypaint job are fine.