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  1. Sam19kilo

    Optics WTT- Burris XTR2 3-15 mil for Arken

    I have a used XTRII 3-15 in the mil SCR reticle I would like to trade for an Arken 6-24 in mils Wanting to check their glass out! only pictures I have at the moment are below
  2. Sam19kilo

    SOLD WTS .224 80gr SMKs 600ct-$180

    I have a sealed lot of 500 and another box with 100+ left (600 total) Looking to sell or trade evenly for 88gr ELDs or 75grainers ELDs $180 shipped to you
  3. Sam19kilo

    SOLD WTS atlas bipod

    It’s used but not abused atlas CAL bipod pic rail adapter. $210 shipped
  4. Sam19kilo

    SOLD Wts APA fat bastard gen 3

    Brand new Gen 3 fat bastard in stainless, 3/4-24 threads and 6.5 bore only selling because I don’t use 3/4. Would trade for 5/8-24! Otherwise $200 shipped to you. Trades: Grayops plates Arca front bag
  5. Sam19kilo

    Reloading Equipment WTS- Hornady reloading classic kit brand new

    Looking to sell this brand new Hornady Lock and load Classic reloading kit. Asking $370 shipped to you Still sealed in the package, details as follows: Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Kit – Ammunition Reloading Press Kit, Includes Classic Press, Powder Measure, Digital Scale and More –...
  6. Sam19kilo

    Accessories WTS- dies, tuner, rings

    Whidden Full length click bushing die for 6GT- SOLDshipped RCBS match master 6GT seater-SOLD ***buy both together for SOLD TYD ** Forster 6 creed full length sizing and 6 creed Hornady bullet seater- SOLD EC tuner 5/8-24- SOLD SWFA30mm medium height rings-$25 TYD Berger 6 creed factory ammo...
  7. Sam19kilo

    Accessories WTS- Magnetospeed Sporter

    Have a used magneto sporter to sell. It’s been used over the last 2 years but in great shape and functions great. $100shipped. Comes as pictured and in thin plastic case
  8. Sam19kilo

    Reloading Equipment WTS- 6creed/6GT brass

    I have 262 pieces of 1x 6GT Hornady brass I’d like to sell $180 shipped to you Also, 660+ pieces of Lapua, once fired 6creed brass (factory Berger ammo). There is roughly 150-200 more pieces I just haven’t counted the rest yet. Buy the whole lot, $.70 a piece shipped to your door 🤘🏼 I have a few...
  9. Sam19kilo

    SOLD WTB: used tripod please

    Leofoto, innorel, two vets, etc I’m looking for something I can shoot off of and use for PRS while still glass and have at least be 58” tall A smoking deal on a innorel popped up on here and hoping I can find the same Kind of deal. Let me know what you are will to part with
  10. Sam19kilo

    Reloading Equipment WTS Lyman powder Dispenser

    Wanting to sell my Lyman powder dispenser. Got it off another member and used it for a while until I got another RCBS scale tracks and is on point as my RCBS as pictures will show It will be packaged really nice when I ship it. Here is some pics showing consistency to my RCBS $140 shipped to...
  11. Sam19kilo

    Reloading Equipment WTT 200 168gr SMKs

    I have two sealed boxes of 100ct 168gr SMKs same lot # I’m looking for .224 heavies 77-90gr or 6mm heavies 105-115gr Help me please. I love you long time.
  12. Sam19kilo

    WTB magneto hit indicators

    I am taking over as match director for a local match in my area and need some help getting some Hit indicators. Let me know what you got or point me in a direction thank you
  13. Sam19kilo

    Reloading Equipment WTT 400 69gr SMKs

    I have 400 in 100ct containers all same Lot, and another open box with 85-90 ish (about 490total) I would like to trade for the following: 88gr ELDs 90gr SMKs 80gr ELDs 77gr RDF 77gr SMKs 80gr VLD Or 70gr VLD Let me know please
  14. Sam19kilo

    SOLD WTS Timney CE for 700 platforms

    Selling my used single stage Timney CE flat shoe. It has probably 600-800rds on it. Has always functioned great. It’s set at 14oz. Asking $165 shipped to your door I can get it in the mail as early as tomorrow.
  15. Sam19kilo

    Reloading Equipment WTT 6mm 110gr SMKs

    I have 180 boolits left out of a 500ct box and would see if anyone wants to trade. They worked awesome in my 6creed but don’t like my dasher. Here is Bullets I’d like to swap for: 105RDF Berger 105/109s 108elds 105 Hornady BTHP 10SMK 224cal 77RDFs 80elds 77smks
  16. Sam19kilo

    Range Report Peterson 6 dasher brass/dasher venting

    I was curious if anyone has had a chance to run the new dasher brass from Peterson and give some feedback. Also let’s hear some of everyone’s favorite dasher loads! Here is my current dasher load from a 26” proof prefit for a TL3 (origin with a machined lug) Alpha brass Fed 205m Shooters world...
  17. Sam19kilo

    Reloading Equipment Sold

    Only reason I’m selling is because I had knee reconstruction surgery and I’m going to be out of work 4 weeks later than projected. This isn’t going good for my family financially. I’m located in Cheyenne, WY and can only meet close to here since I can’t move very well. for the 1500 SRP sold 1k...
  18. Sam19kilo

    Firearms WTS Curtis axiom 223 trainer $1400 shipped

    20 MOA rail 2 bolts MPA brake Less than 1200 rounds MTU barrel profile I have load data of some 88elds that hammer @ 2740fps for the buyer. $1400 to your FFL from my FFL holla at your boy 👏 skeet skeet skeet
  19. Sam19kilo

    Accessories WTB- HLR recoil lug for bighorn Origin

    They must be slammed over there at HLR so I thought I’d try on here Let me know if you can help me out
  20. Sam19kilo

    6BR mag/mag kits

    What is the best mag or mag kits to run with 6 dasher? Thank you