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  1. Austan

    Oofda! MN extreme mask non compliance

    Damn dude, chill.
  2. Austan

    Knight scope robot cops

    Is anyone else seeing these commercials? The first time I saw it was a few days after the election in November. Then nothing until a couple weeks ago and now I see it a few times a night streaming on Hulu. I don't recall if all the times I've seen their commercial were on Hulu or not. What...
  3. Austan

    SOLD Tailhook MOD 2

    Up for sale is a Gear Head Works Tailhook MOD 2. It's in great shape and a very robust pistol brace. I used it once to try it out and didn't care for the way it fit me. $155 shipped Open to trades, just let me know Link to manufacturer;
  4. Austan

    SOLD Sold-6.5x47 Lapua Brass and Dies

    Selling 200 pieces of 6.5x47 Lapua brass and a set of Redding match bushing dies. Brass was weight sorted from 500 pieces to 200 that I used in my match rifle. It was very minimally sized and should have plenty of life left (6 or 7 firings). I have since sold the rifle and the buyer did not...
  5. Austan

    WTB 190 ftx bullets 30 cal.

    I'm looking for a box, or even partial box of hornady 30 cal 190 ftx bullets. I would be happy to trade other 30 cal heavies if interested.
  6. Austan

    SOLD 224 bullets assorted

    Shipping to be added on so the more you buy, the better. I plan to ship them USPS priority. All opened boxes counted by weight so consider the number listed to be approximate. Priority will be given to those wanting batches as opposed to single boxes. SOLD! $248 (991) Hornady 53 Vmax $125 (500)...
  7. Austan

    Accessories AR15 Battle Arms handguard 9.5" Rigid

    For sale: Battle Arms Development Rigid handguard, measures 9.5 inches. It's a good rail, but I switched to a larger ID for suppressor clearance. $200 shipped Open to trades How it looks mounted with a 7.5" barrel and MI blast can Link to manufacturer...
  8. Austan

    Copy Cat HD SBR 5.56 load

    Does anyone have a copy cat load for the (Hornady BLACK 5.56x45mm NATO 75 Grain Interlock HD SBR) ammo? Manufacturer #: 81296 This ammo claims a reduced sound report and lowered visual signature. I expect it's a specific powder being used with the speed at 2300 fps. Does anyone know what powder...
  9. Austan

    SOLD Ruger Scout Mags

    I will be shipping these in a small flat rate box without their packaging. That plastic isn't worth 7 bucks unless you want to add the extra to get the plastic too. SOLD- $70 2x Ruger 5 round scout mags for 308, both appear to be new but one is missing it's cover. (no longer including...
  10. Austan

    SOLD Traded

    I have a new in box unaltered (PF940CL) P80 frame compact long slide, has a 19 grip and uses a 17 slide. I'd like to trade for a compact frame PF940C, 19 grip and slide. Straight trade, NIB for NIB. Let me know. Other possible trades would be for AR upper parts of similar value, upper, BCG...
  11. Austan

    SOLD Both sold- Brux barrel blank SS 6.5mm

    I have two new barrel blanks for sale. 1. 243 (6mm) 27" rem varmint contour 8 twist stainless steel $325 shipped Sold. 2. 264 (6.5mm) 27" rem varmint contour 8 twist stainless steel $325 shipped Sold Priority given to PM's by time stamp.
  12. Austan

    Rock Tumbler For Brass

    So my wife wants a rock tumbler. I currently use a Lyman 1200 for brass but thought about getting a rotary to do double duty for brass and rocks. The rocks would be mostly small but can be a big as a chew tin sometimes. Is that a possibility with any of the better rotaries or should i just get...
  13. Austan

    What's a good LPK

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good lower parts kit and wondering if one brand is better than the other. I'm not talking about the triggers, just the little parts, springs, detents, ect. It appears to me that there really isn't any gains to be made in those areas unless a guy wants something ambi...
  14. Austan

    Gun show at elementary school bad?

    A friend sent me this link since I live here in Spooner. Always nice to make the national news. The comments are mind boggling.;comm_ref=false
  15. Austan

    Rifle Scopes Burris XTR option?

    Has Burris ever produced a 6-24 XTR with a regular mildot (not ballistic mildot)? They offer them in the 3-12 and 4-16 but not the 6-24. I found one with a fine plex (assuming discontinued) that is not listed on their site and it got me thinking they might have, at one time offer a regular...
  16. Austan

    Lesson learned, maybe...

    So here is an interesting little story. A few months ago a fella on my route asks me one day if I'd try to clean up a black powder rifle for him. The rifle had belonged to his brother and after his brothers death, it now belonged to him. He doesn't hunt or shoot but he held onto for a few years...
  17. Austan

    22-250 with 75 AMAX

    I'm putting together a 22-250 as a coyote rifle. It will have a 26" 9 twist barrel to shoot the 75 amax. I'm wondering if there is a consensus on what powder to use. I have plenty to choose from so if there is an obvious one I'd like to know what I should be considering. I've only ever run 250s...
  18. Austan

    Look for bullet measurements

    Fellas, I'm hoping one of you can get a measurement for me. I'm looking to find the base to ogive for a Sierra varmint hollow point 60 grain bullet. The pictures on the net make it look long like the 69smk but I'm thinking/hoping it will have better luck from a 12 twist 223 varmint rifle. I'm...
  19. Austan

    AR not cycling properly

    Hey guys, I was shooting an AR yesterday that I finished putting together and it wasn't cycling properly. I would cycle the first round in, shoot, and then click. The bolt was coming back enough to eject the empty but no picking up the new round. So I cycled it manually, fired another shot then...