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    5700 Elite AB with Link - Wind speed?

    Does the 5700 Elite actually tell you what the wind speed is? For the life of me, at the range the other day someone asked me what the wind speed was, and I was like "Of course I know what it's gusting to, I have a Kestrel here, hold on" Couldn't find it. Anywhere on the damn thing. I know...

    Gunsmithing LMT MWS .308 Excessive carbon in barrel/LC-LR pulled brass neck sealant?

    This weekend I went and shot my MWS that I haven't fired in over 6 months, testing a new smaller aperture gas tube, and trying to get my Gemtech/JP HP bolt/Firing pin to actually cycle more than a few shots. I used ammo I loaded last year with LC-LR (new/pulled brass) and Hornady 168 HPBT...

    Gunsmithing Proof CF prefit barrel on Tikka T3x - Bolt Closes on no-go gauge but not on Field gauge

    So I decided to install a Proof Carbon barrel on my T3x. Prior to install, I cerakoted both the action and the steel parts of the barrel. I did not tape off the action face nor the mating face of the extension, although I DID tape off the barrel threads. When I installed, I only had a...

    Reloading Equipment WTB - Barrett MRAD Bag Rider

    Looking for a Barrett MRAD rear bag rider for the pic mount. Barrett's site has been out of stock for a while. Need one soon. Thanks

    Optics SOLD - WTS - Steiner DBAL-I2 Green Visible/IR - Tan

    LNIB Steiner DBAL-I2 Green Visible Laser/IR Laser. It's been mounted and has sat in safe with one single range outing on that rifle. I never got into Night Vision, so this will never get used as meant to be used. This is the GREEN Visible laser version. This comes nowhere close to a MAWL...

    Reloading Equipment ***SOLD*** WTS: Giraud Annealer Dual-Flame unit and/or with Annie Induction conversion

    Gauging interest: I have a Giraud Annealing machine, that I converted to induction with an Annie Induction annealer and several work coils. I have all the wheels to handle every caliber or most calibers: .223 .308/6.5CM .338 Lapua .50 BMG Currently set up as an induction annealer and works...

    Prime Ammo Moving Sale-Anyone take advantage?

    Awesome deals on certain calibers. I got 3 cases of the 338LM. A steal at $489/case usually $1k. Basically loaded match ammo at a price equal or lower than empty brass. I got 1 case of the 308 175 OTM at $165 before the price went up to $289. Wish I had the money to buy 5 or more cases at...