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    Hunting & Fishing Alaska Article Comment thread with more images.

    That Browning BLR is a blast from the past. I don't think I've seen one in over 20 years.
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    You don't look very sorry about it William.
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    Covid and Misinformation

    Do you by chance know how long after a shot before they are considered "vaccinated" and how long after a shot before they are considered unvaccinated again? I've heard various things such as it takes 14 days to be considered vaccinated but do not know if that was VAERS or a specific country. You...
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    STL McCloskeys served with search warrant

    They're not done trying to make an example out the McCloskey's. From the article; Last week, Alan Pratzel, the state Supreme Court's chief disciplinary officer, filed a motion to have the law licenses for both Mark and Patricia McCloskey suspended, saying both crimes proved the couple showed...
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    Are you TOO prepared?

    I've never felt too prepared. If I have a month of provisions, I feel like I should have 2. If I have 2 moths worth, I feel like I should have 6. That said, anyone here try Yoders bulk canned meat chunks, either beef chucks or chicken or the taco meat? Any good? I was thinking about grabbing a...
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    The house next to me just sold to a couple from Austin texas

    I thought Washington cancelled the need for invites, due to illiteracy...
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    Look out Fauchi and friends.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns What Flashlight?

    You'll get no argument from me. I will not buy another cr123 only light ever. Everything I buy is now 18650's, though part of that is because I salvage them from medical packs that have expired (or other like new items) and build solar battery packs so I have several hundred on hand at any given...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns What Flashlight?

    If the OP is still looking, surefire makes a nice inexpensive G2x dual output that might fit the bill. They use 123's. The low is really low, like 15 lumens with a high at 600 I think. If you want more light output options and the option of using 18650's or 123's, the Fenix pd35 has a lot of...
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    Cool, so is the FBI going to burn down the white house to kill the pedophiles inside?
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    Night Vision Nox run time with 18650s

    I've bought a couple flashlights that came with batteries rated from 3500 to 7500. They all tested below 1500 mah. Ultrafire were the worst. Get Panasonics or equivalent and make sure the C rating is high enough to meet your output needs.
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    I miss the days when a post in the MPT without a pic got a 24 hour ban first offense. Pics or GTFO. It's just this easy
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    22” 7WSM tikka 7wsm 168sierra hpbt is as close as I can get.
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    Best twist

    Fo real? Because 7 is less than 12 so a 7 twist barrel makes a full revolution FASTER in 7 inches than barrel that makes a full revolution in 12 inches... If you were under the impression it had to do with FPS, it does not.
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    Mag dump = turd flushed.

    Also don't see any sight s on it. There is however something that comes flying off as he strikes the officer with it at the 7 min mark in the second vid posted.
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    Mag dump = turd flushed.

    From the second vid, he calls it a small stocked ar15 style rifle. And yeah, he says it a few times. WTF? Pretty clearly a pistol.
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    It's worth another repost for those that haven't seen it.
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    Biden Administration Launches Investigation into Broken McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines

    I do not work for Taylor. They had there ME's and some upper management come to the company I previously worked for to see if we could help them increase their throughput by showing them our operation. I'm not really interested in continuing in this conversation. I only engaged to pass along...
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    Biden Administration Launches Investigation into Broken McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines

    Not funny or strange at all. Clean them as directed and the problems go away.