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  1. Bigrederic

    Soon - Elite Tactical 3

    I noticed it had like no discount with VIP pricing.
  2. Bigrederic

    16-18 inch shorty rifles

    It is fairly light and really compact when folded up. I can't wait to break it in and do some load development for it. Butbit will be a little while as I am working on training with my 6GT for my first PRS match in a few weeks.
  3. Bigrederic

    Precision em!!

    Another beutiful rifle from Alpha Omega It is a shorty 6.5 Creedmoor can't get over how lightweight it is.
  4. Bigrederic

    16-18 inch shorty rifles

    Well my personal shorty came in yesterday!! Can't wait to shoot this one!!
  5. Bigrederic

    Rifle Scopes Scope Alternatives for Vortex Razor Gen II

    I really want to get a look through one... They have me really intrigued.
  6. Bigrederic

    Foundation vs MDT acc…I understand the hype now 😁

    I have a new Foundation stock I cant wait to shoot.
  7. Bigrederic

    Precision em!!

    Well my 6GT from Alpha Omega came in today... my PMII isn't back from being molded for lefthand usage till next week so I threw my 7-35 on for some dry firing practice, and maybe some break in load shooting, till the other scope is back. It is a good bit simpler looking then many of my other...
  8. Bigrederic

    Kimber rifle cocking issue.

    My new work gun is based on a Impact, and I have to say I am now fan for sure. I will be having a few Impact guns for personal rifles in my future for sure.
  9. Bigrederic

    Kimber rifle cocking issue.

    Well I just completed 2 100rnd dry fire cycles. And it malfunctioned 2 times on the first 100 and 1 time on the last 100.So that is not a high malfunction rate, but any malfunction rate is not a good thing as far as I am concerned.
  10. Bigrederic

    Kimber rifle cocking issue.

    I don't see anything abnormal.. I really think this thing is somehow wearing itself out of spec.
  11. Bigrederic

    Kimber rifle cocking issue.

    The trigger is what holds back the firing pin in the cocking process. But this issue happens with both the factory and the Trigger Tech, so I crossed them off the list of possible problems causes
  12. Bigrederic

    Kimber rifle cocking issue.

    So, my Kimber Advanced Tactical has been having a intermittent cocking issue. I some times it just don't cock. I ordered a new trigger thinking mabe there was wear causing some issues. I installed the new Trigger Tech trigger and the problem is still there. Anyone have any ideas what it could...
  13. Bigrederic

    SOLD SSG 69 10rd mag

    Sorry it has been sold a while ago
  14. Bigrederic

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell vs ZCO

    I have 4 PM2s, and 3 ATACRs.... and I also have a friend with a handful of ZCOs, so I have been behind them both on the same day. I have to say to my eyes the PM2 is neck and neck with the ZCOs I have looked through. That is one of the reason I still have them.... I just really like them. Now...
  15. Bigrederic

    Gap Grind 2021

    I am shooting with my gunsmith Caleb Morris... I plan on shooting a rifle I should be taking delivery on on any day, chambered in 6GT. With one of my PMiis on it with a H59 reticle. I have a Ketrel Elite AB with Link that I have not really used much since I got it. I am looking forward to...
  16. Bigrederic

    WTB Terminus Zeus standard bolt face found

    I have one.... I may be parting with, give me a little bit to know for sure.
  17. Bigrederic

    Gap Grind 2021

    I know it is a bit early, but anyone want to start a conversation on who is going, and the ins and outs of the Grind. This will be my first Match, I am traveling from SE Alaska and I am of course nervous... I am still trying to figure out where I am flying in from, and where I plan on staying...
  18. Bigrederic

    SOLD MCS-TCS $1500 Scorched Earth

    Dang how did I miss this!!
  19. Bigrederic

    Precision em!!

    I like it quite a bit from my time shooting it...