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    What Suppressor?

    Not sure if I missed it but what suppressor were Frank and Mark talking about on this most recent episode? 5", large diameter? These sound like nice attributes!
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    boreline to chassis bottom for positional shooting

    I've been thinking a lot about the distance from the center of the bore to the bottom of arca as i transitioned from an AT to an AT with obsession chassis. Between these two I've definitely noticed it matters for roll/cant control but it seems that it might be more of a center of gravity thing...
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    Firearms AI AT 6.5CM

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey guys, Up for your consideration is an AI AT with a 6.5CM barrel with 500 rounds on it and a 6CM barrel with 1200 rounds on it. Included are the anarchy outdoors spigot and the RRS Rail and two magazines. 2019 Model so its a small firing pin, also a folder. $3700 OBO, PP FF...
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    Firearms SR15 Mod 1 16"

    Hey guys, Up for your consideration is an SR15 Mod 1 16" Pricing is kind of crazy on these, I think $3300 is where I want to start can provide more photos if requested, this has been on a few range trips, it just got replaced with a Mod 2 14.5. Feel free to reach out or make an offer, not...
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    WTB 35mm AR15 Scope Mount

    Tried a leupold mk 5 on an AR and got rid of it? Still got that mount? Send me a PM!
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    SOLD WTS: KAC SR15 Mod 1 11.5 Upper

    This is a CQB Mod 1 11.5 upper from Knights Armament for sale Comes with H2 buffer and BUIS, grip panels shown About 500 rounds through it, the front QD has some rubbing from a QD mount CH is the KAC one shown (lifted from my Mod 2 14.5, its been functionally replaced for me with a 14.5) $1800...
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    Night Vision Refurb PVS-30s

    Hey guys, What do you think of the refurb PVS-30s? I've been trying to set up a hog hunting rig, and well, given how I don't hog hunt that often, I feel like the pvs-30 would give me some fun versatility to ring steel at night far away as well. Might as well put those rifle NV bridges to use...
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    WTB Vortex Recon R/T 15x Monocular

    Looking for the 15x R/T monocular from Vortex Hit me up if you have one, any condition is cool. Thanks!
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    WTB WTB: kac 762 cqb

    Kind of a hail mary, but looking for a 762 qdc cqb suppressor
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    WTB WTB: Vortex Razor 4.5-27 EBR7C

    Looking for a razor 4.5-27 EBR7C, doesn't have to be the cleanest as it will be used in PRS; hoping to be in that ~$1650 range they sometime go for.
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    Precision Rifle Gear Rubber Feet for Double-Pull Ckyepod

    Hey there guys, got a double pull ckyepod and was wondering if anyone knew where to get rubber feet for it? It seems to be larger than the single pull and super cal foot (left and right)
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    Optics WTS: EXPS3-0 TAN

    Minty, 12/07/2019 Inspection date, single dot version, comes with box $600 PP gift or can do G&S for fees included. Located in Houston, TX Trades I'd consider include an aimpoint t2 or a mrad reticled GEN II-E Razor 1-6.
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    Rifle Competition Events Steel Safari 2021

    After having shot prs for 2020, I'm out looking for a little bit more of a field oriented match, so decided to sign up for steel safari. Those of you that have shot it before; any advice that you wish you knew before you shot the event? Also, is a prs rifle in 6 creed appropriate for this match?
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    Night Vision WTB: Flir Breach

    Looking for your very used to used FLIR Breach. Hoping to have an inexpensive way to get into thermal...and also justify my RQE mount.
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    Accessories WTB: Grey Ops Arca Mini Plate PRO

    As the title says; just wondering if anyone has one of these they arent using.
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    Optics WTB: ZCO 5-27 Impact 2

    Well, got all my pennies together, now on the prowl for a ZCO 5-27 or a ZCO 5-27 + 1.5" spuhr. Looking for impact 2 or maybe impact 3 reticle. Got one! Thank you guys!
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    Accessories WTB: Sage Green AI Pistol Grip Sections

    Just changed colors of my rifle from FDE to sage green with the AO chassis. I cant seem to find a vendor with one in stock. Got one! Thanks you guys for not letting me show up to a match with a messed up looking rifle 🤪
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    Optics SOLD: NF Atacr 5-25 ATACR Mil-XT C616

    Up for your consideration is an NF 5-25 ATACR. Looking to get $2500 paypal f&f or you pay fees for the scope, accessories picture (sunshade, windage cover, box). Buyer pays insurance. Looking to get into a ZCO at this point, so the 5-27 with impact 2/3 would be the only trade I'm interested...
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    Accessories WTS: Geissele Mount 34mm for ARs

    Geissele 05-418 Black, 34mm Hyper-Extended, NIB $210 Shipped Geissele 05-329 Tan, 30mm Cantilever $200 Shipped Paypal F&F Both for AR15s.
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    Optics SOLD: Vortex Razor 4.5-27 EBR2C

    4.5-27 EBR2C, Mil/Mil $1550 AMG 6-24 EBR7B, Mil/Mil $1600 Floating Crosshair center Not really interested in trades, unless you want to trade a zco for the pair. No mounts included. Take a look at the pics to check out the condition. PP gift preferred.