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  1. RayDBonz

    Which RRS Bipod Clamp?

    Yes, I have tried searching. Couldn't find an answer. RRS makes two bipod clamps for Atlas Bipods. One with an ARMS lever (ARMS-LR SOAR Bipod Clamp) and one with a knob (BTC-Pro Clamp for Atlas Bipod). Which one is better or preferred? Advantages/disadvantages? Is the lever version really $50...
  2. RayDBonz

    Stock work in Scottsdale / Phoenix area

    I have a couple older KMW Sentinel stocks. Early ones with just a bipod stud at the front. I would like to have the stud removed and a picatinny rail installed. I have the hardware, just need someone to do the work. Should be fairly simple - a little contouring and adding a couple T-nuts. Any...
  3. RayDBonz

    Accessories Both SOLD - TAB Gear and TIS slings

    Offered for sale, two never used slings. First is a TAB Gear TAB sling. In OD green with fastex plastic buckles and stud swivels. $60 - SOLD! - delivered in the US. Next is a TIS Slip Cuff sling. In OD green with flush cups. $50 - SOLD! - delivered in the US.
  4. RayDBonz

    Accessories Garmin Fenix 6S Pro

    This has been SOLD - thanks! Offered for sale is a new in box Garmin Fenix 6S Pro. This is the 42mm diameter version that is only 13.8mm thick. If you have a large wrist, you may need an aftermarket strap. In black with black rubber strap. Box is still sealed, direct from Garmin. Has more...
  5. RayDBonz

    Accessories FS - Kestrel 4000 weather meter

  6. RayDBonz

    Scope height and neck pain.

    As the years go by, I find my neck starts to hurt if I'm behind the scope too long. I have found that raising the bipod helps. Would raising (or lowering) the height of the scope help? If anyone has tried, I'd be interested in the result. Might save me time and money trying different rings...
  7. RayDBonz

    Optics NF NSX 2.5 - 10 x 32 scope, NF Unimounts, Seekins rings, S&B sun shade

    A few for sale. No trades at this time. Thanks. Please email or PM. I may not see a post here. First is a NF NSX 2.5 - 10 x 32 scope. Mildot reticle, Mil knobs, zero stop. With NF 30mm 0 MOA 1.5" high Unimount. Comes with original box and flip up lens covers. Minimal use, could likely pass for...
  8. RayDBonz

    Gunsmithing Question for gunsmiths - Rem 700 in Surgeon bed

    Here's a question for the experts. I have a McMillan A5 stock with Badger M5 bottom metal. It was bedded to a Surgeon action. (short action - .308) What needs to be done to use the stock with a Rem 700 .223 action? Will the action fit? How much 'slop' would there be? I believe there are...
  9. RayDBonz

    Rifle Scopes Confused - question on new S&B

    Maybe someone here can offer some enlightenment. I've been looking at the specs published on the new S&B 3-20x50 scope and something just doesn't make any sense. (not sure why I was looking - I don't need another scope :)) The 3-20 is listed at 385mm in length and weighs 920g. On the other...
  10. RayDBonz

    Rifle Scopes How little magnification do you use?

    OK, there are multiple threads on what people prefer as far as the high end of magnification on variable power scopes. What about the bottom end? What's the lowest power you routinely use or have needed? Say I want a 5 - 25 power scope. Is 5x low enough? Those with a bottom end of 4x or...
  11. RayDBonz

    Is this normal? Customary? Acceptable?

    I have a question about a custom rifle I own. I recently discovered something that I think is a bit strange. However, I really don't know, so I thought I'd ask those with more experience. I finally got brave enough to remove the action from the stock. When I did, I found two aluminum 'shims'...