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  1. phxfa

    1.250 bull barrel stock

    I have a Urbach 10/22 intregal suppressed barrel,,measures 1.250 Stock is AWOL and I need another. Any thoughts on a replacement? A chassis would be great
  2. phxfa

    SOLD HS Precision stock Rem 700 REDUCED

    WTS: HS Precision stock with stock pack and bottom metal (PTG I believe) Green/Black webbing, palm swell, S/A,,exc. condition $275.00 shipped
  3. phxfa

    Accessories FN Five Seven mags. REDUCED

    I have 5, 20rd mags, 2, 30rd mags with CMMG extensions and 1, CMMG 10rd extension. Factory FN mags. $150.00 shipped for all I’m not splitting up at this time, legal states only and no pay pal
  4. phxfa

    SOLD Various 6.5 Creed and 260 ammo

    WTS: 6.5 Creed Hornady Superformance 129 SST’s 36rds 6.5 Creed Copper Creek 130 VLD’s 24rds 260 REM Corbon 139 Scenars. 58rds 260 REM Federal 140gr Gamekings 20rds $100.00 plus shipping
  5. phxfa

    SOLD Variety 308

    I’m done with .308,,,,listed is the balance of my 308 stash HSM 168 Berger HPBT 80rds Hornady 178 BTHP Superformance 34rds Hornady TAP 165 Interbound 37rds Hornady 150 SST Superformance and regular 35rds Hornady TAP 168 FPD 37rds Lapua 200gr Subs 16rds Hornady 168 BTHP 13rds Black Hills 168...
  6. phxfa

    Accessories Sturdy Gun Safe

    WTS: Sturdy Gun safe, 73in tall, 46in wide, 32in deep. Downsizing my collection. Weighs aprox 2000lb local pickup only (Scottsdale AZ) $3500.00
  7. phxfa

    SOLD FN Five Seven IOM

    WTS: FN Five Seven IOM, this is a REAL one, large trigger guard etc. Built in 2004, original owner. Includes case, manual and 3 mags,,,,as new, never holstered $1750.00 plus actual shipping
  8. phxfa

    SOLD 7 WSM

    Federal Premium 7 WSM 140gr. Ballistic Tip ammo, 80 rds boxed, 10 rds loose $100.00 shipped
  9. phxfa

    SOLD FGMM .308 175’s

    WTS: 600rds FGMM .308, 175 SMK, same lot number. $1000.00 plus shipping USPS money order, no pay pal,,,will accept a check from a big bank BofA etc
  10. phxfa

    Accessories WTB: Sig P210 mags

    Need a couple few,,,
  11. phxfa

    Firearms FN57, IOM and PS90 Gen 1

    First Gen FN 57, IOM with the large trigger guard, includes 20 and 30rd mags,,, FN PS90, Gen 1, SBR’d. CMMG barrel, 10 or more 50rd mags Includes aprox 1000rds of ammo $7000.00 for the package new owner pays for all transfer fees/taxes AZ seller
  12. phxfa

    Maggie’s CBD

    Arthritis in the hands is kicking my ass,,,,Who’s tried CBD and does it work. Type, brand and dosage would be appreciated
  13. phxfa

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Hinderer Knives

    Interested in some feedback on Rick Hinderer knives,,,specifically the XM-18 3.5 Spanto version I have a ZT 0562CF which is a Hinderer design already.
  14. phxfa

    Optics Found

    WTB: S&B 5-25x56 DT, CCW, GEN II XR, non MTC, non locking turrets let me know what you have
  15. phxfa


    WTS, Sierra 80gr SMK’s .224 225 pieces, same lot number $40.00 shipped
  16. phxfa


    Redding Nitried coated bushings for sale $15.00 each shipped 242, 249, , 312,
  17. phxfa


    WTS : AI receiver wrench, stainless steel, built by Adams $100.00 shipped
  18. phxfa


    WTS: PTG headspace gauges Go/no go 6.5x47 .308 6.5 Creedmoor $55.00 per set shipped
  19. phxfa


    WTS: 115gr Dtacs, old style, 220 $45.00 shipped
  20. phxfa


    WTS: Lapua 308 brass 81 pieces of Palma new 152 pieces Palma once fired $80.00 shipped