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  1. Brushout

    Optics SOLD

    Pretty much brand new in the box. Comes with eyes rings and vortex level. I’m not using it right now so it’s on the chopping block. Asking $850 shipped.
  2. Brushout

    Accessories SOLD

    Both have been chambered in .308. Taken from Rem700. Both have less than 100rds. Both threaded 5/8-24. Plan to spin up on other actions....not shooting .308 at the moment. A smith can spin them down for your action and headspace them for you with a recoil lug. Not a hard project asking $450...
  3. Brushout

    Optics WTS: Burris XTR II 4-20 SCR w/ Badger rings

    Got a slightly used Burris XTR II. Comes in the box with sunshade etc. It will also come with a set of Badger rings I don’t need. Glass is clean. Good scope for the money. I just don’t need it Asking $750 shipped OBO
  4. Brushout

    Optics SOLD

    Spotter with reticle. Has been in my pack for about a year. Hardly used. Glass is clean. asking $700 shipped
  5. Brushout

    Accessories WTS: ERA-TAC 34mm quick detach with angle indicator and level

    Just what the title says. Hardly used. It was on a DTA years ago. Sitting in the safe. Everything you see goes. Angle dial and level. Box too. Asking $400 shipped obo
  6. Brushout

    Optics WTS: Leupold mk6 3-18 h59 with Spuhr

    I have a used leupy mk6. H59 reticle. Glass is clear. Some small rub marks on the outside. Tracks perfect. Just been in the field some. Come with the Tenebraex caps and ARD. Also it sits in the Spuhr. I don’t really want to separate. asking $1850 shipped.
  7. Brushout

    Optics WTS: Bushnell Legend T spotter 15-45 with reticle

    Pretty much a new one. It has the mil-hash reticle. I had it out and looked out the window. Put it back in the box. Doubt I’ll need it anytime soon. asking $400 OBO shipped.
  8. Brushout

    Optics SOLD

    Lightly used. Has been used some in the field. Alway used tape wrap to protect it. But it does have a couple small marks. Nothing on the glass or anything to cause problems. It’s a great scope. Just don’t need it right now. What you see is what you get. Scopes comes in the Spuhr, the cat tail...
  9. Brushout

    Optics SOLD or SPF

    I have 2 of these that I have no use for right now. Kinda hard to find in this configuration. Illuminated 5-20 ultra short in h59. Pantone color. What you see is what you get. Very light use on both. Maybe a few range trips and that was it. Glass is clean and crisp. Everything is spot on and...
  10. Brushout

    Accessories WTS: AI AXSA barrels.

    I have 2 for sale right now. PVA chambered 6x47L. New never fired. 26” and I believe is a 1-8. Threaded 5-8x24 and is ceracoat is black AI chambered 6mm creedmoor. Fired about 200-250rds. 20” with thread protector 5-8x24. 1-8 twist. Ceracoat is that AI green. Asking $475 each shipped OBO...
  11. Brushout

    Firearms SOLD

    Lightly used full Noveske build with enhanced switchblock 16” recon. In the Noveske box like it was originally shipped in with all parts and paperwork etc. Has been shot less than 200 rds. More pics available if needed. Asking $3650 shipped OBO. These are hard to find right now. Please send an...
  12. Brushout

    Firearms SOLD

    Lightly used. Shot less than 200rds. Full surgeon build from when they were in OK. 20” Kreiger barrel with flutes, I think is a light varmint profile. Threaded 5/8-24 with a surefire break. Jewell trigger breaks clean and is set about 1.5lb. She’s an amazing shooter in .223. FDE ceracoat. Barrel...
  13. Brushout

    Accessories WTB: Glock 21, 22 and 17 threaded barrels

    Looking for threaded barrels for some glocks. Prefer silencerco or KTM but will entertain others. Hit me up. Also looking for a Glock 22 slide or upper assembly. Prefer factory.
  14. Brushout

    Curious on Walther MP5 and MP5SD .22lr value

    Hey guys. I’m not much into .22lr any longer. But I have these 2 rifles. Both are Walther .22lr. One is a MP5SD and the other is a regular MP5 with a fake screw on can. Both are metal body and stock lock solid. Really good condition and impressive construction overall. each one has maybe...
  15. Brushout

    Firearms WTB: Rem 700 SA stripped

    Looking for a bare stripped 700 SA. No need for bolt. Just the action. Prefer SS but blue is fine as well. Let me know if you have one to part with. Cash or trade.
  16. Brushout

    Accessories WTB/WTT: AI AXSA 6.5 creed barrel

    I am looking for a factory 6.5 creed barrel. Doesn’t matter the length or if it has a threaded end. M27 or short shank thread for the AX. I can buy one or I have plenty of other barrels to trade for it. 6cm, .308, .243 6x47 and 6.5x47. All different lengths and conditions. Hit me up if you...
  17. Brushout

    Accessories WTB: Atlas in FDE or Tan

    Looking for an Atlas In FDE. Prefer factory or the ones Bison Tactical had a while back. Thanks!
  18. Brushout

    Firearms WTS: SOLD Curtis Axiom Receiver Melonited $825

    Receiver has had about 200-300 rds of .308 before the barrel was pulled. It also has been melonited. Action is super slick and clean. Comes with the pinned recoil lug. Questions please PM. Need more pics I can text them just send me your cell number. Asking $SOLD shipped.
  19. Brushout

    Accessories WTB: LMT SOPMOD stock TAN/FDE

    Looking for a SOPMOD in tan or FDE. Prefer a gen2. Real LMT please. No China made ones or clones. Condition doesn’t matter even painted ones work. As long as it’s functional. I can buy outright or trade a black one for it or other stuff.
  20. Brushout

    WTB: Eotech Vudu 5-25x50

    Doesn’t matter the reticle....Looking for a couple. Send me a PM on what you have for sale or trade. Thanks!