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    Range Report NorCal Long Range Class, 16" 308 @ 1000+

    I attended a long-range class in NorCal last weekend, run by Dan & Jacob @CSTactical. Awesome class and awesome range. Targets out to 1675. 700-1675 section pictured below, there's also a lower portion with steel from 25 to 625 every 25-50 yards. My shorty 308 performed flawlessly. SRS A2...
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    Advice on over-gassed options?

    I've got a 7.5" AR Pistol that is over-gassed, ejecting brass at around 1:30ish. Currently has a 3oz buffer. My current thinking is just to get a heavier buffer to tame it a bit. I'm also considering an ARMASPEC STEALTH RECOIL SPRING. Does anyone have any recommendations on what weight...
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    Building an LR Training / PRS / NLR range...advice?

    If you were going to build a shooting facility that includes the ability to stretch out to 1 mile, what would you build? Used for training classes, PRS/NRL style competitions, and other one-off events. It would be private/club range only, not public, setup as an LLC, with on-site caretakers...
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    Training Courses Any NorCal long-range training (or Reno, or Palm Desert)?

    Does anyone know of any long-range training opportunities in Northern California? I'd love to make it to a Mile High or Alaska class someday, but until I can make that happen I'd like to find something within driving distance (of the SF Bay Area). If there's nothing in NorCal, I could make...
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    Rifle Scopes New ZCO 420, Thanks CS Tactical!

    Picked up my new ZCO 420 MPCT2 today. It's my first alpha glass ever, and I think I'm spoiled for life now. Although I don't feel qualified to's amazing. Richard and Dan @CSTactical got me setup, working with them was awesome.
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    Hunting & Fishing StealthPod X?

    Does anyone have experience with the StealthPod X?
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    Brake for 16.5" 308?

    Does anyone have a muzzle brake recommendation for a 16.5" 308 (in a Desert Tech SRS)? This is my all-purpose "plinking inside 1000" setup, that I'll also be using for hunting, the occasional PRS style match, etc., so I'm looking for a balance between being able to spot hits, short & light...