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  1. skyewalker

    Accessories LA AICS Mags *price drop*

    These would be referred to as non-cip mags. CIP mags are what you’re looking for (3.850)
  2. skyewalker

    Accessories Badger 30mm rings

  3. skyewalker

    Ammo Do not buy from jzwolen .., his account hacked !

    Let us know, I was curious as well
  4. skyewalker

    SOLD WTS Giraud trimmer

  5. skyewalker


    Dammit lol
  6. skyewalker

    Accessories Badger 30mm rings

  7. skyewalker

    Accessories Kestrel 5700 4DOF w/Link

    The kestrel line up can be a little confusing. You are thinking of some of the lower models that use AB software and can be upgraded to elite. This has the hornady’s 4DOF, which is a completely different software than the AB versions.
  8. skyewalker

    Optics SOLD Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44 M5B2 H59 Riflescope 119213

    Box doesn't match the turrets. Did you have it upgraded to C2?
  9. skyewalker

    Firearms Rem 700 SPS Tactical in a Greyboe

    What is this? 20” 308 non threaded?
  10. skyewalker

    Accessories Badger 30mm rings

    Still available
  11. skyewalker

    SOLD WTS - Brand New Giraud Power Trimmer

    I'll take the trimmer and possibly the individual items as well, sending PM
  12. skyewalker

    Feedback Purchase question

    Bro, c’mon… no it’s not legit
  13. skyewalker

    Reloading Equipment Gempro 250 scale

    Pretty sure these are discontinued. Great little scale for a guy starting out. $100 shipped. NO PayPal. Venmo Zelle or MO only.
  14. skyewalker

    Accessories Badger 30mm rings

    1” tall. Never used, just mocked up to see if the height was right. 125$ shipped. No PayPal. Zelle Venmo or check.
  15. skyewalker

    SOLD WTS/WTT Razor 1-6