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  1. padronanniversary

    Reloading Equipment SOLD Varget 8lbs MN multiple ftf

    All sold. thanks again 5 x 8 lbs jugs of varget sealed new available $160 per jug. Will not ship ftf only twin cities MN
  2. padronanniversary

    Reloading Equipment WTT update FTF MN 10k small rifle primers

    I have up to 10k small rifle primers (winchester) for trade ftf MN twin cities area will not ship primers trades I would consider: ivanko obxs 29mm bar prime fitness preacher curl...
  3. padronanniversary

    Accessories AI 5 Rnd mag Sold

    Like new only inserted once for a test for on a 308 AI 5nd mag $60 shipped Venmo or Zelle
  4. padronanniversary

    Reloading Equipment Sold Worlds Finest Trimmer 223

    Selling Little CrownGunworks WFT 223 New never used $60 shipped zelle or venmo
  5. padronanniversary

    Accessories Silencerco Flash Hider Trifecta—-SOLD

    $50 shipped brand new never mounted. 556 saker trifecta flash hider bp AC1522-208740 1/2x28 $50 shipped venmo or zelle
  6. padronanniversary

    Reloading Equipment Sold Hornady 55gn

    For sale 1k Hornady 55gn 22 cal bullets $100 shipped -SPF zelle or venmo
  7. padronanniversary

    Primers on GB insane !

    I see on GB primers are going for $200 plus for 1k Are people really paying that much for them ? And how are these guys shipping the hazmat ? hell I’ll sell 10k small rifle for $150 per 1k if I could find someone local in MN I guess I’ve been hiding in my reloading room too long
  8. padronanniversary

    Reloading Equipment FS Hornady FMJ 62gr 22 cal SOLD

    $100 per 1k shipped All sold will take usps MO, venmo, or zelle
  9. padronanniversary

    Where’s all the evictions and foreclosures?

    People have been saying for a while after the protections are over which expired last month evictions and foreclosures are going to be biblical So where is all of this ? Seems all recreational spending is at all time high and stores can’t keep up
  10. padronanniversary

    Accessories sold

  11. padronanniversary

    Optics Sold Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR

    $650 shipped with rings either zelle or usps mo Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR 3.521 x50 mm Do not recall brand of rings if anyone can help identifying .1mil adjustments 34mm tube FFP
  12. padronanniversary

    gun control gotta love being outside Minneapolis

    gotta love Trump counties I live just outside the Hennepin county border (liberal Minneapolis). Only issue now is the liberals moving into the countryside since they don’t understand the problems...
  13. padronanniversary

    searching archive questions during scout days

    Any chance of finding a previous review and postings during the scout days ? I searched but can’t seem to find it, and jbell mentioned it was probably during the scout days I’m specifically looking for info on jbells 22lr using the stiller 2500xr Thanks in advance
  14. padronanniversary

    Rimfire Jbells Stiller 2500xr 22lr in AIAT. SPF

    Selling a build that Jbell did a while ago from killbough sports. I picked this up from him, built with a Shileen ratchet barrel in a AIAT chassis on a Stiller repeater action. Shoots amazing. I’m trying to find Jbells review and add, as he had a tremendous amount of info on it and group...
  15. padronanniversary

    Somali attack in MN no news coverage once again no coverage here in Minneapolis about attacks on people by the Somalis. Amazing how news chooses to not report
  16. padronanniversary

    auto thief runs into wrong house too bad homeowner arrested.... of course MN is a retreat state and not stand your ground
  17. padronanniversary

    MN hands free phone—— exception hijabs!

    WTF hands free driving passed, ok I’m good with that but you can have a hijabs and a phone stuck in there and operated by hand that’s ok I’m so sick of this state bending over for a special class of people. prayer rooms are ok in public schools, and foot baths, but no Christmas trees I am so...
  18. padronanniversary

    my latest tool

    gotta love it, still making adjustments..... should make processing 223 brass way faster
  19. padronanniversary

    Duramax tune

    Kennedy Diesel does awesome work for a tune on a diesel. Let. me first say I have no affiliation. I was fed up with being stranded on a long distance trip, traveling at night in the backroads then searching for a truck stop or walmart in the middle of nowhere on Sunday night. Then the dreaded...
  20. padronanniversary

    Night Vision E-Coti

    Anyone have any images of a e-coti with white phosphor? I’ve seen traditional green, but wanted to see the white if possible. Thanks