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    Missing niche in the market....20X bino-rangefinder-reticle??

    Seems like the rifle scope world has most every niche covered with a scope of some sort but seems like there is something missing in the bino world. I think a 20X bino with a rangefinder and reticle would fill a void in the market. The PRS seems to have a lot of people moving to binos for...
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    Leupold Mark 5 Durability....5-25x56 for Barret .50

    Still working on a scope recommendation for my friends Barret .50 BMG. My original recommendation was for a Nightforce but he knows a leupold dealer that may can get him a break. I don't follow the leupold threads as much. I know there are some lines held in high regard and others that seem to...
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    .50 BMG ammo recommendations...Hornady...Desert Tech?

    A friend of mine got a Barrett M107 A1. He is looking for ammo recommendations. I am not familiar with the .50 cal world. Just looking on line doest appear to be a lot of "match grade" options. Anyone have any experience with the Hornady or Desert Tech? Other recommendations.
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    Scope recommendations for Barrett M107A1..!!

    So a good friend of mine just bought a Barrett M107A1 and is asking for scope recommendations. This person is a lifelong hunter but is not a long range shooter. This was definitely "this is badass buy". The goals are to shoot some steel and maybe some pigs out to 600 as well as being prepared...
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    It was the magazine causing the malfunctions.....

    I posted a few weeks ago about my Daniel Defense Ar-10 .308 having malfunctions and suspected a mag issue. After close inspection i noted some wear on the Pmag. I switched to a Lancer and have had no issues since.
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    Headshot....Argument for a LPVO???......real life example....

    I know the debate about LPVO vs. Red dot are endless with some valid arguments on both sides. I was wondering if the enhanced ability to take a headshot would be a consideration for some in going with a LPVO. I am a fan of the LPVO for the versatility. Here is a real world example. At the 3:04...
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    Best AR-10 mag thats not a p mag....?

    I have a DD AR-10 (.308). Its been jamming alot and most recently would not pick up the next round off the magazine. I cleaned and lubed and it did the same thing. If i rested the gun on the magazine (p mag) it would pick up the next round. I think i have a magazine issue. Recommendations on...
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    AR Lube?

    I know this has been asked in the past but just wanted to see if there was anything new I should be considering. What is everyones favorite AR lube? Are Slip 2000 and TW25B still considered top end stuff?
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    "Bigger Objective Lenses Don't Gather More Light and Heres a Test that proves it." article...

    I bought a Guns and Ammo magazine for a friend who was in the hospital and sent it to them. I took a picture of this article I wanted to hunt down and read later but I cannot find it anywhere. Does any one know where i can find this article? Its by Tom Beckstrand.
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    Best Thermal under 2K.

    I am asking this for a friend. I have an IR defense that i bought 4 years ago and had researched up pretty hard back then but since then i have just used mine and not thought about it. I know the technology has changed a lot since then. Can I get a recommendation on the best thermal in the 2K...
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    Rifle Scopes Best Sub 600 hunting scope??

    I just got a Tikka t3x superlite in 6.5 creedmore. What is the best sub 600 dollar hunting scope. Max range will be 600 yards. Would like something that could reliably dial up and down to that and not too big and heavy. Let me know your thoughts......
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    Rifle Scopes Best LPVO under 1k

    What’s the best LPVO under 1k? Looking for something reliable that can handle some bumps being carried around on a ranch rifle.
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    Night Vision Monocular or another scope...

    So I have a thermal scope but am considering another purchase because my son and I hunt together. Would I have more hunting success if I got another thermal scope/rifle setup. Or get a helmet mounted monocular and work as a spotter/shooter arrangement....
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    Kestrel Upgrades to 4500NV w/ Applied Ballistics ??

    So i have the Kestrel 4500 NV with Applied Ballistics. When i turn it on it says Iss 4.89. I purchased this several years ago and then went back to school and my shooting life got put on hold. However i am about to get back into the swing of things again. I never really got comfortable using it...
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    Seekins PH1 or Tikka T3X in 6.5 Creedmoore

    Looking for a 6.5 creedmoore in Seekins PH1 or Tikka T3x varmint in 6.5 creed. Primary use will be hunting with some occasional long range steel shooting for fun out fo 1K. Pretty big price difference in the 2. Is the Seekins worth it? Thanks for suggestions.
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    Minox spotter love?

    Just curious Minox is new on the radar for me. The scope review by many here have been outstanding. Is there any love for the spotter with the reticle?
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    6.5 PRC factory rifle offerings

    Wondering what all companies are offering the 6.5 PRC in factory models and if we anticipate more factory offerings in 2019....
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    Rifle Scopes Zero Compromise Optic name change to Zero Optic?

    Wondering if Zero Compromise optic should change its name to Zero Optic to reflect what they have produced so far lol. Still have high hopes but at some point you begin to question when you miss a launch by a year. Seems like it would of been better to launch at shot show this year with...
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    .300 Norma with 20 inch barrel

    Todd Hodnett in his article talked about running .338 lapua from 20 inch barrels and building a future 20 inch .300 Norma. Anyone running a 20 inch barrel in these calibers. I love shorter barrels with a suppressor on the end. Was...