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  1. Iyaoyas11

    Optics Kahles 624i CCW/LSW SPF***

    BTT. Make an offer
  2. Iyaoyas11

    Optics Kahles 624i CCW/LSW SPF***

    Damn y’all are quick! Using the phone and posted when I wasn’t halfway done. Updated
  3. Iyaoyas11

    Optics Kahles 624i CCW/LSW SPF***

    SOLD**PF*Like new: Kahles 624i CCW 6-24x56 / SKMR3 reticle Model: 10616 Left side windage Illuminated 34mm tube $2050 shipped. OBRO**Payment via Applepay, Zelle or CashApp (sorry no PP or Venmo available). Photos to follow No trades.
  4. Iyaoyas11

    Optics SPF: Kahles 624i SKMR3 LSW

    Been debating on selling mine. Great piece for sure though!
  5. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories SOLD LMT CSW Factory FDE Upper

    Good snag. Put me in line, should something happen.
  6. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories Geissele Grey MK16 13.5 Federal NSN Rail

    Looks like two different uppers pictured. Does it have picatinny rails at the end or not? Is it numbered in white on top or not?
  7. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories WTB: JMAC zero key mount brake

    Looking for a JMAC Customs Keymount in 1/2-28. I was thinking this would be a good option to put on my 223 LTR and not have the noise of a brake when the Sandman isn’t mounted. Thanks!
  8. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories Badass SPR upper. Proof, Geissele, Forward Controls Design

    Damn! Put me on a payment plan. 🤣😥
  9. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories Used LMT SOPMOD Gen 2 stocks

    I’ll take one
  10. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories Sold: ATPIAL-C (black)

    Probably gonna keep it.
  11. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories Sold: ATPIAL-C (black)

    Nearly new ATPIAL. MFG Date: Feb20. I mounted it on the rifle a couple days ago, haven’t taken it outside to even zero. I did use one of two sticky’s first the pressure pad switch. ITAR restrictions apply. Email for quickest response and more pics. $1215 shipped Payment via Zelle...
  12. Iyaoyas11

    Accessories Sold***LMT LM8 upper receiver

    Like new condition. Carbine length. Total length from end to end is about 16.5”. Slick side with QD inserts on the end. $550 shipped (PP fees to you, Zelle, Venmo) Thanks