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  1. Jake the dog

    Starting loads for 6GT

    Anyone want to share starting loads for 6GT with RL16 and Shooters World Precision Rifle? Varget has disappeared, but I have some of each I would like to try. Using 109 Berger Hybrids. 26 inch 1:7 barrel. Thanks
  2. Jake the dog

    New Alpha 6GT brass, excessive headspace?

    The reamer print on the GAP web site shows a headspace dimension of .375 at 1.360-1.365 from the bolt face. My new Alpha is measuring 1.349 to 1.351. I dont have the barrel yet, so I don't know what it measures, but this seems excessive. I usually try to bump .002 for my fired brass. I'm sure...
  3. Jake the dog

    Berger 140 Hybrid CBTO?

    If someone could post CBTO for factory Berger 140 Hybrids, I would greatly appreciate it. I bought a case to break in a new rifle (and get 200 once fired Lapua cases) and forgot to measure before I shot the last one. Realized it about 2 seconds after the last one went bang. Just another senior...
  4. Jake the dog

    New rifle, tight chamber

    I have a new 6.5 CM that appears to have a very tight chamber. My reloaded Lapua is difficult to chamber, but will go with more effort than it should take. My FL sized brass (Redding dies) measures .003 over new Berger at the base. Will a RCBS small base die size the fired brass down enough to...
  5. Jake the dog

    Powder Valley has RL16 and RL26 in stock

    At 7:00 PM on 1/29. I got mine, you guys go for it.
  6. Jake the dog

    Gunsmithing Thoughts on this barrel?

    1600- 1700 rounds through this barrel. All but 100 or so my loads, 6.5 CM, 142 SMK, 40.4 Gr H4350, Lapua brass, Fed 205M. Run about 2625 to 2640 over a Labradar. I looked at it 150 rounds back and saw a little bit of chipping, but nothing like this.
  7. Jake the dog

    Going to 26 inch barrel from 24, slower powder?

    I'm currently using H4350 in a 24 inch 6.5CM. I'm getting a new barrel next week, and am wondering if I should be looking at a slightly slower powder to get the most out of the longer barrel. It doesn't seem like a lot of difference, but it's new to me, and I know there is a great deal of...
  8. Jake the dog

    Ruskin, deal witth confidence

    I bought an Archimedes action from Ruskin, fair price, very quick shipping. I would definitely deal with him again.
  9. Jake the dog

    Opinions on LRI Mausingfield Hunter?

    If someone with one of these barreled actions would be kind enough to answer a couple of questions, my thanks. What are the differences between the LRI special and the stock Gen 1? What stock/chassis is it in, and the trigger you're using? Lastly, and most importantly, how does it shoot? I...
  10. Jake the dog

    Updating firmware on Kestrel 5700

    I haven't been able to find an answer for this. Does the 5700 with Link (not Elite ) need either the cable or dongle to update firmware? Or can it be updated thru a computer with Bluetooth, or a phone? I'm seriously considering ordering one, and will order the dongle if it is needed...
  11. Jake the dog

    Tweedycarcass23jonb buy with confidence

    Bought a Gen 2 Razor, had FedEx tracking number 2 hours after sending payment. Scope arrived exactly as represented. Very pleased.
  12. Jake the dog

    Bix n Andy Bix’n Andy TacSport PRO or Trigger Tech Diamond

    Looking to change the trigger in my Bergara B14 (Rem 700 clone). I've got it down to one of these two. Looking for thoughts from those who have used them. Thanks in advance.
  13. Jake the dog

    Small sale on FX 120i and Auto Trickler

    This is kind of hidden in the exchange, but CE is having a $50 off sale on the auto trickler setups, and a pretty step discount on just the scale. Hope I didn't post a double from someone else.
  14. Jake the dog

    Gunsmithing Removing extractor from Bergara B14 bolt

    I've searched for an answer to this on several forums with no luck, but if I'm duplicating another post, my apologies. I'm trying to get the extractor out of a B14 bolt but cannot seem to find the magic. If anyone knows how or can send me a link I would appreciate it. Thanks