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  1. titandriver

    SOLD WTS: Rem 700 complete bolt

    Rem 700, RH, SA, magnum bolt face. $208 shipped via USPS priority mail in CONUS.
  2. titandriver

    Firearms ***SPF*** Borden/Bartlien 6.5x47L, Sale or Trade

    Borden Mountaineer repeater, Borden recoil lug & scope mount, Jewell trigger, 28" Bartlein barrel 1x8, muzzle threaded 5/8x24, PT&G DBM, McMillan A-5 sniper fill, exactly 385 rounds through it. 150 pieces new Lapua SP brass & 50 pieces 5X fired, Whidden bushing resize die, Bugholes wrench, PT&G...
  3. titandriver

    Reloading Equipment ***SOLD*** 45 ACP Brass

    I have 1980 pieces of nearly all once fired 45 ACP brass - 1681 pieces large primer pocket, 299 pieces small primer pocket. $220 shipped via USPS priority mail in CONUS - will not separate as it's all one lot.
  4. titandriver

    Firearms Sig P226 Stainless Elite

    As new 226 caliber 40 S&W, four mags, X-grip & installation tool, night sights. $1000 shipped to your FFL in CONUS where legal to own.
  5. titandriver

    WTS McMillan A5 Rem 700 SA, RH

    I bought a used rifle a while ago that had this stock on it so I'm not exactly certain about it's history so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about something. It's a A-5, heavy (sniper fill?), single shot, trigger guard (not pictured), saddle cheek riser, the barrel that was in it measured...
  6. titandriver

    Found one!