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    Firearms WTS: SCAR 17S, NIB - $3275 + S&H

    Bought this a few months back thinking I'd have time to shoot it but priorities have changed. Looking for $3275 + actual shipping to your FFL. Can do payment via Zelle or cashier's check (with time to clear). Willing to do payment plan with 3 equal payments. Brand new, ships in factory box with...
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    Firearms WTS: X-Caliber Bighorn Prefit 6BR barrel, 24"

    Bighorn Pre-Fit Barrel Steel: 416R Stainless Steel Barrel Length: 24" Caliber & Twist Rate: (6mm) .237/.243 1:8 Twist 3R Groove Bolt Action Contour: 16 - Heavy Palma 1.058 2.5 1.000 2.5 .900 Small/Reg Rifle Chambers: 6mm BR Norma Muzzle Options: 5/8"x24 Threads (.243-.358cal), Requires Min...
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    SOLD Hornady Custom Grade 300 PRC Die Set - 546351

    Brand new, still sealed. $50 shipped to your door.
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    Firearms WTS: HK VP9L Optics Ready

    Brand new, never fired. Range has been limited due to COVID so haven't had any time to shoot it. With how everything is going these days, would rather put the funds to reloading supplies. So, this is up for sale. Price is $950 + buyer pays actual shipping costs. See at the end for how to...
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    SOLD MDT ESS Chassis System, Black, R700 SA - NIB

    All parts new in the box. Forgot I had this until I was getting down Christmas ornaments. looks like new cost is $1k. Asking $725 including shipping (all will be carefully packed in a single box for shipping, not in their original packaging) MDT Skeleton Stock ESS Chassis Base ESS 15" Forend
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    SOLD Tikka Tac A1 Chassis - $650

    Bought here on the hide a while back planning to move my CTR in to it but ended up selling the CTR. Includes MDT Black vertical grip. $650 delivered to your door. Payment via zelle preferred. Paypal F&F will work, but must be no mention of item details in the payment.
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    SOLD WTS: Sig 516 Complete Upper, 14.5", New in box

    Brand new, still sealed in box as received from Sig. Features: A2 Flash Suppressor Installed Left Side Release Charging Handle Simple to Adjust Gas Block Full Length Picatinny Quad Rail BCG Included All NFA/ATF Rules Apply! Installing this conversion kit on a non SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) will...
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    Accessories WTS: Certificate for Proof CF Barrel

    Up to $1100 retail value. Does not apply for .416 or .510 caliber barrels. Good on Prefits or blanks. Expires 12/31/20 so you'll want to mail it to them soon. $675, including USPS Priority shipping of it to buyer or I can fill it out with buyer's info and their barrel part number, send buyer a...
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    Firearms WTS: Scorpion EVO 3 S2 pistol w/PDW brace, Unfired

    Bought this a while back, kitted it out, then it just sat in the safe. So, time to get some cash out of it for other projects. Removed the factory faux suppressor and installed a Hansohn Brothers 3-lug barrel device. Also upgraded grip with Apex tactical grip. Includes 2 x 20 rd magazines...
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    Firearms SOLD

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    Firearms WTS: H&K SP5 NIB

    Brand new, never fired. Includes all factory accessories (2 mags, tool, sling, manual, carry bag) and ships in factory cardboard box. This was in one of the first batches this year so it's range/carry bag is a little different than later batches. Sorry, not looking for any trades. Just needing...
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    Accessories WTS: Geissele Super SCAR Trigger - $325

    Only needed 1 but ended up with 3 due to having a couple of backorders all filled at same time. So, selling the extra 2. $325 each delivered via USPS Priority. Payment via Zelle or USPS Money Order preferred. Discrete Paypal F&F is an option as well.
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    Firearms HK VP9L OR, Model 81000592 - NIB

    In trying to make sure I got one of these, I ended up with 2. Don't need both so putting one up for sale. Not looking for the jacked up $1400+ GunBroker pricing, just looking to get my money out of it. I'm in for $1075 after all taxes & fees, so that's my selling price + buyer pays actual...
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    SOLD WTS: Walther PPS M2 LE

    Brand new, unfired. Includes pistol + 1 extended magazine as pictured. Will look to try and find case & if there is additional magazine, but price reflects those not being included. $375 + split shipping costs
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    Firearms WTS: Glock G45 MOS NIB

    Bought this sight/feel unseen and just prefer the G19 instead. New, unfired, with all original accessories (3x mags, backstraps, lock, MOS Plates). Note that this it the version with 10 round magazines $675 + actual shipping costs.Only trade interest is NIB HK SP5K-PDW at retail price (yup...
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    Accessories WTS: MDT ACC 700LA + MDT Grip + Buttstock weight - $675

    Bought this used before COVID and then my plans for this never came together. MDT ACC Chassis, 700 LA Pattern, CIP Length mag well - Bedded for Defiance Deviant with MarineTex, not that hard to remove MDT Buttstock weight MDT Adjustable Grip Not looking for any trades at present unless you...
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    Accessories WTS: Manners EH1 w/Mini Chassis Rem 700/Tl3 Proof sendero inlet

    Bought this on the hide but never ended up building the rifle. So, back up for sale... Manners EH1 with mini chassis, like new condition, Rem700 SA. Modified for Proof sendero barrel profile and TL3 action (very small relief near ejection port) by Mile High Shooting. Elite Meadowlands pattern...
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    Firearms Benelli M4 H20 - NIB

    Did an impulse buy but now preferring to have funds for other items. I know these have gone for a bit more on GunBroker but I thought I'd list it here at cost before listing higher on GunBroker. Selling price is only $SOLD, just looking to recover my cost (which was sum of full MSRP purchase...
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    Reloading Equipment WTS: 8lb H4350, 8lb H4831, 1lb each of RL15/16/22

    With some changes in my reloading plans, no longer needed any of these. All are unopened and are full weights. 8lb H4350 - $240 8lb H4831 - $190 1lb Reloder 15 - $30 1lb Reloder 16 - $30 1lb Reloder 22 - $30 In the Bellevue, WA area and must be face to face cash sales since I have no access...
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    Firearms SOLD: ARC Nucleus 6.5CM barreled action w/TT Primary

    Never fired, just like new. Bought a full rifle setup but decided I have plenty of 6.5CM setups already so I'm selling the barreled action & trigger. Currently still at my FFL in case buyer needs it to be shipped from FFL. ARC Nucleus action, Generation 1.2 24" stainless 6.5CM, marksman...