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  1. smithjd

    A question for those with families in bear country

    We lived in deep forest black bear country. A neighbor down the road would hand feed them (nuckin futz). Had a sow in her teens that would drop 3-4 Cubs every couple years. She charged me once when we accidentally bumped into each other while I was out running. She had two little fur balls...
  2. smithjd

    NRL hunter caliber

    There were several shooting 6.5 PRC on my squad at Belt, MT. They did very well with it…
  3. smithjd

    NRA Ballot

    Here’s one take on it. And I agree that WLP needs to go.
  4. smithjd

    Overcomplicating Things

    It’s nothing new. Years ago Col Cooper called it “PII”; Preoccupation with Inconsequential Increments. On one hand, it is how world class achievements occur and higher standards are normalized. On the other hand, it’s pretty meaningless for the vast majority in whatever discipline it’s...
  5. smithjd

    Sako S20

    Can you report the actual weight of the precision version? W/24” barrel? I’ve been researching and keep seeing different figures. Want to keep the whole thing under 12#…. Thanks
  6. smithjd

    Rifle Competition Events NRL Hunter series

    Much respect: I shot the match in Belt, MT (it was an EXCELLENT match, great venue, run well, with great people!) and I own a Steyr Scout... I think you will be challenged!!!! Without talking too much out of school, the target ranges at the match started at about where my effectiveness with...
  7. smithjd

    Feedback Good Guy List

    @22-Dasher is Good to Go!
  8. smithjd

    A Better Barrel Vise Block (DIY)

    A friend of mine goes even farther. He will fashion the block of wood as you described. But he then makes it perfectly fit the barrel by skimming a coat of Acra-glass on the wood, using release agent on the barrel. After it has dried and he cleans it all up, then he rosins up the now...
  9. smithjd

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Who have you used to do slide milling?

    Mark Housel at L&M Precision Gun works is one of the best ever. I’ve also had great service from Primary Machine. I don’t think I’d hesitate to use Parker Mountain Machine either. I’ve had good luck with small parts they have made.
  10. smithjd

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Handgun Optic

    Trijicon RMR gen 2 is most durable and proven mrdo. Battery life is great. Downside is small(er) windows and open emitter (potential disadvantage). Trijicon SRO has great big window, great battery life, but may not survive bouncing it off the pavement. Aimpoint ACRO is durable, reliable...
  11. smithjd

    New Cartridge by Vortex, 6.5 BC

    Sounds like the 7.6 Creedmoor
  12. smithjd

    New Cartridge by Vortex, 6.5 BC

    Is it April 1st?
  13. smithjd

    Under Seat Rifle Lock Box

    I just ordered one from Lockerdown. Made in Texas by Texans. The ladies in the phone were wonderful to deal with.
  14. smithjd

    Watch this Video or Else !

    Good stuff! I totally agree that shooting precision .22 is as much fun shooting as I’ve had in a long time. Chipmunks in my AO did not agree.
  15. smithjd

    Here is why Trump will win, and why all of you have been affected by propaganda

    Want some insight into their thinking? Try getting through this article:
  16. smithjd

    Sidearms & Scatterguns VP9 shooting right consistently

    1) Grip. There are so many videos out there, but can't watch what you are doing and fix it. I've been shooting a pistol for 35 years and only really learned how the grip works this summer (at a Jedlinski class). Basically, the support hand "drives" the gun. Too much firing hand can...
  17. smithjd

    Sidearms & Scatterguns VP9 shooting right consistently

    1) Your Support hand is “being a bitch” and not doing its job. 2) Your trigger finger is not (just) bending at the second joint and your third (proximal) joint is moving the whole finger, which pushes the gun. Before you mess with sights, either have someone who knows how to shoot or shoot it...
  18. smithjd

    self winding tactical watches.... suggestions please

    I took my DA42 (Orange - for "gun safety awareness" and s/n in the teens) home a couple years ago, but it was a Bavarian Holiday and the store in Regensburg was closed. Probably save me a lot of money in not buying the bracelet...
  19. smithjd

    US made boonie hat?

    +100 for Slangvel. I got a few of his many years ago for myself and others. They are still going strong. I'm not a hat guy, but I love these.
  20. smithjd

    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Looks like Eau Claire, north side.