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    Does anyone know when the Sig Romeo 2 will be available?

    Title says it all... does anyone know when the Sig Romeo 2 will be available? It was supposed to be out before the end of 2020. I contacted Sig as well but between Christmas, New Year's Eve and Covid, not holding my breath for a quick answer.
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    Firearms SOLD... For sale: Sig Sauer P226 Tacops Threaded Barrel

    Sig Sauer P226 Tactical Operations, 9mm, threaded barrel + extra Sig OEM barrel. Excellent condition, very low round count (less than 300). Comes with four factory 20 round mags, SRT Trigger, Truglo Tritium Fiber Optic front sight and Siglite rear night sights, original box and paperwork and a...
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    Aimpoint PRO, DD fixed iron sights, absolute co witness or 1/3 co witness?

    For the ones who have an Aimpoint PRO/QRP2 Mount and Spacer and the Daniel Defense fixed sight AR-15 IRON SIGHT SET (ROCK & LOCK®, SKU 19-088-09116). Do you have absolute co witness or 1/3 co witness?
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    Rifle Scopes Is the AMG® UH-1® GEN II worth the money?

    Who tried the AMG UH-1 Gen 2? Worth the money or better off with Eotech?
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    Sig MPX K 9mm

    Who has a Sig MPX K 9mm and what do you have to say about it, good and bad?
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    Nightforce Wedge Prism Assembly 100moa/29.1mrad

    Nightforce Wedge Prism Assembly 100 moa/29.1mrad; who tried it and what do you think?
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    Accessories Spuhr mount 35mm, #SP-5006, excellent condition

    Spuhr mount 35mm, #SP-5006, excellent condition with wedge, extra screws, original box and paperwork, for $310. Shipped to lower 48.
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    Optics SOLD Leupold MK8 3.5-25x56, Mrad, H59 illuminated

    For sale , Leupold MK8, 3.5 -25x56, 35mm, Mrad, H59 illuminated, locking turrets, zero stop, excellent glass, good condition. This scope originally had a H58 reticle; Leupold Custom Shop changed it to a H59, which is a better reticle ($600 conversion). Comes with sunshade, flip up covers...
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    Firearms Tactical Operations Alpha 51

    Tactical Operations Alpha 51, .308 cal. McMillan Baker Special stock adjustable, Sniper filled, Anschutz rail, threaded barrel. This is a tack driver, see Mike R. test target, or my own. Excellent condition. Original owner. Round count: 600 rounds 175 Federal GMM. $4800 (rifle only). Save...
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    How often should I rotate mags in an AR 15...or not?

    Title says it all... How often should I rotate mags in an AR 15? Can constant pressure on mag spring, month after month, create a possible failure to feed (FTF)? That's if a mag stays loaded 24/7 for a long ass time. There are different opinions, curious to know what everyone's input is.
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    Firearms Sig P226 Scorpion 9mm for sale SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Sig Sauer P226 Scorpion for sale. Sig Night Sights, 3 mags, very low rounds count, it was my edc so some rub marks from holster. Excellent mechanical condition. $820 shipped in lower 48 from FFL to FFL (also have holsters available, Raven Phantom ($50) and leather DeSantis $30, can send pic by...
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    "How to" post pics?

    Hi, I know there is a post on "how to" post pics in the forums but cannot find it; anyone knows where is this post?
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    Accessories WTS: Professional Boresighter SL-500 Ultra Mag Green Laser

    Still in the box, like new. Runs new at Cabelas/Bass Pro Shop for $219; get this one for $160 shipped to your door (lower 48). Pics available by email or text. Green laser is up to 50 times brighter than red laser Can be seen up to 100 yards in full sun Includes reticle leveler Fits all...
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    Accessories SOLD WTS: Nightforce 30mm Ultralite Picatinny-Style Rings Matte

    Nightforce 30mm Ultralite Picatinny-Style Rings, medium size, excellent condition, NEVER LAPPED, were only used on an Anschutz 22lr. NEW PRICE $115 shipped to your door for lower 48 ($170 + shipping at Midway). Please PM for pics SOLD
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    Accessories WTS: TriggerTech Special Remington 700 (like new)

    Got an extra TriggerTech Special for Remington 700, excellent condition, in the box with all paperwork. $130 shipping included in lower 48. (sells for $189.99 + shipping at Eurooptic)
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    Accessories WTS: BT12-QK: Standard Height Accu-Shot® Precision Rail Monopod

    SOLD!!! For sale Accu-Shot BT12-QK Standard Height Precision Monopod, excellent condition, was on my TRG only for a couple of weeks. It attaches to standard picatinny rail. I had it on my TRG 22 and it does a fine job but I like bags better. $70, shipping included for the lower 48 states...
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    How's Jamison brass 338 LM?

    A friend of mine gave me 40 once fired Jamison cases in 338 LM; how good is that brass? I usually use Lapua and GWT but always curious to learn something.
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    Magpul Pro 700 chassis; how do you like it?

    For the ones who have the Magpul Pro 700 chassis; how is it working for you? Any issues, or is it all good?
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    Optics FS: Leupold Mark 4 SOLD

    Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x40mm LR/T, Mil Dot, 30 mm, MOA. Excellent condition, lived on an Anschutz 22lr and slept in a safe. Comes with original box and all paperwork, scope manual, reticle manual, Leupold registration card, sun shade, Alumina flip-up covers for eyepiece and objective. $600 shipped...
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    Timney "Hit" trigger, or Triggertech "Special" for Remington 700?

    Timney "Hit" trigger, or Triggertech "Special" for Remington 700? (For target shooting).