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    Reloading Equipment Relisting ammo

    WCA 9MM124 gr. FMJ 1180 rounds, loose but very very clean, $.70 a round, includes shipping, 100 round minimum Speer 9MM LE 100 Gr. Frangible 2X50, 100 rounds, $80.00 shipped Speer 9MM LE G2 147 gr. 20X50 , 1000 rounds $45.00 per box shipped Atlanta Arms 9MM 147 gr. TCJ 20X50, 1000 rounds...
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    Reloading Equipment Lapua 338 bullets

    Continuing my purge of odds and ends qty 440 338-300 Gr. Scenar's $350 shipped
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    Reloading Equipment 30 cal. Bullets FS

    1 box 500 count Sierra 30 cal. 210 MK's $350 shipped 11 1/2 100 count boxes,1150, Sierra 30 cal. 190 MK's $50 per 100 shipped (500 SPF)
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    Reloading Equipment Lapua brass

    3 boxes 6.5X47 $160 per box shipped 6 boxes 6.5X55 $150per box shipped
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    Reloading Equipment Lapua bullets

    Qty 440 338-300 gr. Scenar's $425 shipped SPF Qty 420 6.4 -139 gr, Scenar's $225 shipped Qty 400 6MM- 105 gr. Scenar's $420 shipped
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    Accessories Ammo sale

    David Tooley 479 Tar Creek Rd. Oriental, NC 28571 704-864-7525 2-1-2021 All new factory ammo 9MM Atlanta Arms 147 Gr. JHP $45.00 per box (50) shipped, 350 available Atlanta Arms 147 Gr. TCJ $40.00 per box (50) shipped, 1,000 available 45 Cal WCC 230 Gr. Match $85.00 per...
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    Reloading Equipment once fired Lapua, 338 Lapua brass

    400 Pcs. once fired, factory loaded, 338 Lapua brass in factory boxes. $2 each shipped.
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    Accessories Original M40 triggers

    I have some old M40 triggers with the rectangular safeties. Some with two piece top levers and some with one piece top levers. One that's older. It's on the left. M40 triggers $250 each shipped Dave Tooley
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    Accessories FS Sig Sauer Cross barrels

    Here Ya go
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    Seems they filled in all the gaps.!/
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    This may have been posted already. If so I apologize. They filled in all the gaps.!/
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    Gunsmithing detailed article on different ways to chamber

    A compilation of different ways to chamber. Some good and some not so good but it's a good read for new guys.
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    300 PRC update

    The 300 PRC, 30-375R, will be a cataloged item with SAMMI in the next two weeks. I don't know how long it will take them to add it to their website. Dave Manson has the specs and can make anyone a reamer.
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    Gunsmithing lathe for sale

    very good starter lathe for somebody
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    Gunsmithing Congratulations to Stiller

    Just talked to Jerry Stiller. SPF has been awarded a contract to supply actions to Crane for the MK13 rifles. Congratulations to Jerry and everyone at SPF and PT&G who makes the bolts for Jerry.
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    Performance update on Hornady 285's

    Just a quick update on the 285's. A customer just won the International Benchrest Association, 1000 yd. Heavy Gun group, National Championship. It was a four 10 shot target aggregate shot over three days in some not so good conditons. He and one other shooter were the only ones to agg under 10"...