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  1. SpookM14

    Accessories WTB Badger Ord EFR

    Looking for a Badger Ord EFR or embedded front rail for Manners TF4A. Let me know what you got and if you're willing to let it go. Thanks for looking!
  2. SpookM14

    Gunsmithing Grayboe Ridgeback w/ EFR

    I was wondering if anyone has tried to install a Badger Ord or other type of EFR on the Grayboe Ridgeback. I dont know if the EFR hardware would interfere with the Mlok rails or not. I do like the design of the Ridgeback but I also like the option of throwing a night optic on if hog or dog...
  3. SpookM14

    WTS Begara HMR 14 stock

    I have a take off brown SA HMR-14 stock. It has a seekins rail instead of the forward bipod and sling studs. Asking 280 shipped. Payment PP F&F.
  4. SpookM14

    WTS Vortex Razor HD 30x ranging eye piece MOA

    I have a new in box 30x eye piece with the MOa ranging reticle. Asking 200 shipped. PM me with questions. Thanks for looking.
  5. SpookM14

    Custom spotting scope covers

    Seems all the threads about this can't be found anymore. Those that are still around, the people haven't been around for years and there is no way to get into contact with them. I have a Vortex Razor I just bought and would like to get a nice cover that is better quality than the standard...
  6. SpookM14

    Gunsmithing Bent Remington trigger

    So a buddy of mine just bought a used Remington 700 SPS Tactical. He also just bought an HS precision stock and we just noticed when installing the barreled action we found the trigger housing was bent. The trigger was bent so bad that it was rubbing on the far side of the trigger housing cut...
  7. SpookM14

    Manners order cancelation?

    I hate doing this however some things issues have arisen in my personal life and funds have dried up. I was wondering if it's possible to cancel or hold off on a manners custom order. Has anyone ever had to do this before? I have ordered 2 stocks in the past and have been very pleased with them...
  8. SpookM14

    Remington 700 and Surgeon actions

    I saw a stock on eBay that was designed for a Remington 700 action but according to the description it said it was bedded to a Surgeon action. I was wondering how much of difference there was between the 700 action is to the Surgeon. I know very little about Surgeon action so im not sure if...
  9. SpookM14

    Bottom metal question

    I was just wondering for DBMs for FN rifles. I was wondering if you have to buy bottom metal for a specific model or if there is one that fits all models. I was looking at the Seekins bottom metal and was wondering if it was just for the common Remington or Surgeon rifles or if it was able to...
  10. SpookM14

    Cheek pads

    So now that I have the rifle I have always dreamed of (FN SPR) I went up and shot it. I knew that I would need some kind of cheek riser to really get comfortable when down on the scope. The first thing that I wanted to do is send the stock back to McMillan and have them install a cheek riser...
  11. SpookM14

    Rifle Scopes One scope

    So I have been shooting around the idea of selling all my scopes on my bolt rifles and going over to just one scope. I would like to get into the S&B or USO realm, but im still looking at other options. Is selling all my scopes a good idea to go over to just one scope? Has anyone does this and...
  12. SpookM14

    Wyatts DetMag

    Hey guys I was looking online and found this brand of bottom metal. I am looking more into the CDI bottom metal but I was just wondering if these were any good as well. Any help or reviews would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. SpookM14

    McMillan adjustable cheek rests

    Has anyone ever sent their McMillan stocks back to McMillan for them to put an adjustable check pad on their stocks? I have contacted McMillan directly and spoke to Ryan Melancon and for the cost of 128 bucks they will install an adjustable cheek pad. I was just wondering if anyone has done it...
  14. SpookM14

    Gunsmithing Savage 10FCP Mcmillan issue

    Hey guys I am having some issues with my Savage rifle. I have switched up the mounts from a Weaver base to an EGW base with Burris Tactical 30 mm rings and a PST to top it off. I got it all dialed in but I'm maxed out on elevation and my windage is cranked pretty far over as well. I was...
  15. SpookM14

    Gunsmithing Newbie quesiton about stocks

    I was just wondering if it would be possible or in other words a good idea to modify a Bell and Carlson Tactical Medalist stock. What I would like to do is to cut down part of the beaver tail forend. Just make it more rounded like the HS varmit tactical forends that come on the 700P rifles, but...