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  1. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment WTS - Redding 6x47 Dies (Type S Match)

    For sale: Redding 6x47 Type S Match full length size die set (#36489). This set has never been used, I bought it a while back with plans to build a 6x47 but ended up with a 6BRA instead. $170 Shipped obo Redding .308 Competition Bushing Neck sizing 3 die set (#58155). Lightly used in excellent...
  2. Meety Peety

    SOLD SOLD - SAP Positional Sling

    For sale is a SAP positional sling in black with QD flush cups. Its never been used. $80 shipped PayPal FF SOLD
  3. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment WTS/T - Berger 85.5 LRHT

    Here's what I have: (5) 100ct Berger (.224) 85.5gr LRHT (Same lot, sealed) $265 shipped per 500 (2) 500ct Berger (.264) 140gr Hybrid (Same lot, sealed) SOLD Here's what I am looking for as trades: Berger (.308) 220gr LRHT Berger (.308) 245gr EOL If you have 220/245 bergers to sell or trade...
  4. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment WTS - Redding 308 Comp dies and Redding 6x47 Type S FL Match dies

    For sale: Redding .308 Competition Bushing Neck sizing 3 die set (#58155). Lightly used in excellent "like new" condition. $205 Shipped obo Redding 6x47 Type S Match full length size die set (#36489). This set has never been used, I bought it a while back with plans to build a 6x47 but ended...
  5. Meety Peety

    Optics Wanted - Tangent Theta 525P Gen 3XR

    Looking for a TT525P Gen 3XR. Doesn't need to be brand new, but not looking for a beater. If you have one that you want to sell, please shoot me a PM with price, details and pictures.
  6. Meety Peety

    SOLD Sold

  7. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment WTS - Redding .308 Competition Die Set & AMP Annealer Pilot Organizer Shelf

    For sale: Redding .308 Competition Bushing Neck sizing 3 die set. Lightly used in excellent "like new" condition. Bushings not included. $230 Shipped AMP Annealer pilot organizer shelf. Sticks to the side of the AMP and holds 4 pilots, a shell holder and the 2 allen keys for the amp mate. No...
  8. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment WTS - AMP Organizer Shelf

    For sale is an AMP Organizer shelf to store your various pilots, shell holder and allen keys. This is installed with some very very strong double sided tape that will not lose its stick and does not leave any kind of residue or marks on the AMP if you take it off or move it to a new location. As...
  9. Meety Peety

    Accessories SOLD - MPA Comp Chassis RH 700SA (Gunmetal Grey) W/ Weight Kit

    SOLD is a right handed MPA BA Comp chassis in Gunmetal Grey for a 700 short action footprint. This chassis has a Castle cut magwell, full weight kit, spigot with both arca and pic rail sections, rotating barricade stop, night vision bridge with rail, original flat bag rider and action screws...
  10. Meety Peety

    Accessories SOLD - MDT Adjustable Vertical Grip

    SOLD is an MDT adjustable vertical grip. I bought it with my ACC chassis, but never used it.. I installed it and dry fired a few times then switched to an MPA grip and its been sitting in the box ever since. $SOLD Shipped Paypal F&F.
  11. Meety Peety

    Accessories SOLD

  12. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment WTS - (QTY: 284) 6mm 115gr RBT DTACs Uncoated

    Cleaning out some extra 6mm bullets I don't think I'll be shooting. Up for sale: QTY 284: 6mm 115gr RBT DTACs uncoated. Bullets are from two different lots, but DTACs are pretty consistent lot to lot. - $75 shipped for all 284 100 from one lot - Box is open but they are all there 184 from...
  13. Meety Peety

    Accessories WTS - LabRadar sight with pic rail $15 (Everything else sold)

    Cleaning out some parts bins and have the following for sale: Patriot Valley Arms Shockwave 4 port muzzle brake. Just like a Jet Blast with an extra port. Only 40 rounds on the brake, practically new. 5/8x24 6.5mm self timing, stainless. - $100 Shipped SOLD LabRadar sight with pic rail for...
  14. Meety Peety

    Optics SPF - NIB Bushnell Legend T 15-45 Spotting Scope w/ Mil Reticle & Triad Cover

    SPF SPF is a brand new in box Bushnell Legend T 15-45 spotting scope model #781545ED with mil hash reticle. I just received this direct from Bushnell last night, it is as brand new as it gets, has only been out of the box for the pictures you see here and then put back away. It will come with...
  15. Meety Peety

    Accessories WTT: MPA Chassis Cert For MDT Chassis Cert - OR - WTB: MDT Chassis Cert

    Looking for an MDT 50% off cert. I have a 40% MPA cert I could trade, or just PM me if you have an MDT cert and we can go from there.
  16. Meety Peety

    Accessories WTS/T: Southern Precision Rifles Bartlein 6.5x47 Origin Shouldered Prefit (SPF)

    SPF Had this barrel a while and haven't used it, so throwing it up for sale/trade. Would like to grab a carbon barrel for a different rifle. It's brand new, never installed, never fired. Invoice attached. SOLD PENDING FUNDS - Save yourself some money and a long wait considering he isnt taking...
  17. Meety Peety

    Firearms WTS: Remington 700 Barreled Action - Bolt work, PVA 6mm Creedmoor barrel, Timney Calvin Elite

    Up for sale is a Remington 700 barreled action with a Patriot Valley arms Rock Creek Remage barrel. Haven't shot this barrel much, 151 documented rounds on it. Action has about 4000 rounds on it from a previous barrel (Factory Remington 5R .308 with matching Cerakote, which I'll include if the...
  18. Meety Peety

    SOLD - Waxed Canvas/Sticky Hybrid OG Game Changer

    Up for sale is a brand new Armageddon Gear Wax Sticky Hybrid OG Gamechanger. Still has the tag on it, I've put it on my barricade at home a couple of times, never used it outside of the house. It's nice and full so you can adjust the fill to your liking. $sold, final price drop. Open to a Spuhr...
  19. Meety Peety

    SOLD - Vortex Diamondback 8x28 Binoculars

    SOLD to bubbadoc Up for sale is a pair of Vortex Diamondback 8x28 binoculars. These are a couple years old but have not really seen a whole lot of use. I mostly kept them in the included padded case and only really brought them out when I needed something light weight and easy to throw around...
  20. Meety Peety

    ALL SOLD - Atlas PSR w/ RRS BTC Pro, Atlas CAL Gen 2 w/ ADM, Timney Calvin Elite Curved - ALL SOLD

    ALL SOLD Thanks! Doing a little spring cleaning and getting rid of duplicates or things I just haven't been using. Only trade I can think of right now might be a Spuhr Raptar mount, otherwise not really looking for trades. Please PM with questions or if you'd like additional pics. SOLD - Atlas...