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  1. leftyk82

    Accessories WTS - SB Tactical Brace

    Installed and kept on a AR pistol at home. Any wear is from keeping it around a bed frame and nightstand. Includes the buffer tube. $110 shipped to CONUS.
  2. leftyk82

    Optics WTS Celestron Spotting Scope

    Bought this brand new from Celestron a few years ago. Model is Regal M2 80 ED. 80mm objective 27x eyepiece (1.25" variety) other eyepieces can be inserted and used Comes with nylon protective case $530 shipped to CONUS
  3. leftyk82

    Accessories WTB 6.8 ACOG

    PM me if you have one; new or used.
  4. leftyk82

    Accessories 320 rounds 6.5x55 m/41 ammo

    16 boxes of 6,5 mm sk ptr m/94 prj m/41. Boxes came to me as seen here. I will open any box for serious buyers and send pictures. $300 shipped CONUS only.
  5. leftyk82

    Accessories WTS TRex Arms Sidecar & HSGI/G-Code Battle Belt

    TRex Arms Sidecar for Glock 19. Light grey front, dark grey rear $60 shipped HSGI Suregrip Belt, wolf grey in color, size 41.5" end to end. With G-Code inner belt, coyote color, size XXL. Includes G-Code RTI Duty Mount Belt slide, coyote in color. $120 shipped
  6. leftyk82

    Accessories WTB Tubb T7T Trigger - Right Hand

    Looking to buy RH w/ safety, Standard Weight.
  7. leftyk82

    Movie Theater Space Force on Netflix

    Quite possibly the worst thing I have watched. I’m a big fan of The Office and this doesn’t even come close
  8. leftyk82

    251 - Cerakoted Actions

    Like Frank, I also have an early American Rifle Company Mausingfield that was cerakoted. They were made available in the raw, and I'd wager that most end users chose cerakote or a later application of DLC. My action came from the same shop as Frank's, just a few months after actually, judging...
  9. leftyk82

    Accessories WTS- Really Right Stuff Leveling Base TA-U-LC *SOLD*

    Model TA-U-LC I’m the original owner, great shape. $230 shipped , no trades. Tripod not included.
  10. leftyk82

    Accessories *SOLD* 2 ARC Magazines w/ LRI followers

    Both have been used but not abused. Work great out of my Mausingfield. Selling as a pair only. $150 shipped to CONUS
  11. leftyk82

    Accessories *SOLD* RRS B&T Bipod Clamp Adapter

    Item # BTCA This is used to attach Atlas bipod's to the non-pro version of RRS Lever Release clamps. This does not include screws. $20 shipped
  12. leftyk82

    Accessories WTS - Bartlein blank 6.5mm 26" left hand gain twist

    Purchased brand new from Mile High. Heavy palma contour to be finished at 26 inches. Twist starts at 8.7 and finishes at 7.622. Mile High is sold out and it's a multiple month wait from Bartlein. $390 shipped.
  13. leftyk82

    Accessories *SOLD* RRS Lever Release Clamp

    Model B2-AS-II 60mm Comes with 1/4x20 flat head screw $95 shipped would trade for RRS SC-LR
  14. leftyk82

    Accessories sold Cole-Tac Backbone w/ Waxed Flat Bag

    Like new, used for practice only, never abused; no tears/rips. Comes with ADM pic rail mount, end-user can swap it for RRS/Area419 if desired. I am selling as pictured below. $90 shipped
  15. leftyk82

    Accessories sold RRS BTC-PRO

    Used very, very little. Opted for the SC-LR instead. $65 shipped.
  16. leftyk82

    Reloading Equipment WTT Box of 140g ELD-M for 130g ELD-M

    Been wanting to try the 130's and would like to trade an unopened box of 140g Hornady ELD-M. We'd each pay our own shipping.
  17. leftyk82

    Range Report Tubb Magnetospeed Mount - good results

    I've been to the range multiple times with this setup and it's worked well, been repeatable and I can say I recommend it to others. I've owned the Wiser Precision version of this concept but never anything from MKM, though the idea is the same. The measurement from the bayonet to the...
  18. leftyk82

    Accessories WTT Cert for 50% of McMillan

    Expires 09/20 For use on custom tactical stock, not able to use on their online retail store. Not sure what I’m looking for, so offer away.
  19. leftyk82

    Accessories WTS RRS Micro Ballhead BC-18

    Like new, very little use. $90 shipped
  20. leftyk82

    WTS I.O.T.A. Training Device

    Fits Vortex Gen 2 Razor and likely other 56mm objective scopes. Used once, placed back in original packaging. $25 shipped.